Saturday, February 28, 2009

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I Heart Clara

If you haven't seen Clara (91 year old grandmother) on You Tube yet, check her out. She also has a website here.

Her grandson decided to video tape her cooking meals of the depression. She is adorable and a wonderful storyteller.

Fall in love with Clara and find out how to cook on a few dollars a week.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Stephanie Meyer Does Vogue

How did a suburban mother of three become the next big thing in publishing with her chaste-but-erotic Twilight series? Robert Sullivan meets Stephenie Meyer.

She may prefer to write late at night while her family sleeps, but for the record, there is not a lot about Stephenie Meyer, author of the better-than-best-selling Twilight series, that screams vampire. Yes, she has long dark hair and earthy brown eyes, casually highlighted this afternoon at her home in Arizona by a black Banana Republic cashmere sweater and jeans, but she lacks the arrogance associated with vampireness.

For more read the article here.

1ST Giveaway Winner Announced

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2009-02-27 20:58:56 UTC

The proud owner of the amazing keyring from Christy is.........

valerie2350 said...

button (Before that she said, "I like the Mardi Gras pin)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Amateur Book Review - 100 Cupboards by N.D. Wilson

100 Cupboards

100 Cupboards starts out like this....

Henry, Kansas, is a hot town. And a cold town. It is a town so still there are times when you can hear a fly trying to get through the window of the locked-up antique store on Main Street. Nobody remembers who owns the antique store, but if you press your face against the glass, like the fly, you'll see that whoever they are, they don't have much beyond a wide variety of wagon wheels. Yes, Henry is a still town. But there have been tornadoes on Main Street. If the wind blows, it's like it won't ever stop. Once it's stopped, there seems to be no hope of getting it started again.

100 cupboards is about 12 year old Henry who is going to live with his Aunt Dotty, Uncle Frank and cousins because his parents were kidnapped. There is a ransom for his parents but everyone seems very unaffected by this fact.

Like most semi-orphaned children who go to live with family, Henry is given the room in the attic. On his first night he hears scratching and while going to the bathroom sees someone in a purple robe coming out of the bathroom. Weird occurrences yes, but things get a whole lot stranger when two door knobs poke through the plaster in his room.

Also in the house is a door to his 2 year deceased grandfather's room that they can't open. Even with the help of a chainsaw and locksmith the door remains intact.

Eventually he and his cousin Henrietta (they have very similar names no?) uncover 99 cupboards that they cover with posters during the day to keep them secret. I am unsure why they keep the secret but kids are strange.

100 cupboards is enjoyable and a fast read. The child characters are smart and funny and timeless. Everyone will be able to identify with them. The adults are a little strange but isn't that what makes a great young reader book? His Uncle is trying to sell tumbleweeds on Ebay for $700.00. Crazy Kook!

This book is a great find for kids. I recommend the age for the book to be 12-16 but you have to know your kid. It is a bit creepy and dark but I think young readers will love it.

Chotskies gives this book *** out of 5 stars.

Book 2 is out also. I will be picking this up soon.

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Bachelor Season 13 - Episode 8 - The Women Tell All

Jason sits and listens to the women he sent home. I always look forward to these shows. Some of them are so bitter. It should be interesting to see, especially Natalie. Jason is a good guy and at the end of the day they all know that.

Chris sits with Jason and discuss Megan.

Does anyone remember her? I don't at the moment. Oh yeah I remember. Megan was the one who kissed him on the set of General Hospital.

Jason tells us how hard it was to kiss in front of the other girls. We see all the girls crying after that group date. He tells us how shocked he was that there was so much tension.

Jason tells us about Shanon's kiss. He tells us there was snot, tissue and tears there along with nose picking.

Jason talks about his date with Stephanie and when they brought her daughter out. He says it was a real "Oprah moment".

Chris brings up Naomi and her family. Jason says he will never forget it. Hula hoops and burials oh my.

Jason says Jillian is the ultimate friend. Chris brings up the hot tub and how Jason was with his "ultimate friend" and how it was the hottest hot tub scene they had.

Chris brings up all the questions that everyone in the forums are talking about even. Was there was "sex" in the tent with Molly. Jason says it was 1st base.

So we learn that the bachelors and the bachelettes are getting together and hooking up. Fred and Noelle, Grant and whats her name, Jesse and Holly. So while the bachelor is turning out long term relationships they are managing to hook a bunch of people up.

My computer crashed 4 times so I have missed a bit of the show.

Natalie is in the hot seat and we see a montage of her time on the show. Watching Natalie as she watches herself is funny. I don't know what she is thinking but she is so damn smug.

