Saturday, June 28, 2008

Big Brother 10 Begins July 13th

What we know so far:

Everyone has been notified if they will be appearing on BB.
There will be 13 houseguests instead of 10, I wonder what that is about.
Here is the current commercial.

I can't wait.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Bachelorette - Episode 6

This episode takes us on the hometown dates.

First, DeAnna meets up with Jesse in his hometown of Brickenridge, Colorado where they check out some beautiful scenery. They had a great time snowboarding and DeAnna once again floored him with her "natural" ability to go for it. They were adorable as they skated down the mountain together.

They sit down and discuss meeting the parents. He tells her that his dad might whip his shirt up, rub his belly and say, "See this DeAnna, this is Jesse in a few years."

Jesse piggybacks DeAnna and rides down the mountain with her on his back. If you took the visual away from what she was saying it would sound like you were listening to porn. "Oh my God Jesse, Jesse, I can't believe you are doing this. Oh, oh, oh Jesse, this is big. Oh, oh..." to funny.

Jesse brings her to his place and she is surprised by a company that he created to help underprivileged kids. She wonders why he never told her that before but really when. He shares he with like a million other guys. I love that he didn't tell her because she is constantly getting surprised by him. This way if she eventually ends up with none of the guys which is the MO of this show, she will check out guys that she normally wouldn't be attracted to. Jesse has single handily opened up a whole world of otherwise "not her type" kind of guys for her.

His parents arrive and his mother is warm and his father is wearing an ice breaking, long wig.

They all hug, laugh and are instantly comfortable.

Sitting down to dinner they discuss the competition. Jesse talks about how hard it is to wait for your name to be called and getting the last rose is like she is saying, "this is for not kissing me buddy." Which makes me wonder if they have discussed the whole kissing thing and we were not able to see it because of editing.

His dad asks if D is a sharer, "do you tell your secrets?" She says that she is mostly brutally honest.

Jesse and his dad have an awesome, honest, open conversation about D. I love his father asking if when they look at each other, if she looks away. There are not many dads that I know would even know how to have this kind of relationship with their son, daughter or siblings.

DeAnna hears from both parents that they want him happy and with a women who will lift him up and basically make him the best he can be. They both tell her how important he is to them, how long they waited for him and the fact that he was called Jesse because it means "gift from God."

While talking to his dad, Jesse tells him that he would be open to a serious relationship but to not getting married in 2 weeks. Good for you Jesse. His dad tells him not to be afraid of it and tells him that he has to open himself up.

D asks his dad if he think Jesse is ready to be married and his father says yes but he is afraid of it. He gets teary describing how much he wanted Jesse and how he lives his life for him.

They finally kiss on the horse and carriage ride that Jesse planned for DeAnna.

After Jesse's date she heads to Dallas, Texas to hang out with Jeremy. He picks her up on a motorcycle and she is so excited and hot for him.

At his apartment she is floored by his perfect apartment, perfect dog, perfect closet, etc. She wonders where he isn't perfect. They look like a couple and he shares pictures of his family with her. His mom is beautiful and reminds me of DeAnna.

He reads to her his journal where he talks about watching his mother slip away and DeAnna and I are both crying.

DeAnna meets his brothers and his sister-in-law. I love when he was talking with his brothers and one mentions how she could be having this connection with other guys and Jeremy says that he doesn't do that. They he just concentrates on him and her and their connection. I think that is one of the most healthiest things someone can do, especially in this particular situation. If you can hold onto your self, your integrity, put yourself out there without worrying about getting hurt, you will be your true self and in the long run, you might possibly be the best choice for that person.

I adore Jeremy's relationship with his brothers and their closeness.

Jeremy tells her that he doesn't just want her, he needs her. If for some reason DeAnna choices someone else I hope that the network would consider Jeremy as the next bachelor.

Man, my tune has changed from say, here.

Her next hometown date is with Jason. I love how excited he got when he saw her. He was jumping up and down and grinning from ear to ear, like a kid waiting for a carnival to open up.

They go to the top of the space needle, kiss and according to DeAnna it was romantic. They discuss how many kids they want, 3.

