Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Bachelorette Recap Episodes 1-2

DeAnna, the luckiest girl on the planet, get to be top dog and chose between 25 guys who all want to be "the guy."

The guy come out of the limo individually and meet DeAnna, who looks stunning.

Not a single one catches my eyes except Jason (a single dad) because he seems very sweet, shy and appears to feel unworthy.

Too many guys to write about so basically she sends off whatever like 6 of them. I don't remember nor do I care.

Episode 2 we see the guys heading to their "primitive guesthouse." DeAnna will invite 3 guys to stay up at the house with her. The 3 first impression roses she gave out are the lucky dogs. This week it will be Jeremy, Jesse and Richard.

Most of the guys seem like frat guys. Get a bunch of dudes together and they act like, well, guys.

It is also interesting and a bit disturbing to hear them discuss whether she is ready to kiss any of them yet.

Her first group date is with Jason, Ryan, Twilley, Sean, Paul, Fred and Richard, who'll be joining DeAnna at the Magic Castle in L.A. A magician asks DeAnna to join him and she selects Jason as her assistant. They both get into a small box , the lid is closed, and when the magician opens it back up, Jason and DeAnna are gone. The other men look like shocked little boys. Where did our toy go?

Jason and DeAnna end up somewhere else in the castle and he feels her out about kids but doesn't divulge his little 3 year old secret waiting at home.

The second date is a solo and she invites Graham (who is one of the guys she for some reason she has the hots for).

They go to the beach, kite fly and talk about his lack of serious relationships at 29. She gives him a rose anyway but hopefully she will red flag this for later.

He tells the guys he kissed her which shows he has no tact either. I'm grossed out by him.

The next date is a group date for Chris, Robert, Brian, Jesse, Ron, Jeremy, and Eric. They head over to Dodger Stadium. The guys compete for some one on one time with DeAnna and Jeremy wins.

They hang in the dug out and DeAnna tells Jeremy (She has a strong connection with this guy too but I am not sure why), that she still doesn't feel she knows him any better even though they are living in the same house. He says, he's guarded, and becomes emotional as he revels that both his parents are dead, and that playing baseball makes him feel close to his dad. DeAnna has never dated anyone who's also lost a parent and feels a really strong connection to Jeremy after his revelation. Jeremy gets his second rose and the guys are pissed.

Back at the rose ceremony, Ron asks pointblank why DeAnna didn't distribute the roses more widely. She admits that it seems unfair that Jeremy got a second rose after he'd already spent a week in the mansion, but, without going into details, she tells them it's because Jeremy opened up to her more than anyone else did. I am shocked that Ron feels he has the right to question how DeAnna divides up her roses. LOSER!

DeAnna tells Jeremey that the other guys have been giving her a hard time about giving two roses to the same man. Jeremy doesn't mention that that they've also been giving him a hard time. He explains the Greek phrase he told her on the first night, which means, "I came here to meet you." A kiss on the cheek turns into a real kiss and Jeremy feels he's falling for her already.

Rose ceremony, annoying, anticipating music is cued and DeAnna sends home 3 guys in the end.

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