Damn it would kill me to watch myself being such a bitch. She is sick of being stereotyped. She explains that she had nothing, she had no ipod or cell phone. Chris tells her that they took away all of her material things and she tells him to calm down. Chris wonders if she thinks she is easy going but really isn't. He asks if she thinks that her problems with are the same problems that she may have had with Jason.

I really wish they would have given Stephanie more air time. Jillian got all of what would have been hers.

Jason is in love with two people. I really can't wait until next week.

General Hospital Is Driving Me Crazy

There's a rumor circulating that General Hospital writers are going to test a possible relationship between Lucky (Greg Vaughn) and Rebecca (Natalia Livingston), which ought to set Nikolas Cassadine's (Tyler Christopher) teeth on edge.

It looks for the moment as if Lucky and his former wife Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) are reconciling. Whether or not the interest will be only on Rebecca's side is unclear. It could be that Lucky and Elizabeth, while sharing a deep love for one another as well as history, won't jump back into their husband/wife roles quickly. Elizabeth is still in love with Jason, and Lucky must still have feelings for Sam. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

While I don't know who this Rebecca chick is and how she will end up being related to Emily, I am looking forward to a little triangle. It would be interesting but it would also be interesting to see Claudia go head to head with Rebecca over Sonny! Sonny and Emily dated for a while so it could be an interesting twist.

As If Hugh Wasn't Hot Enough!!!

Damn Hugh is hot. I love musicals and there were a ton of hockey musical numbers in last night's Academy Awards. And...Hugh sang "Maria" at least 5 times. Yeah baby, I love you too.

Ben Stiller vs. Joaquin Phoenix

Come on people, this is some funny shit!!!

I always loved Ben and Joaquin.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fads of the 80's - Which Do You Remember

esh Hair Ties The piece of white or black mesh girls tied in their hair. We can thank Madonna for this style. I really wish I could find a picture of me doing this.
Temporary Hair Dye Colorful hair in the 80's were a must. This invention let you change your hair color from day to day. I so did this. I had all kinds of fun colors like purple, blue, gold...I even tried this again in the beginning of 2000. Can we say freak?
Headbands From Pat Benetar to Mike Reno...This was a hot style! Bwaahhh what were we thinking?
Ponytail for Men Popular with the yuppies. I always hated ponytails on guys. I like long hair but leave it down baby.
Hair Crimping Kind of looked like you had your hair braided for a week. I never crimped. I braided!
Mousse Lots of body for your hair! I have lots of hair now but doing my mousse days they called me "Miss Hair."
Helmet-Haired Bangs Loni Anderson...Need I say more? Ahhhhh I loved my bangs. They had to be just right.

Banana Clips And still used today! Who says the 80's are dead? I have not see anyone using a banana clip. If I did, I would have to ask them where they got it. I loved that faux mohawk look when your hair is down to your ass.
Mohawk Haircuts Very attractive, 'eh?
Barrettes w/ things Dangling from Them Girls wove ribbons through, usually two different colors, and hung beads on the end of the ribbon. You could also buy theses barrettes ready-made and some even had FEATHERS hanging from them. I never ever had one of these. Or did I?
Princess Di Haircuts Poor Di! Miss her!
Crazy Hair Colors Pink, blue, purple, red, yellow and so on.
Tails You remember...The short or long 5 pieces of hair running down your back. Bwahahah, it took me years to not have a tail.
RayBan's Made famous from the Tom Cruise movie 'Risky Business'.
Flat Top Haircuts for Guys Some cuts were a little off to the side like Bobby Brown. He also had a line cut on his head. Don't know if this was a fad for the bros.
Rooster Bangs Look Rooster Bangs Are bangs that are cut so they stand up and frizz out. I wanted this look but my hair is too thick for it to look the way I wanted it to.
Big Hair Lots of hairspray and teased up high! Gotta love it!
Skater Haircut Shaved on one side and all the hair hanging on the other side.
BIG Hair Bows Another essential Madonna accessory!
Colored Mascara/Eyeliner Always extra thick! Blue, purple were the popular colors used. What this still isn't in?
Painter Type Hats With the tails off the back
Bandanas Any color tied anywhere would make you fit in just about anywhere circa 1984. (i.e.. David Lee Roth) my boyfriends wore them around their thighs.
Green Lipstick Turned pink when you put it on. Awwww...I loved this lipstick!
Pierced Ears Lots of earrings for the girls. For the guys - Left ear your straight, right ear you were not so straight. :)
Blue Eye Shadow Not only was mascara and eyeliner blue, but also above chick's eyes! We've even seen yellow used in some cases! YES loved this. I was a makeup maven! Everyone wanted me to do their makeup.
Shoelace Hairclips Women's hairclips in which they came multicolored, metallic, or solid print Popular in late 80's, early 90's.