Jason is going to see his son for the first time in weeks and it is the most perfect moment as he says, "Ty." Ty says, "'daddy" and they run toward each other. So adorable. DeAnna cries and tells us how perfect it was, like a movie. She says that she doesn't have to wonder what kind of dad he would be because she is getting to see it.

DeAnna meets the rest of Jason's family and fits right in. They are very nice, laid back and honest. They whole family seems to rally around each other and it appears that Ty is a very lucky boy having a family of adults who will drop for a game of leap frog with the cameras rolling.

Watching Jason say good-bye to Ty was very emotional. I give him credit. I could never do it. His entire family and DeAnna were crying as Ty held onto his dad and cried. So sad. DeAnna realizes that if he could leave the most important thing in his life to find love, that she could see herself spending her life with him.

I feel bad for her...I would never be able to make this decision based on the families. Jesse, Jeremy and Jason's families are all great.

Next up is Graham. Ahh, Graham. What can I say? I don't even know why she has kept him this long. He is so distant and indifferent that is a complete waste of her time.

Surprisingly he was very affectionate to her and they did a lot of hugging on the basketball court. He got her a jersey with his last name on it. He was very talkative and forthcoming.

His parents are a bit older but very sweet. His mom tells DeAnna how Graham doesn't have a lot of long term dates and that he doesn't let people in easily. She tells her that he is also a bit of a loner.

After the family meet, DeAnna and Graham sit outside on a bench. She tries to get information from him. It was so bizarrely uncomfortable that I felt the cameras should have been turned off. I am not sure what happened between meeting the parents and them sitting but they were so awkward. D asks if this is how he would be if they were alone and it was just the two of them (he has been saying that the reason he is the way he is, is because he is sharing her with other guys), he says, "this is how I am, so yeah." He was rubbing her back and so distant that it was creepy.

As we get to the next rose ceremony, I am sure of who should go but I am unsure of who she should pick.

Watching the guys walk in I am wondering if they already knew who was going home based on their presentation.

DeAnna gives Jesse a rose first, then Jeremy and then I expected Chris to come in to tell everyone this was the last rose (as if they didn't know). There was no Chris and DeAnna gave the last rose to Jason. I wasn't surprised. Her look said everything. She was dressed to kill and gave some evil looks over to Graham who swayed and grinned when he wasn't looking away from her eyes.

Graham tells her as they walk out that she did what she needed to do and that this was good-bye forever.

She tells him that she felt led on and he told her that if it is easier for her to think that, he is fine with that. She tried to tell him how hard this was and he head nodded and ahhh'd. She told him that she was letting go of the guy she felt that she was falling in love with. Which interestingly enough made him look away and put his hand to his head. What? What? Did something just get through to you? Why haven't you been listening? I don't get it. What is this cat's problem?

He stands and hands her a note in which he tells her he writes everything he knew he wouldn't be able to say to her. He tells her that it would mean a lot to her if she read it some day. He tells her that it is for her, not for any show or for anyone else.

Graham gets in the car and his eyes are red and rimmed with tears. DeAnna is crying and reading his note worrying that she is second guessing herself because she wants to be in love and that might not happen now. I think she needs to remind herself that she has 3 great, willing, open, loving, funny, caring honest guys sitting inside waiting for her.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Zoey 101 is A Mommy

Jamie Lynn Spears of Nickelodeons Zoey 101 is a mom.

According the the news media, the 17 year old gave birth to a baby girl at 9:30 this morning.

The baby weighed in at 7 lbs 11 ounces and she was named Maddie Briann.

Thankfully my kids are too young to watch this show and I am not sure how I would have handled the press when the media blew up this story but under age, unmarried girls unfortunately get pregnant every day. It is sad that there was such a media circus surrounding this child who was undoubtley dealing with some personal issues.

Hopefully, all is well with Jamie and her baby and they deal well with the obvious slews of cameras that will be in their face.

It is always a beautiful thing when a baby is born.

To all the other side folks who might read this blog and decide to finally write a comment about what a sin this is, or how her mother is unfit or whatever other unsavory words you are thinking or write; I say; move on.

