Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Bachelorette Episode 3

This past Monday's episode was good and I think DeAnna sent the right guys home.

I am not sure if I missed something but I don't understand the guys jealousy over Jeremy. Get over it. Has he done something that I missed? Why do they hate him so much other than him being the front runner?

Paul, Graham and Jeremy move up to the main house. It should be interesting because DeAnna has an obvious something for Graham and Jeremy which tells me that Paul will be totally left out.

Back at the house the other guys are questioning Jesse about what is going on in the main house since he was there last week. He tells them that they are pooling, hot tubing and hanging around a bikini clad DeAnna.

Richard (Science Teacher) gets a one on one date with DeAnna. He is a little stressed because his bags will be packed before the date and if he doesn't get a rose he will be going home. This is a make or break date.

The date seems to be going well until he mentions that he has never brought a girl home to meet his parents. He is only 27 so I am not that shocked about this but she seemed to be.

Creepy or not, Richard has a whole calculation involved in his trying to get a kiss, "I will use the 80/20 rule. I am going to lean in 80 percent and see, blah, blah." I must be getting old because I had no idea there was a whole scientific calculation to getting the first kiss.

Poor Richard, DeAnna sees that he is feeling it but she isn't, so she lets him go. Telling him in "Brad" fashion that he has all the things she is looking for but she isn't feeling what she needs to feel.

The guys at the house watch Richard's bags being removed and are shocked.

The guys and DeAnna head out on their group date to enjoy some bull riding, and square dancing.

Jesse stayed on the bull the longest and also was the first to DeAnna's rescue when she faked a fall from the bull. Looking at the tape again Jeremy was the first to make a move to go over to her, Jesse was just quicker.

She took some one on one time with Jesse as a reward and he again surprises her with some sweet talk (farting and poop talk).

Later, DeAnna and Ron take some time to talk alone. He talked about how Jeremy is not a strong. Ron, said he is a "guys, guy" and Jeremy is not. What the hell is a guy's guy?

When he gets back to the guys he discusses how his and DeAnna's talk was about Jeremy. Since he has the guys as backup he decides to call Jeremy out and show him how all the other guys agree with him.

Jeremy and DeAnna sit and talk about the other guys while Graham and Jack sneak up on them to break up the conversation. Neither guy has had one on one time.

Robert melts DeAnna with some sweet talk and she presents him with a rose.

The second one on one date is DeAnna and Jason. A helicopter picks them up and brings them to the planetarium. Jason really wants to tell her about his son Ty.

The guys sit around discussing Jason and what will happen when he tells her about Ty.

Jason toasts DeAnna and tells her he hopes she finds what she is looking for. She asks if he misses his family and he says yes, but the person he misses most is his son. "The most important thing in my world is my son Ty." She tells him not to be nervous and he says he knows it's a lot but she assures him it's ok. He shows her pictures and she is excited and says he is very handsome.

Jason asks her about her mom and she opens up about her mom's cancer and how it affected her and her life. She says she has never dated anyone who cared to ask about her mother. She gives him a rose sealing him a position for another week.

Next, the guys go on Ellen and Ellen gives a rose to Fred because of how he opened up to her.

Ron tries to redeem himself to DeAnna but fails. Jeremy saves DeAnna from having to listen to anymore of his crap. Ron heads inside and he and the guys talk about Jeremy. Ron distrubes me.

Jeremy asks DeAnna if she would ever leave her home to move to Dallas. She tells him that if she was to chose him or whomever she would be willing to move. Jeremy tells her he is emotionally in it and he is there for as long as she keeps him. Ellen told her that she felt he was ready to commit right now!!

The guys ask Jeremy if he kissed her he says he doesn't like to talk about that but yes he did kiss.

Graham gets one on one time with DeAnna and she talks to him about his relationships or his lack of them. He tells her that he has some concerns about her going through the process and the whole kissing thing. Yada, yada.

DeAnna presents Jason with a certificate for a star that she had named after his son. Sweet.

DeAnna hands out roses to everyone except Paul and Ron (I am so happy she finally sent Ron home. He needed to go last week).

Poor Paul. He is young and I feel so bad for him.

Ron doesn't feel rejected. "Sometimes the tree gets knocked down before it even gets to bear its fruit." "If DeAnna choses Jeremy, "it is doomed for failure". "DeAnna didn't reject me, she chose other guys."


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