Bright Neon/Fluorescent Shirts Orange, yellow, fuchsia, green, etc. with the matching socks , earrings and hair scarves. LOVED this look. Matching my hot pink socks to my hot pink tshirt.
Pastel T-Shirts Pink was very popular for the guys. Also came in just about any other color in the rainbow.
Champion Sweatshirts Pretty much self explanatory. Another one still sold today.
Torn Workout Top Those maniac chicks, gotta love 'em! Some workout tops were also cut on the bottom to expose the stomach area. Most were worn off the shoulder. This look was hot. We all wanted to be Jennifer Beals in Flashdance.
Slogan T-shirts With words like Go-Go, Relax, Boy Toy, etc. For 80s t-shirts visit! NEVER!!!!
Jean jackets Levis were popular and still are in some areas of the country. Some people even painted their favorite rock band album covers on the back of their Levis denim jackets. I wanted one of these so bad but could never afford it.
Army jackets Camouflage was in almost as much as the Miami Vice style blazers.
Michael Jackson Thriller Jacket Just like the one he wore in his video.
Sleeveless shirts These were sleeveless but cut all the way down the side so they they were open.
Clothing with keyboards up and down the sleeves Pretty snazzy 'eh?
Members Only Jackets Had to have every color remember? I had the fake Members Only Jacket in Black.
OP (Ocean Pacific) T-shirts For the surfer in you!
Izod Shirts In every color of the rainbow. Some wore them with collars turned up.
Argyle Vests So preppy!
Skinny Ties Those leather ones were soooooo cool!
Knit Ties Skinny of course!
Bolos Leather cords with a piece of metal, plastic, etc. holding them together at the neck.
Power Ties Bold and classical ties for those power lunches.
Long Shirts Usually the more full figured gals wore these. I loved these but wasn't full figured.
Cardigan Sweaters with shirts underneath Most of the time, not tucked in.
Paisley Shirts Paisley was in with the new wave crowd as well as other cliques.
Black, collared shirts Usually buttoned all the way to the top.
Shirts with zippers Some of these had buttons as well. The zippers or buttons were put on the shirts in a way that it opened diagonally from the shoulder area. When opened the shirt would have this triangular shape flapping on your chest.
Laced Crop Tops With bra underneath. If a white lace - white bra. If black lace - black bra. Still love these.
Hawaiian Shirts Lots of flowers and loud colors... Aloha!
Rugby shirts Colored sleeves with sweatshirt gray or white for the body of the shirt.
Black Rock Band T-Shirts Same as below, just with the sleeves.
Sleeveless Rock Band T-Shirts Headbangers unite! AC/DC, Metallica, Poison, Ratt, Ozzy. To name a few. I still have my shirts. Thinking that one day my kids will think they are cool. They will probably think I was lame.
T-Shirt Clips They looked like a ring with a bar through the middle and you threaded the bottom of your shirt through them. I just tied mine so I didn't have to spend money on the clip.
Shaker Knit Sweaters Shaker Knit refers to the type of stitch used to make these sweaters. If you saw Hunt for Red October, the dark sweater Jack wears is a shaker knit sweater.
Hang Out Oxfords with Big Belts to Cinch With matching socks over stirrup pants.
Wearing collars up on polo shirts & blouses 3 words... Preppy...preppy...preppy!
Polo Shirts with collars (collars usually worn pulled up) Plenty of colors to choose from - pastels were a favorite preppy color.
Underwear as Outerwear As worn by Madonna, Annie Lennox & Cyndi Lauper. I must admit I have worn my share of bras as shirts.
Navy Blue Down-Filled Vest - Sleeveless Winter, summer, spring and fall - this was in.
Blouse or Gown with Buttons Also with feathers, rhinestones - usually tracing up and down one sleeve
Air Brushed Shirts Saw lots of couples wearing these in High School with their mate's name on them. Couple of hearts, etc. LOVED this look.
lojos Rubber sandal type of things called "Flojos". This was the brand that made them.
Peter Pan Boots Short, suede boots that all girls wore with their pin stripe jeans tucked into