Since there is no photos of the baby yet, here is a picture of Jaime with Brit's kid.

Scary Mary Poppins

OMG - David Beckham is HAWT

Personally I prefer the first picture to the second. While I think he is totally hot, I don't need to see his balls in my face, thank you very much.

Hello, has anyone seen this ad of David Becham?

Some are saying that he is stuffing but I am mostly impressed by his abs. Dammmmmeeee!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Bachelorette - Episode 5

Geez..these guys are dropping like flies. DeAnna has been kicking guys to the curb so quickly that the Producers already have to air a "DeAnna Tells All" one on one interview with Chris and DeAnna just to beef up the episode.

Last night Bachelorette episode starts out with Chris telling the guys they should pack up their bags because they, along with DeAnna are headed for Palm Springs.

When they arrive the first date box arrives and it is for Sean (Mr. Redneck). It tells him that they are going to take their relationship to the next height or something like that. He is sure that if he nails this date he will be in the final four and then a slam dunk on the hometown dates.

DeAnna and Sean take a tram up a mountain and Sean basks in DeAnna's fear as she holds on tight to him.

At the top they have dinner and then head down for some place warmer to discuss how a hometown date would go. He tells her and then adds that "she is the missing piece to his jigsaw puzzle". I am not sure about DeAnna, but I wouldn't find being compared to a tiny piece of cardboard romantic, but then again, I'm not "red" or "bluegrass."

After they kiss on the hamock, Sean is sure that he is in like Flyn.

The guys get the second date box and it is for Jason, Graham, Jesse, and Twilley which means that Jeremy will be getting the second solo date.

A separate helicopter comes for Twilley (who is in desperate need of some alone time) and DeAnna. The guys joke about Twilley who has trouble opening the door (really guys, how many people have experience with a helicopter door) and motion sickness. DeAnna was nervous that he would hurl in her pretty little lap but he managed to take deep breaths, thus eluding a very embarrassing an unromantic moment.

The date takes DeAnna and the guys on a wild, all terrain ride on some sand dunes. Jesse domineers the guys and his bike, making DeAnna all wet because he is the only guy who can keep up with her. They are so fierce! Grrr.

After the date they head to the pool where DeAnna takes Jason aside to ask him what a hometown date would be like. Did she ask Twilley? I don't remember! He tells her that she would meet his parents and his son Ty.

Jesse interrupts and wisks DeAnna to a different location where she tells him she was attracted to him and his wild, fearless riding. Oh hum. She leans in for a kiss but Jesse doesn't bite. What the hell? He tells her that he respects whatever she choose to do about her hometown picks. Well, that's good considering that he really doesn't have a choice.

Jason is telling the guys that Jesse interrupted his DeAnna time and Graham gets a bug to go interrupt Jesse's time. So juvenile. Whatever.

Graham walks and Jason tells Twilley again about DeAnna's attraction with Graham. Twilley asks if he thinks Graham is a "sure bet" bet and Jason says yes.

Graham and DeAnna cuddle in a hammock and DeAnna tells us that Graham gives her butterflies.

On the next solo date with Jeremy, she takes him to Frank Sinatra's house. They sing in Frank's studio and dance.

When DeAnna asks about a hometown date he says they will meet his brother, nieces and nephews. Then he confesses that both his parents have passed on and that his mother would have loved her.

She tells us that she could definitely see herself falling in love with Jeremy and that he makes her feel loved.

When the guys arrive at the house for the cocktail hour with DeAnna they are met by Chris who informs them that DeAnna has decided to forgo the party because she "has made up her mind, she already knows her final 4."

DeAnna enters and uses the Brad card again telling the guys that she was led on and doesn't want to lead anyone on.

She gives roses to Jeremy, Jesse, Graham and Jason, sending home Twilley and Sean.

Thank God because Sean annoys me.

Sean feels that he learned something about opening up to his dates in the future. So funny because earlier episodes he felt that a lot of the other guys burned out early because they opened up and now he was coming up along side. Dudes and all their weirdness.

