Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Bachelorette Episode 4 Recap

I don't know about you guys but, I am really feeling Jason.

He really stood out to me in this episode.

Jason, Fred and Robert are living in the mansion with DeAnna this week.

For the first one on one date this episode the guys have to write and perform a song for DeAnna.

Jesse wins the sing off by getting down on one knee to seranade her.

DeAnna treats him to a spectacular evening complete with a personal marquee reading One Night Only, Just For You Jesse, Love DeAnna. I don't know about him but the whole one night only thing would have made me nervous. They also enjoyed a private show with Natasha Bedingfield.

Over dinner DeAnna asks him if he ever cheated on anyone. Jesse states that he hasn't and would break up before doing something like that. He also tells her he was sure he would be the last guy to fall in love but that he is falling for her. She tells him that she is usually not attracted to someone like him, but the more she gets to know him, the better she likes him. Cute. He gets the rose and is smitten and so am I. I love a guy who will dance.

The group date includes Brian, Twilley, Sean, Jeremy, Graham and Jason. They are told to start their engines. She takes them to a stock car racetrack where they will be driving. I love Jason's reaction to the cars. Cute. The guy who goes the fastest wins some one on one time.

Sean ends up winning and tells DeAnna on their one on one time that they are "a bit red." What, he called her a red neck? Come on dude. Are you trying to win this girl over?

After talking, Sean is sure that he's gone from last place to first.

Love this part, DeAnna gets behind the wheel next and outdrives them complete with peeling rubber as she takes off. Sean after watching proclaims, "That's my wife!" Yuck.

Jeremy takes DeAnna in the bus to talk to her alone. He informs her that he is definitely falling for her. She asks him about his reaction when he didn't win, and he admits he hates to lose. He says he misses not living at the mansion with her and she assures him she's been thinking of him.

Graham breaks up the chat and asks to talk to her. They walk away and Jason tells the other guys that he reads body language and has noticed that DeAnna has a different feeling for Graham. "They are very touchy feely." They are, she can't keep her hands off him.

Then the part that made me want to slap him for her...

DeAnna gives Graham a hug. He assures her that he is trying to be more open. She says, "you're going to kiss me right? or you are going to give me a kiss" and he says, "I don't want to be one of a bunch." Is this guy kidding me??? What the hell? Who does he think he is? What is he trying to say about her by making this statement. I was appealed and hoped that she would finally see what a tool this dude is.

DeAnna, shocked by this pulls her hand back. She is on the verge of tears (why do we like guys who make us cry?) He tells her not to get mad and she says she's not mad, she's hurt.

She tells him that all they have are these moments together, so he shouldn't just blow them off. "It takes away from me and you," she says, but he answers, "Sometimes I don't feel like it's just me and you here." Umm..duh asshole, you signed on to date her along with 25 other guys. What a friggin tool!

At the end of the date, DeAnna gives Sean a rose.

The next date is for Fred and Robert. Robert again with his kissing science is sure that whomever DeAnna kisses, she'll keep, since he's sure that she won't kiss two men in one night. Umm...ok.

Jesse and Jeremy decide to throw a party. They invite DeAnna and the guys at the mansion to hang out with them.

The guys set up a kiddie table for the dudes at the Mansion complete with kiddie chairs and name cards. Robert is not pleased see that his name card reads, "Bobbie." He also refuses to wear the chef hat they give him and throws a chair before heading inside to sulk. A-hole if you want to win the girl. Take what they are giving you and run with it. Put on the damn hat which sets up apart from the rest and show her you can roll. Dick!

DeAnna feels like she doesn't belong, most of the guys are bonding, Graham is avoiding her and Robert took off.

DeAnna goes to Robert and he admits that there is talk that DeAnna's already chosen her final three. I love that these guys have chosen for her. She doesn't even know her final 3 yet.

Robert feels that DeAnna's getting angry today was a sign that she cares about him.

For Robert and Fred's date, they head to a house in the Hollywood Hills. I am totally grossed out when a red, sweaty faced Robert asks DeAnna if he can kiss her after telling her that you can tell a lot from a first kiss. She gives him her cheek and he is smitten, believing that they have a strong connection.

Fred asks DeAnna to leave a small area of her heart for him. She seems surprised by Fred so I was surprised when she sent both guys packing.

She informs Robert that she cannot give him the rose, and that she has to tell him goodbye. In the limo, Robert says, he is "destroyed," and that he was "100 percent sure" he was getting the rose. Fred now thinking he is getting the rose looks a bit surprised when she says, "she was led on by Brad and that she can't bring herself to lead him on." She fights back tears as she says that this is very difficult for her as she considers him one of the best guys there.

Since it was Fred, Robert and Jason at the mansion when she arrives home Jason is waiting for her. He gives her a big hug when he opens the door for her. He's glad that he can be there for her, while Graham realizes he's missing a golden opportunity that he's not the guy to comfort DeAnna tonight. Bwwaahhh..

DeAnna and Jason cuddle under a blanket outside and kiss. In voiceover, she says there's no one else she would have rather been with. Jason realizes he now has a huge advantage over everyone else. He gives her a kiss and holds her hand as he escorts her down to the cocktail party.

After he's questioned by the other guys, Jason reveals that he spent most of the night after DeAnna's date trying to cheer her up and Jesse is jealous

Since Fred and Robert were already elminated she only has to send 1 guy home.

She hands out roses to Jason, Jeremy, Twilley and Graham which leaves Brian. I must admit, I am not a Brian fan but I would take him over Twilley anyday.

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