Gasoline Jeans Grey on one side, denim blue on the other. An interesting combo!
Scrunch Socks Different colors and layer them oppositely on each foot. For example; one foot would have a pink then a purple on top and the scrunched part would be on the bottom half then the other foot would be purple with pink on top with the pink on the bottom half. What girl in the 80s didn't wear scrunch socks?
Dangeling belts In pastel and neutral colors - People commonly wore 2 or 3 belts at a time.
Corduroy pants Brown, white, blue. We've also seen red Levis corduroy pants back in our awesome decade!
Argyle socks Knee high socks with colorful diamond pattern, all diamonds were connected with stripes-zigzag pattern. typically came in colors of red, yellow, navy and hunter green. Matched your argyle sweater (v neck). Socks usually had no pattern on toe or heel portion.
Striped Levi's jeans Had to be tight too! Different color denim were also used. Black, light blue, dark blue, etc.
Button-fly Levis jeans And one of the most popular jeans still worn today!
Acid washed jeans Nice and light. The more holes in your jeans, the better! (i.e. Kip Winger) Tear that shit up baby. We spent a lot of time tearing them just right.
Reebok high-tops With no or untied laces.
Parachute Pants Made out of nylon with lots of zippers! NEVER but I did date a dude who wore them but he was from California and that was in the 90's. Freak.
Adidas Shoes Hmmmmm, can you say Run DMC?
Jordache - Chic - Sergio Valente' - Calvin Klein - Gloria Vanderbuilt - Sasson - Guess Jeans Oooooh La La! "Designer" jeans were all the rave in the '80s. Most brands had certain designs on the back pockets like Jordache and Sergio Valente'. All worn very tight and straight legged. I wanted Jordache so bad but we couldn't afford them. My dad always got me jeans that he said, no one could tell the difference. Parents!
Vans!!! I remember seeing checkerboard and multi-color styles in High School.
Adidas or OP pants With the drawstring - no zipper.
Penny Loafers Had to have these.
Top Siders Another one that I still see around today.
Capezios Capezios are shoes - they're like dance shoes and became popular shortly after Flashdance came out. They were usually white. For those who didn't know like me! It reminded me of the next one.
Chinese Slippers The little black shoes all (well most of) the girls wore them. Bwwhaahaha..I would wear these today if I could find them.
Converse Chuck Taylor
High -Tops
Wild colored high top sneakers worn not only by basketball players.
Mini Skirts Short plaid, ruffled on the bottom, etc. skirts women wore. Hello, want to see what I ate for breakfast?
"Pegged" Jeans You folded the bottom of the jeans over first to make them narrow, then rolled them up, so they were "pegged."
Sweatpants Tucked into tube socks with the bottoms puffing out. Bwahahaah...would you ever wear this look today?
Legwarmers Flashdance made these even more popular than they already were! We all loved leg warmers.
Jelly shoes Brightly colored. Jelly shoes were so comfortable.
Poofy Pants With the tapered bottom. Some had lots of pockets and zippers and/or buckles. Hammer time!
Ripped Jeans Usually in slits and tight - the more slits the better!
Keds Again, popular in the mid to late 90's. White with the little blue Keds emblem on the back.
Plastic shoes They were usually pastel colors, they were really cheap, and they hurt like hell!
Hurraches Leather woven sandals.
Short skirts with bike shorts underneath Who says you can't ride a bike with a short skirt? Although chicks also wore this to clubs. Another Madonna ensemble.
Floods Pants that ended before your ankles did.
Zuba shorts and pants Pants with multi-colored zebra-like stripes. they come in colors of athletic teams.
Spandex Lots of it too! A stretchy fabric that molds to your skin. Pants or shorts were usually made of this fabric. Spandex made me feel sexy.
Stonewashed Gap Jeans Faded before you bought 'em. These were so bodacious!
Surfer Pants Usually light in color and fabric with a little string in the front to tie.