I personally can't wait to see the hometown dates and to see who she is yelling at in the preview about how she "just wanted him to be THAT guy." I am assuming it is Graham but with DeAnna crying in every episode you never know which guy put her over the edge this time.

For some more recap from Beyond Reality on You Tube, check this out.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

What A Sad, Amazing, Heroic Story - My Dear Baby, If You Survive, Please Remember Mommy Loves You

I am so floored by this story.
My heart hurts and I have such respect for the mother who took the time to text a message for her baby as she lay dying.

For more on this story go here.

Friday, June 13, 2008

5 Reasons I love the Upside Down Show

I must admit, I love the Upside Down Show. It is probably one of the smartest shows ever put on TV for kids. Why you ask? Here are my reasons why the Upside Down Show rocks.

Adults can totally watch it and not feel like idiots.

The Umbilical Brothers a.k.a Shane and David are funny.
Kids see that you don't need a bunch of commercial toys to play. There is nothing marketable on the show.

My son saying "Come on knuckles" while he plays "action fingers" using his hands instead of a highly priced toy "name brand" toy.

The guys have opened up a whole new world of playing for my kids. They use their imagination to pretend to walk in slow motion, or be stuck to a wall, to rewind what they are saying, to hold imaginary flies, and play imaginary instruments.

I just found out that The Upside Down show only got one season so if you are like me and love this show, write to the following to voice your opinion.

Ms. Brown Johnson
Executive Vice President and
Executive Creative Director,
Nickelodeon Preschool Television and
General Manager of NOGGIN
1515 Broadway, 38th Floor
New York, NY 10036

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Bachelorette Episode 4 Recap

I don't know about you guys but, I am really feeling Jason.

He really stood out to me in this episode.

Jason, Fred and Robert are living in the mansion with DeAnna this week.

For the first one on one date this episode the guys have to write and perform a song for DeAnna.

Jesse wins the sing off by getting down on one knee to seranade her.

DeAnna treats him to a spectacular evening complete with a personal marquee reading One Night Only, Just For You Jesse, Love DeAnna. I don't know about him but the whole one night only thing would have made me nervous. They also enjoyed a private show with Natasha Bedingfield.

Over dinner DeAnna asks him if he ever cheated on anyone. Jesse states that he hasn't and would break up before doing something like that. He also tells her he was sure he would be the last guy to fall in love but that he is falling for her. She tells him that she is usually not attracted to someone like him, but the more she gets to know him, the better she likes him. Cute. He gets the rose and is smitten and so am I. I love a guy who will dance.

The group date includes Brian, Twilley, Sean, Jeremy, Graham and Jason. They are told to start their engines. She takes them to a stock car racetrack where they will be driving. I love Jason's reaction to the cars. Cute. The guy who goes the fastest wins some one on one time.

Sean ends up winning and tells DeAnna on their one on one time that they are "a bit red." What, he called her a red neck? Come on dude. Are you trying to win this girl over?

After talking, Sean is sure that he's gone from last place to first.

Love this part, DeAnna gets behind the wheel next and outdrives them complete with peeling rubber as she takes off. Sean after watching proclaims, "That's my wife!" Yuck.

Jeremy takes DeAnna in the bus to talk to her alone. He informs her that he is definitely falling for her. She asks him about his reaction when he didn't win, and he admits he hates to lose. He says he misses not living at the mansion with her and she assures him she's been thinking of him.

Graham breaks up the chat and asks to talk to her. They walk away and Jason tells the other guys that he reads body language and has noticed that DeAnna has a different feeling for Graham. "They are very touchy feely." They are, she can't keep her hands off him.

Then the part that made me want to slap him for her...

DeAnna gives Graham a hug. He assures her that he is trying to be more open. She says, "you're going to kiss me right? or you are going to give me a kiss" and he says, "I don't want to be one of a bunch." Is this guy kidding me??? What the hell? Who does he think he is? What is he trying to say about her by making this statement. I was appealed and hoped that she would finally see what a tool this dude is.

DeAnna, shocked by this pulls her hand back. She is on the verge of tears (why do we like guys who make us cry?) He tells her not to get mad and she says she's not mad, she's hurt.

