Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Bachelorette - Episode 6

This episode takes us on the hometown dates.

First, DeAnna meets up with Jesse in his hometown of Brickenridge, Colorado where they check out some beautiful scenery. They had a great time snowboarding and DeAnna once again floored him with her "natural" ability to go for it. They were adorable as they skated down the mountain together.

They sit down and discuss meeting the parents. He tells her that his dad might whip his shirt up, rub his belly and say, "See this DeAnna, this is Jesse in a few years."

Jesse piggybacks DeAnna and rides down the mountain with her on his back. If you took the visual away from what she was saying it would sound like you were listening to porn. "Oh my God Jesse, Jesse, I can't believe you are doing this. Oh, oh, oh Jesse, this is big. Oh, oh..." to funny.

Jesse brings her to his place and she is surprised by a company that he created to help underprivileged kids. She wonders why he never told her that before but really when. He shares he with like a million other guys. I love that he didn't tell her because she is constantly getting surprised by him. This way if she eventually ends up with none of the guys which is the MO of this show, she will check out guys that she normally wouldn't be attracted to. Jesse has single handily opened up a whole world of otherwise "not her type" kind of guys for her.

His parents arrive and his mother is warm and his father is wearing an ice breaking, long wig.

They all hug, laugh and are instantly comfortable.

Sitting down to dinner they discuss the competition. Jesse talks about how hard it is to wait for your name to be called and getting the last rose is like she is saying, "this is for not kissing me buddy." Which makes me wonder if they have discussed the whole kissing thing and we were not able to see it because of editing.

His dad asks if D is a sharer, "do you tell your secrets?" She says that she is mostly brutally honest.

Jesse and his dad have an awesome, honest, open conversation about D. I love his father asking if when they look at each other, if she looks away. There are not many dads that I know would even know how to have this kind of relationship with their son, daughter or siblings.

DeAnna hears from both parents that they want him happy and with a women who will lift him up and basically make him the best he can be. They both tell her how important he is to them, how long they waited for him and the fact that he was called Jesse because it means "gift from God."

While talking to his dad, Jesse tells him that he would be open to a serious relationship but to not getting married in 2 weeks. Good for you Jesse. His dad tells him not to be afraid of it and tells him that he has to open himself up.

D asks his dad if he think Jesse is ready to be married and his father says yes but he is afraid of it. He gets teary describing how much he wanted Jesse and how he lives his life for him.

They finally kiss on the horse and carriage ride that Jesse planned for DeAnna.

After Jesse's date she heads to Dallas, Texas to hang out with Jeremy. He picks her up on a motorcycle and she is so excited and hot for him.

At his apartment she is floored by his perfect apartment, perfect dog, perfect closet, etc. She wonders where he isn't perfect. They look like a couple and he shares pictures of his family with her. His mom is beautiful and reminds me of DeAnna.

He reads to her his journal where he talks about watching his mother slip away and DeAnna and I are both crying.

DeAnna meets his brothers and his sister-in-law. I love when he was talking with his brothers and one mentions how she could be having this connection with other guys and Jeremy says that he doesn't do that. They he just concentrates on him and her and their connection. I think that is one of the most healthiest things someone can do, especially in this particular situation. If you can hold onto your self, your integrity, put yourself out there without worrying about getting hurt, you will be your true self and in the long run, you might possibly be the best choice for that person.

I adore Jeremy's relationship with his brothers and their closeness.

Jeremy tells her that he doesn't just want her, he needs her. If for some reason DeAnna choices someone else I hope that the network would consider Jeremy as the next bachelor.

Man, my tune has changed from say, here.

Her next hometown date is with Jason. I love how excited he got when he saw her. He was jumping up and down and grinning from ear to ear, like a kid waiting for a carnival to open up.

They go to the top of the space needle, kiss and according to DeAnna it was romantic. They discuss how many kids they want, 3.

Jason is going to see his son for the first time in weeks and it is the most perfect moment as he says, "Ty." Ty says, "'daddy" and they run toward each other. So adorable. DeAnna cries and tells us how perfect it was, like a movie. She says that she doesn't have to wonder what kind of dad he would be because she is getting to see it.

DeAnna meets the rest of Jason's family and fits right in. They are very nice, laid back and honest. They whole family seems to rally around each other and it appears that Ty is a very lucky boy having a family of adults who will drop for a game of leap frog with the cameras rolling.

Watching Jason say good-bye to Ty was very emotional. I give him credit. I could never do it. His entire family and DeAnna were crying as Ty held onto his dad and cried. So sad. DeAnna realizes that if he could leave the most important thing in his life to find love, that she could see herself spending her life with him.

I feel bad for her...I would never be able to make this decision based on the families. Jesse, Jeremy and Jason's families are all great.

Next up is Graham. Ahh, Graham. What can I say? I don't even know why she has kept him this long. He is so distant and indifferent that is a complete waste of her time.

Surprisingly he was very affectionate to her and they did a lot of hugging on the basketball court. He got her a jersey with his last name on it. He was very talkative and forthcoming.

His parents are a bit older but very sweet. His mom tells DeAnna how Graham doesn't have a lot of long term dates and that he doesn't let people in easily. She tells her that he is also a bit of a loner.

After the family meet, DeAnna and Graham sit outside on a bench. She tries to get information from him. It was so bizarrely uncomfortable that I felt the cameras should have been turned off. I am not sure what happened between meeting the parents and them sitting but they were so awkward. D asks if this is how he would be if they were alone and it was just the two of them (he has been saying that the reason he is the way he is, is because he is sharing her with other guys), he says, "this is how I am, so yeah." He was rubbing her back and so distant that it was creepy.

As we get to the next rose ceremony, I am sure of who should go but I am unsure of who she should pick.

Watching the guys walk in I am wondering if they already knew who was going home based on their presentation.

DeAnna gives Jesse a rose first, then Jeremy and then I expected Chris to come in to tell everyone this was the last rose (as if they didn't know). There was no Chris and DeAnna gave the last rose to Jason. I wasn't surprised. Her look said everything. She was dressed to kill and gave some evil looks over to Graham who swayed and grinned when he wasn't looking away from her eyes.

Graham tells her as they walk out that she did what she needed to do and that this was good-bye forever.

She tells him that she felt led on and he told her that if it is easier for her to think that, he is fine with that. She tried to tell him how hard this was and he head nodded and ahhh'd. She told him that she was letting go of the guy she felt that she was falling in love with. Which interestingly enough made him look away and put his hand to his head. What? What? Did something just get through to you? Why haven't you been listening? I don't get it. What is this cat's problem?

He stands and hands her a note in which he tells her he writes everything he knew he wouldn't be able to say to her. He tells her that it would mean a lot to her if she read it some day. He tells her that it is for her, not for any show or for anyone else.

Graham gets in the car and his eyes are red and rimmed with tears. DeAnna is crying and reading his note worrying that she is second guessing herself because she wants to be in love and that might not happen now. I think she needs to remind herself that she has 3 great, willing, open, loving, funny, caring honest guys sitting inside waiting for her.

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