Madonna Gloves From the Like a Virgin era. Also Crosses were big and whatever Madonna wore, the chicks wore too. I so did the cross thing and did up until....
Cut Socks as Gloves Cutting off the ends of sweat socks (usually the kind with the different color rings at the top of the sock) and wearing them as wristbands. A lot of the punks did this. It's funny-you see the guy in the movie Salt Lake City Punks wearing these.
Polka Dots! Shirts, suspenders, socks, etc. Different colors.
Jelly /Gummy Bracelets Those were the thin plastic bracelets that girls would wear tons of at a time - and rings. Gummy bracelets rocked!
The Preppy Look Short hair (for the guys), penny loafers, argyle socks, Polo shirts with the collar sticking up. This description could go on and on! You get the idea.
Big Obnoxious plastic comb With solid or swirling colors, usually kept it in your back pocket. Yes! this was some crazy idea. Why did we think this was ok?
Pet Rock An ordinary rock with plastic eyes on it. This goofy fad made someone millions of dollars and a place in history!
Mexican dresses Maybe this was subject to geography - Texas.
Jimmy-z and Z-Cavaricci clothing They were extremely multi-colored "knitted" sweaters that looked more like a tangled knot that just happened to be in the shape of a sweater. No rhyme or reason, and they were often lumpy looking. Similar to the sweaters Bill Cosby wore on his show.
Slap Bracelets Slap bracelets were about an inch wide with metal on the inside and colored cloth on the outside. They were in bright colors and were straight and when you hit them on your wrist they bent around your wrist like a bracelet.
Jams Jams were multi colored shorts -- guys mostly wore them. They were like the Hawaiian shirts only for the bottom. Most guys wore them without socks, and sandals of some kind. The preppy look for those hot summer days!
Multiple Outfits These were interchangeable multi-colored cotton clothes that were often cinched with a a sash. Also - anything really busy, clashing and eye popping!
Skateboarding Very popular even today!
Snowboarding Another very popular sport (we guess you can call it a fad). One of our visitors wrote in saying, "HOT guys do snowboarding, Weird guys do skateboarding. ;)
Friendship Pins/Bracelets Pins were often worn on sneaker laces and denim jackets.
Coke clothes, jeans, accessories Have a Coke and a smile! Or was it, Coke is it? In any case, these clothes were in!
Twisty Bead necklaces Thin beaded necklaces, lots of different colors, you would twist them together and clasp them in the back with a clip. You could also make them long by doubling one in the back and connecting it on the side with a clip. Any self respecting 80's chic had twisty beads in EVERY color. They were great to wear with your izod shirt and polo shirts. Collars up, of course!
Bennetton Benetton first hit around 1988 - a new clothing line, all about colors, animal prints, and jeans. Alot of denim matching ensembles. It was a had to have line, like Guess, Esprit and L.A. Gear.
Camp Beverly Hills It was cheap women's perfume. Loves Baby Soft was also popular.
Banana Republic Banana Republic, before they became the upscale Gap they are today, launched in 1987 or so with a safari theme. It was all khaki's and t-shirts with jungle animals on them, and, of course, bananas. Most of the stores were decorated in rattan wood, with fake trees and a jeep in the middle of the store.
Jordache Purses Those little $3 crescent-shaped Jordache purses with the skinny string shoulder strap. They were made out of a really lightweight vinyl/tyvek kind of material -- it had the Jordache horse-head logo stamped on it. They came in lots of colors (metallic too)
Plastic Spring Bracelets Those neon colored plastic spring bracelets (I believe there were necklaces & earrings, too)
Shopping at The Limited Anything Forenza or Outback Red!
Roach Clips w/ feathers dangling Roach clips with feather hanging off of them, they were attached to your belt loop. Never know when you might need something like this! SO funny that parents were buying these for their kids. I had at least 4 different colors.
Pop Balls This is not what you are thinking (get your mind out of the gutter). These were rubber balls that you turned inside out, laid them on the floor and watched them pop up.
Creepy Crawlers Throw them on the wall and watch them slowly crawl back down. Ewww, Creepy! :)
Code Bleu clothes
Dexters A deck (boat type) shoe.
Jeri Curls Popular for the African Americans (mostly men). Looked like a shiny, wet perm. See: Michael Jackson, circa "Beat It" video; also see: Eddie Murphy's "Coming to America" movie with it's Jeri curl parody (featuring today's ER's Eriq LaSalle), "Soul Glow". The term Jeri Curl was named for the solution you sprayed in your hair to get the desired effect.
Punk Made popular from bands like the Clash - Mohawks, chains, make up, etc
Flashdance Look Ripped pants, shirts, strapped shirt under a sweatshirt. Ohhh sexy!
Valley Girl Look Hair that was shorter (spiked or curly) on top and a little longer in the back, head bands (usually stripped) that matched our fitted stripped tops, mini skirts of mini skirt-dresses, big earrings, bright colors, belts (around our hips - first made big by Mike Hutchence in the "One Thing" video, usually doubled). And let us not forget leg-warmers!
New Wave Stuff New Wave was in reference to music culture (i.e., Pet Shop Boys, Dead or Alive, Erasure, Duran Duran, Echo and the Bunnymen, etc) - fashion-wise, look at any of the previously mentioned bands and they're videos, and think: feminine guys with make-up and teased hair (before Poison-like glam rock), Creepers shoes, Long duster coats (i.e.., Boy George), little bowler-like black hats and eye-liner, a lot of black-and-white accessorizing. See: "Ducky" in "Pretty in Pink";, a reference made in "SLC Punk" (during the slide show about who beats up who - the New Waver's don't beat up anyone).
Swatch Watches Went well with the plastic bracelets. Was accompanied by other Swatch watches. Sometimes worn with more than one watch.
Spoon Rings Spoon rings, usually sterling siver with the design of a spoon handle, or fork. We called them spoon rings. (Added compliments of Trish)
Michael Jackson Glove Couldn't even believe I actually saw people with this on.
Miami Vice Look Well padded blazer with a pastel T-shirt under, etc. Shoes with no socks.
"Puffy" silver hearts Jewelry - "puffy" heart pendants for necklaces.
Generra Generra is a brand name, they made men's' clothes and those "hyper color" t-shirts.
Vision Street Wear Skateboarding gear - T-shirts, caps, beanies, shoes, skateboards and more!
Huge clocks Wore around the neck. Usually worn by rap members.
Anything Neon Pretty self explanatory. Socks, Shirts, Hair accessories, bracelets, shoe laces, etc.