She tells him that all they have are these moments together, so he shouldn't just blow them off. "It takes away from me and you," she says, but he answers, "Sometimes I don't feel like it's just me and you here." Umm..duh asshole, you signed on to date her along with 25 other guys. What a friggin tool!

At the end of the date, DeAnna gives Sean a rose.

The next date is for Fred and Robert. Robert again with his kissing science is sure that whomever DeAnna kisses, she'll keep, since he's sure that she won't kiss two men in one night. Umm...ok.

Jesse and Jeremy decide to throw a party. They invite DeAnna and the guys at the mansion to hang out with them.

The guys set up a kiddie table for the dudes at the Mansion complete with kiddie chairs and name cards. Robert is not pleased see that his name card reads, "Bobbie." He also refuses to wear the chef hat they give him and throws a chair before heading inside to sulk. A-hole if you want to win the girl. Take what they are giving you and run with it. Put on the damn hat which sets up apart from the rest and show her you can roll. Dick!

DeAnna feels like she doesn't belong, most of the guys are bonding, Graham is avoiding her and Robert took off.

DeAnna goes to Robert and he admits that there is talk that DeAnna's already chosen her final three. I love that these guys have chosen for her. She doesn't even know her final 3 yet.

Robert feels that DeAnna's getting angry today was a sign that she cares about him.

For Robert and Fred's date, they head to a house in the Hollywood Hills. I am totally grossed out when a red, sweaty faced Robert asks DeAnna if he can kiss her after telling her that you can tell a lot from a first kiss. She gives him her cheek and he is smitten, believing that they have a strong connection.

Fred asks DeAnna to leave a small area of her heart for him. She seems surprised by Fred so I was surprised when she sent both guys packing.

She informs Robert that she cannot give him the rose, and that she has to tell him goodbye. In the limo, Robert says, he is "destroyed," and that he was "100 percent sure" he was getting the rose. Fred now thinking he is getting the rose looks a bit surprised when she says, "she was led on by Brad and that she can't bring herself to lead him on." She fights back tears as she says that this is very difficult for her as she considers him one of the best guys there.

Since it was Fred, Robert and Jason at the mansion when she arrives home Jason is waiting for her. He gives her a big hug when he opens the door for her. He's glad that he can be there for her, while Graham realizes he's missing a golden opportunity that he's not the guy to comfort DeAnna tonight. Bwwaahhh..

DeAnna and Jason cuddle under a blanket outside and kiss. In voiceover, she says there's no one else she would have rather been with. Jason realizes he now has a huge advantage over everyone else. He gives her a kiss and holds her hand as he escorts her down to the cocktail party.

After he's questioned by the other guys, Jason reveals that he spent most of the night after DeAnna's date trying to cheer her up and Jesse is jealous

Since Fred and Robert were already elminated she only has to send 1 guy home.

She hands out roses to Jason, Jeremy, Twilley and Graham which leaves Brian. I must admit, I am not a Brian fan but I would take him over Twilley anyday.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Father's Day is Coming - Your Man Wants Sex

Father's Day is around the corner so I figured I would add something about 1 of my favorite guilty pleasure subjects Sex!

You know those signs they have at florists that say, Your wife called, she said bring flowers? Well, the same thing can be said here, Your husband called, he wants sex.

Over at MomLogic they interviewed a bunny from the Bunny Ranch to discuss why men go to prostitutes. For Father's Day instead of opening your wallet, open your legs. Easy gift, No!

Article from MomLogic
Dad's Top 10 Sex Complaints

Plus, simple ways Moms can make him quit whining.

1. Dad Complaint: She won't tell me what she wants in bed.

Mom Solution: Okay, we know it's embarrassing ... but he's not a mind reader. He wants you to speak up. If you're too mortified, tell him you had a sex dream about him where he was doing X, Y, and Z to you...and how it really turned you on. He'll get the hint.

