Monday, June 1, 2009

MTV Movie Awards Were Ummm...Interesting


I must really be out of out.

Being 42, MTV USED to be a big part of my life until about 9 years ago when they stopped the videos and went over to sitcoms, reality shows and news.

I felt extremely old last night because:

1. I had no idea who was hosting.
2. It seemed awkward
3. I didn't even know Eminem had been gone.
4. The dresses all look so weird to me.

5. That whole Sasha Cohen thing was just bizarre
6. I have no idea what Zac Efron won for after the whole Em thing!
7. I couldn't follow the whole LeAnne Rhimes, Chris Isaak, Forest Whitaker thing.
8. What was up with the whole Keifer Sutherland thing? Why did it have to go on for so long?
9. Was Kristan and Rob supposed to kiss? It was just so weird.
10. When did Jim Carey stop being funny?
11. What was up with the Will Farrell cat thing?
12. I don't get Zac Efron's hair. It's like some weird comb over. Like he rode over in a convertible and failed to look in a mirror on his way in. WTF!

Why does a beautiful girl like this have to seem so odd? She is stunning but then is awkward in her own skin.
Megan Fox.....need I say more?

My favorite moment next to the kiss was when Kristen drops the award. So cute! Poor thing! Then at the end her gum pops out of her mouth. She is oddly awkward but so adorable.

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Angela said...

Oh I could listen to Robert Pattinson talk forever...