All New Ghost Whisper Friday

This Friday was a repeat. It sucks when your favorite shows are in repeat. I sat down to watch one of the only shows beside The Bachelor and Lost on Friday and it was a friggin repeat. I am so looking forward to this weeks episode.

I'm Only Watching for Hugh!

I really could care less who wins, I am watching because Hugh Jackman is hosting. Hello! Holy hot guns Wolverine.

Nicollette Sheridan To Be Killed Off ‘Desperate Housewives’?

I guess we shouldn't be surprised right.

Her character has been close to leaving before.

Her suicide attempt last season and now her character is married to crazy Dave.

I will be sad to see Edie go although now that her character is nice she has gotten a bit boring.

The rumor mills says....

In an upcoming episode, Edie finds out that her husband, Dave, is plotting to kill her and nearly succeeds. But as she escapes his plan, she is involved in a fatal accident involving a car and an electrical wire.

Cork Screw Shoes?

I so could have used Mary Kate Olsen's shoes the other day.

If she ever needs to open a bottle of wine, she is so ready. Have shoes will drink I always say.

What's Better Than Winning An Oscar?

According to Joel Madden, it's finding out baby #2 is on the way.

"What's better than winning an Oscar? I am so happy to tell everyone that Harlow is going to be a big sister! God has truly blessed my family. Hope your all feeling as good as i am right now........."


Is Anyone Else As Excited As Me???

Saturday, February 21, 2009

People Are Disturbing

Why would any insinuate that something "icky" is going on between Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus. The fact that Miley needs to write in her new book Miles to Go, that it bothers her when people suggest there's something inappropriate about her relationship with her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus. is just a sign of how warped people can be.

"The media has said some stuff about my dad and me being too close and too cuddly for a father and a daughter," the 16-year-old star says in the book. "For me and my dad it's not weird at all."

It is sad that pictures like this that are intended as art are made out to me some freaky relationship between a father and daughter. It truly sickens me that people have a need to create drama. Gross.

My dad and I used to hold hands when we walked down the street, that was just how we were. I am here to tell you there is nothing weird about my relationship with my father. We love each other, that is it.

Beau-Coup Site Sale - 10% OFF

I reviewed Beau-Coup last year. They have beautiful high end favors at reasonable prices. You can see my review here.

Friday, February 20, 2009

I am Shocked

I can't believe that a photo of Rhianna was leaked out. The pictures are obviously photos taken from the police investigation of the attack. The police are looking into the leak.

More importantly I cannot believe that Oprah just aired the photo that TMZ has on their site.

Chotskies will not post this photo. If you NEED to see it you can find it online.

The picture is private and police evidence. It is hard enough that Rhianna has to go through this abuse so publicly but to have such a horrific moment spread throughout the Internet is despicable and disgusting.

Twilight News Around The Web

Join the Twilight Saga Website:

"The publisher of the Twilight saga has relaunched the official saga website. now includes customized member profile pages, photo/video uploading and sharing, discussion forums, chat and more!

Click on the link above to meet up with other fans from all around the world to gather and share in all things Twilight."

View my page on The Twilight Saga

Check it out, Catherine Hardwicke has a book dropping on March 17th. Because a Twilight Fan can never have enough Twilight.

Exciting news for fans of Twilight the movie! Little, Brown will be publishing Twilight: Director's Notebook written by Catherine Hardwicke. It will be released on March 17th. This intimate look on making the movie will include inside secrets on everything from casting to wardrobe along with personal notes from Catherine and behind-the-scenes photographs. Click here to read the press release on our movie page and here to read Entertainment Weekly's article. [Please note: I have not been able to find anyone who is accepting pre-orders for the book, but I will post a link as soon as I find it somewhere.]

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Lauri K
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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Photo Scanning Driving You Mad?