2. Dad Complaint: She needs to shave!

Mom Solution: Since having children, many Moms basically throw out the razor and never look back. If you've made a conscious decision NOT to shave, he'll just need to deal with it. But if you're one of those women like us who keeps meaning to shave but then realizes it's been a few (okay, more than a few) weeks, it might be time to step it up. We're not proposing that you shave twice a day or anything...but, if your legs and nether regions are beginning to look like the Brazilian rain forest, it might be time to book an appointment for a wax. (You'll feel so sexy when it's done--promise.)

3. Dad Complaint: She won't talk dirty.

Mom Solution: Again, this can be super embarrassing for most. Many Moms we talked to said trash talk makes them feel plain stupid. Tip: Start by whispering. Things you would never say out loud sound so much less scary in a whisper. If you still can't muster up the courage, pretend to be someone else (like a French maid, maybe, or a lap dancer). Still no dice? Have someone else do it for you. Check out another secret weapon here.

4. Dad Complaint: She doesn't wear lingerie anymore.

Mom Solution: Haven't broken out the lingerie since your honeymoon? Us either. And there's probably no way in Hell we'll be sporting the fishnet thigh-highs anytime soon. But we did invest in some comfy but cute pajama sets that are lacy enough to turn him on without being uncomfortable or impractical enough to turn us off. And, while we were at it, we ditched the granny panties, too. (TMI?)

5. Dad Complaint: She only likes one position.

Mom Solution: We don't know about you, but we started liking missionary better and better we noticed how much our stomach hangs down when we're on top. But he's not worried about that, we assure you. If you're feeling body conscious, lower the lights and light some candles.

6. Dad Complaint: She won't give me oral sex.

Mom Solution: Okay, many Moms admit we don't do this as much as we did, say, in our pre-marriage days. In fact, for some, it's dwindled to just birthdays. Tip: Give it up once in a while--even if it's just for a few minutes. A little attention here goes a long way.

7. Dad Complaint: She never wants to have sex.

Mom Solution: Many Moms suffer from low desire. First, you need to rule out whether this is physical or mental. See your OB/GYN for a checkup. If you have low testosterone, there is a cream that can be prescribed to put your sex drive into overdrive. If a physical issue is ruled out, click here for ways to get in the mood.

8. Dad Complaint: She won't initiate.

Mom Solution: Women like to be chased. It's in our genetic makeup. But he needs to be needed, too. Try giving him "the tap" and see what happens. Take control!

9. Dad Complaint: She just doesn't seem into it anymore.

Mom Solution: Faking it is bad. We would never suggest that. But if you're not into it, you need to figure out why. What would turn you on that he's not doing? Explore your own body to figure out what makes you purr, then incorporate that new knowledge in the bedroom. Sex should be fun...not just one more thing to do. Also, a small amount of faking enthusiasm can often lead to actual enthusiasm. Just sayin'.

10. Dad Complaint: She's always worried about the kids hearing us.

Mom Solution: To lessen the chances of surprise interruptions, wait until the kids are sound asleep before getting it on. Turn on the TV or some music to muffle the noise. You might even consider getting a lock on your bedroom door for added privacy.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Christmas in June

What is this world coming to?

I am shocked, appealed and saddened to see something like this.

This afternoon the news covered a story about a man involved in a hit and run and sadly the asshole who hit him isn't what is bothering me about this story.

A 78 year old man who crossed a street was hit by a car on May 30th at 5:45 p.m. The vehicle that hit him ran a red light, crossed over the center line and struck him.

The car slammed into him and left him lying motionless in the street. This happened in front of witnesses and other cars and not a single person stopped their car or walked over to assist or call for police.

What have we become? Does no one have any moral values anymore? He was a human being lying in the street like roadkill! Have we no regard for human life? Are we so desensitized that we could ignore a person injured (paralyzed from the neck down), lying in a street with vehicles swerving around him? I hope not! I cannot imagine this is the world I live in! This was someones father, grandfather, brother, husband, son. This is a person! Wake up people! There are people bitching about things that our government are doing to us, things our bosses are doing to us, things faith is doing to us! We are doing this to ourselves! What a disappointment! I am appealed!


The Bachelorette Episode 3

This past Monday's episode was good and I think DeAnna sent the right guys home.