There is a solution.

Check out Scan My Photos

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Chotskies First Giveaway - TWILIGHT Inspired from ChristyM113

Finally, the day has come. I have been teasing with my very first Chotskies Giveaway, because I am so excited to host it.

My hints, when I first mentioned the contest were Vampires and keys. Do you know what it is???????

It's an amazing key chain from ChristyM113 on Etsy! To see more of Christy's craftsmanship come over to my review here.

Christy says on her Etsy site that these pictures don't do the key ring justice and I am here to tell you that this is true!! Christy sent me one and I was so impressed with the craftsmanship. The beveled glass and the thickness of this piece is amazing.

Just look at how solid this is!

Christy's Description:

Let your keyring be a warning to those who might want to ride with you, that you drive like a Cullen!

Each keyring is made of two 1" x 2" pieces of beveled glass for a unique and sophisticated product. The text is printed in sharp white text onto black paper that has been treated with fine silver glitter. Each keyring is heavily soldered for a smooth, rounded edge and then embellished, front and back, with decorative bead soldering.

The phrases are even printed in "Twilight" font!

The heavy duty keyring chain is securely soldered to the keyring and will suffer much abuse. I have even dropped them onto a concrete floor with no effect at all.

Note - please be aware it's difficult to get a great shot of beveled glass... the photos don't do the key rings justice!

Now for the Giveaway Details:

How to Enter: Visit ChristyM113 and look around. Then come back here and tell me which item you would love for yourself or someone else. If this question is not answered none of the other entries will count.

Deadline: February 27, 2008 by Midnight

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Monday, February 16, 2009

The Bachelor Season 13 - Episode 7

Jason still doesn't know who "the one" is.

He is meeting the girls in New Zealand this week.

He knows Jillian is fun, funny, and easy to talk to.
He wonders if she is too independent for him.

His relationship with her is past the fun part but is there a romantic connection. He is looking for the passion to step up.

He knows Molly has beautiful eyes. He can stare at her all night long. He loved meeting Molly's family.

He is ready to talk their relationship to the next level.

He thinks Melissa reminds him of DeAnna and his Ex. He obviously has a type.

He thinks she is ready for a family and wondered if she had real feelings for her.

He feels there relationship has progressed and he loved their date in Seattle. He felt like a couple with her and Ty.

He is concerned about her family and that he wasn't able to meet them. He isn't sure if she is really serious. He wants to find out more about this in New Zealand.

So kids, New Zealand is do or die for these ladies. He is looking forward to his overnight dates with these ladies.

Jason picks Jillian up in a helicopter. She looks amazing and she is "floored". His reaction to her family, intensified her feelings for him. The look adorable as they throw themselves into each others arms. They are even dressed the same, plaid shirts and jeans and all, cute!

Romance is in the air and they stroke each others hands and tell us how great it is. New Zealand is truly beautiful.

They sit on a cliff, drink wine and she asks him to describe her. "Fun, gorgeous" he says. She feels attracted to him, and that they have a connection and that he gets her. She tells us that she is falling in love with him. He is still looking for passion. They stand no a cliff and he sees this as a metaphor for their relationship.

Jillian and Jason meet for their evening date at a local winery. He loved his date with her and he is excited to be around her and to see what happens next.

Jason asks Jillian how she feels about all of this and it takes her a year to respond. When she sees him she gets butterflies but when she isn't with him, she is ok too. She didn't expect that they would have such a connection. She loves it. She tells him she is crazy about him. She has never felt that someone is more meant for her than he is.

He is excited that she said that because he needed to hear that. She asks if he has something to give her and he pulls out the fantasy suite card. She asks if he could handle a whole night with her. Urmmmmm...ummmmm...she wants to see if they connect physically because it will be a long night. "Can he handle the fire?!"

Jason has incredible feelings for Jill. He thinks his family will get along with her better than anyone else. He thinks that he is falling in love with her. We get to see waaayyyy too much of their private time. Hello....soft porn on ABC at 8:30 pm. Jason and Jill spend a lot of time kissing and stroking each other. She has her legs wrapped around his butt and there is quite a lot going on. Ummm...I am blushing just watching them. Holy censorship ABC!
Jason meets up with Molly and they head over to bungee jump. They both seem ready to shit their pants. It looks wet and cold as they kiss and count down to jump. They are also dressed the same.

The fall and Jason screams all the way down. They dangle, hug and kiss. I give these people credit, I would never have been able to jump.

Afterward they sup something hot and some fruit. A bit different from Jillian lying on a fuzzy rug drinking wine on a cliff.