I am not sure if I missed something but I don't understand the guys jealousy over Jeremy. Get over it. Has he done something that I missed? Why do they hate him so much other than him being the front runner?

Paul, Graham and Jeremy move up to the main house. It should be interesting because DeAnna has an obvious something for Graham and Jeremy which tells me that Paul will be totally left out.

Back at the house the other guys are questioning Jesse about what is going on in the main house since he was there last week. He tells them that they are pooling, hot tubing and hanging around a bikini clad DeAnna.

Richard (Science Teacher) gets a one on one date with DeAnna. He is a little stressed because his bags will be packed before the date and if he doesn't get a rose he will be going home. This is a make or break date.

The date seems to be going well until he mentions that he has never brought a girl home to meet his parents. He is only 27 so I am not that shocked about this but she seemed to be.

Creepy or not, Richard has a whole calculation involved in his trying to get a kiss, "I will use the 80/20 rule. I am going to lean in 80 percent and see, blah, blah." I must be getting old because I had no idea there was a whole scientific calculation to getting the first kiss.

Poor Richard, DeAnna sees that he is feeling it but she isn't, so she lets him go. Telling him in "Brad" fashion that he has all the things she is looking for but she isn't feeling what she needs to feel.

The guys at the house watch Richard's bags being removed and are shocked.

The guys and DeAnna head out on their group date to enjoy some bull riding, and square dancing.

Jesse stayed on the bull the longest and also was the first to DeAnna's rescue when she faked a fall from the bull. Looking at the tape again Jeremy was the first to make a move to go over to her, Jesse was just quicker.

She took some one on one time with Jesse as a reward and he again surprises her with some sweet talk (farting and poop talk).

Later, DeAnna and Ron take some time to talk alone. He talked about how Jeremy is not a strong. Ron, said he is a "guys, guy" and Jeremy is not. What the hell is a guy's guy?

When he gets back to the guys he discusses how his and DeAnna's talk was about Jeremy. Since he has the guys as backup he decides to call Jeremy out and show him how all the other guys agree with him.

Jeremy and DeAnna sit and talk about the other guys while Graham and Jack sneak up on them to break up the conversation. Neither guy has had one on one time.

Robert melts DeAnna with some sweet talk and she presents him with a rose.

The second one on one date is DeAnna and Jason. A helicopter picks them up and brings them to the planetarium. Jason really wants to tell her about his son Ty.

The guys sit around discussing Jason and what will happen when he tells her about Ty.

Jason toasts DeAnna and tells her he hopes she finds what she is looking for. She asks if he misses his family and he says yes, but the person he misses most is his son. "The most important thing in my world is my son Ty." She tells him not to be nervous and he says he knows it's a lot but she assures him it's ok. He shows her pictures and she is excited and says he is very handsome.

Jason asks her about her mom and she opens up about her mom's cancer and how it affected her and her life. She says she has never dated anyone who cared to ask about her mother. She gives him a rose sealing him a position for another week.

Next, the guys go on Ellen and Ellen gives a rose to Fred because of how he opened up to her.

Ron tries to redeem himself to DeAnna but fails. Jeremy saves DeAnna from having to listen to anymore of his crap. Ron heads inside and he and the guys talk about Jeremy. Ron distrubes me.

Jeremy asks DeAnna if she would ever leave her home to move to Dallas. She tells him that if she was to chose him or whomever she would be willing to move. Jeremy tells her he is emotionally in it and he is there for as long as she keeps him. Ellen told her that she felt he was ready to commit right now!!

The guys ask Jeremy if he kissed her he says he doesn't like to talk about that but yes he did kiss.

Graham gets one on one time with DeAnna and she talks to him about his relationships or his lack of them. He tells her that he has some concerns about her going through the process and the whole kissing thing. Yada, yada.

DeAnna presents Jason with a certificate for a star that she had named after his son. Sweet.

DeAnna hands out roses to everyone except Paul and Ron (I am so happy she finally sent Ron home. He needed to go last week).

Poor Paul. He is young and I feel so bad for him.

Ron doesn't feel rejected. "Sometimes the tree gets knocked down before it even gets to bear its fruit." "If DeAnna choses Jeremy, "it is doomed for failure". "DeAnna didn't reject me, she chose other guys."


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Bachelorette Recap Episodes 1-2

DeAnna, the luckiest girl on the planet, get to be top dog and chose between 25 guys who all want to be "the guy."

The guy come out of the limo individually and meet DeAnna, who looks stunning.

Not a single one catches my eyes except Jason (a single dad) because he seems very sweet, shy and appears to feel unworthy.

Too many guys to write about so basically she sends off whatever like 6 of them. I don't remember nor do I care.

Episode 2 we see the guys heading to their "primitive guesthouse." DeAnna will invite 3 guys to stay up at the house with her. The 3 first impression roses she gave out are the lucky dogs. This week it will be Jeremy, Jesse and Richard.

Most of the guys seem like frat guys. Get a bunch of dudes together and they act like, well, guys.

It is also interesting and a bit disturbing to hear them discuss whether she is ready to kiss any of them yet.

Her first group date is with Jason, Ryan, Twilley, Sean, Paul, Fred and Richard, who'll be joining DeAnna at the Magic Castle in L.A. A magician asks DeAnna to join him and she selects Jason as her assistant. They both get into a small box , the lid is closed, and when the magician opens it back up, Jason and DeAnna are gone. The other men look like shocked little boys. Where did our toy go?

Jason and DeAnna end up somewhere else in the castle and he feels her out about kids but doesn't divulge his little 3 year old secret waiting at home.

The second date is a solo and she invites Graham (who is one of the guys she for some reason she has the hots for).

They go to the beach, kite fly and talk about his lack of serious relationships at 29. She gives him a rose anyway but hopefully she will red flag this for later.

He tells the guys he kissed her which shows he has no tact either. I'm grossed out by him.

The next date is a group date for Chris, Robert, Brian, Jesse, Ron, Jeremy, and Eric. They head over to Dodger Stadium. The guys compete for some one on one time with DeAnna and Jeremy wins.

They hang in the dug out and DeAnna tells Jeremy (She has a strong connection with this guy too but I am not sure why), that she still doesn't feel she knows him any better even though they are living in the same house. He says, he's guarded, and becomes emotional as he revels that both his parents are dead, and that playing baseball makes him feel close to his dad. DeAnna has never dated anyone who's also lost a parent and feels a really strong connection to Jeremy after his revelation. Jeremy gets his second rose and the guys are pissed.

Back at the rose ceremony, Ron asks pointblank why DeAnna didn't distribute the roses more widely. She admits that it seems unfair that Jeremy got a second rose after he'd already spent a week in the mansion, but, without going into details, she tells them it's because Jeremy opened up to her more than anyone else did. I am shocked that Ron feels he has the right to question how DeAnna divides up her roses. LOSER!

DeAnna tells Jeremey that the other guys have been giving her a hard time about giving two roses to the same man. Jeremy doesn't mention that that they've also been giving him a hard time. He explains the Greek phrase he told her on the first night, which means, "I came here to meet you." A kiss on the cheek turns into a real kiss and Jeremy feels he's falling for her already.

Rose ceremony, annoying, anticipating music is cued and DeAnna sends home 3 guys in the end.

DeAnna Pappas - The New Bachlorette

We already knew DeAnna Pappas. She is the beautiful girl who was rejected at the end of The Bachelor last season.

Interview with Brad Womack with Ellen after the Show

Anywho, the producers saw what a piece of ass she was and decided she would be the next Bachelorette.

Interview with Ellen where DeAnna found out she was the NEW Bachelorette.

Here is a little clip from someone on You Tube that introduces all the cats she gets to chose from.

Seriously, how lucky is this girl. I don't see any that are "my" type but I hope DeAnna has the same kind of luck that the first and only other bachlorette found with Ryan.

Good luck DeAnna.

Chotskies Wet Dream

Need I say more?

Sunday, June 1, 2008

What Did Sawyer Tell Kate?

Yesterday I asked this question, now we have an answer.

"I have a daughter in Alabama. You have to find her. Tell her I am sorry."

This is what a video on You Tube has him saying.

See for yourself