Molly comes with a list and proceeds to ask him a bunch of nonrelevant questions such as the food he would eat if he could only eat one thing and his favorite ice cream. "How can he propose to me if I don't know his favorite ice cream."

They meet up for the evening date and Molly tells us how nervous she is. Jason tells us that he adores her. He wants to see if she cares. He needs her to show him how she feels. Basically he needs her to jump his bones and wrapping her legs around him.

Jason tries to fish, by asking her some open ended questions. He feels that he has to pull things from her. He tells her about his observations on her family and how they seemed that they are reserved with their emotions. She says that is why she doesn't show her emotions but wants him to know that she is feeling it. She has a wall up and wishes she could be more showy.

Poor Molly, she can't help how she is. She tells him that she really feels that she is falling in love with him. It seemed tense until she said that. Light bulb or woody, Jason seemed more chipper after she told him that. She tells him that she wants to get to know him a little more.

Molly hands Jason a card that asks him to spend the night with her. He knew he was in for a good night. I think his suite was nicer so they probably spent the night there.

Jason is ready to see Melissa. He and Melissa run to each other and she does a Jillian by wrapping herself around him while he twirls around.

Melissa is really worried about the whole not meeting her family thing. They get to use Winston Churchill's boat around the lake. He says they have a lot of passion so he expects this day to be awesome.

They discuss the last rose ceremony and the emotions being high because of the whole heart break issue. He asks if it is worth it and she says "absolutely". They kiss and I really wish she would close her legs.

They are very comfortable together an he has no doubts about her but he needs to talk to her about her family.

Wow....they are in such a beautiful place. The hot tub and the view, nice!

He brings up the parent thing and he tells her that he would have loved to have met them. He asks her what she would tell them right now. She says, she would tell them that he makes her happy and she wishes that they could see how happy he makes her. He says that there is nothing her parents could do or say that would change his mind about Melissa. "I can love Melissa without her parents, but it could only go so far."

Jason waits for Melissa for their evening date only he isn't very dressed. She looks adorable in her black dress and sparkly heels and he has on jeans and a shirt.

On their date they discuss her parents and her brother. She talks to her brother 5 times a week and sees her parents 2 times weekly. She calls herself a mothers girl. She wants him to know how scared she was to tell him that he wouldn't be meeting her parents. She asks if it is a really big deal. She is sad when he tells her that it would have really liked to meet them but that he met her friends and that balanced it out. She looks ready to cry and he hands her the fantasy suite card. She says, "absolutely."

Jason is looking for that next step. He wants to see if he can fall in love with her. She wants to tell him that she loves him.

She tells him how scared she is and he says nothing is going to scare him. She tells him that she has never felt like this. She tells him that she is head over heels in love with him. He barely lets her finish before stopping her with a kiss. He tells her that she is amazing and he thanks her.

Jason tells us that he has completely fallen for her and that he has been for a long time. He already feels loved by her and having that in his life would be wonderful.

This week was one of the best weeks of Jason's life. He says they are all beautiful, all have huge hearts and he could envision all 3 of them as his wife. He has no idea who he is sending home.
Jason tells them that he is falling for all of them for different reasons. It hurts him that he has to break someone's heart.

The first rose goes to Melissa who looks adorable in her prom dress. The next and last rose goes to Molly. I had typed Jillian but had to erase it. I am actually shocked that he picked her over Jillian.

I think Jill is just too confident and strong for him. Jason likes to be the man, the main reason for someone's existence. He tells her not to doubt that he didn't have strong feelings for her. He never meet someone like her. Their lives are different. He tells her that he wouldn't be able to keep up with her.

She doesn't think her life is that different. She was hoping he would see how great their life could be.

He felt that they were on the path of "friends". She tells him that at the end of the day, you had to be friends.

She tells him of a dream she had with Ty and how it was the best dream ever.

He seems uncomfortable. He wishes he could just have said his nice words and she would have said thank you and walked. She has a need to tell him how she feels. She tells him that she has completely fallen in love with him. They hug and he walks her out.

At the car, they hug and she sobs into his arms. Jason is visably sad as she drives away.

Jason sits and cries. Is he sad that he had to break her heart or is he sad that he may have made a mistake? Only Jason knows.

Molly tells us that she found what she was looking for with Jason and this wasn't how she wanted it to end.

He tells us that sending Jill home was hard. He just wasn't in love with her.

It is interesting, the whole time he is saying, "one of you I will spend my life with, and I can't wait to introduce you to Ty" he was looking at Melissa. He turned to Molly when he said, "I can't wait to introduce you to my family."

Are the forums right? Is it Melissa? I can't wait to find out.