Monday, February 2, 2009

The Bachelor - Season 13 - #5 Recap

So, we are only on episode 5 and already down to 5 girls.

Melissa gets the first one on one date in Jason's home town but waits over an hour for him. He finally touches base and she heads out to meet him and Ty who refused to let Jason leave him.

The other girls stew as they contemplate how Melissa is getting to "chill" with Jason and the most important person in his life.

Melissa walks in while Jason is putting Ty to bed. She does the "girlfriend" thing and tidies up while she waits.

Jason reads to Ty and he tells us that this will help Melissa see what the real world with him would be like.

She pours herself what looks to be her second glass of wine as she waits. Jason walks out and they hug. Melissa changes into her stretchy pants and they walk in to peak at Ty. Jason is not ready for anyone to meet Ty yet but they hug in the doorway and Melissa tells us how exciting it was for her thinking how this could be their life.

The girls are extremely jealous and discuss how they really want to be on the date Melissa is on.

Melissa and Jason talk about what a trip to Dallas would be like. They kiss and he has her hands all over her. She is hot and he is very attracted to her. He tells her he notices that she appreciates the "little things."

Stephanie, Jillian and Molly will be getting the next group date which means Naomi gets the one on one.

The girls meet Jason on a boat where they enjoy a cruise around Seattle. We get to see the Sleepless in Seattle boat house as they pass by.

Jason takes Steph aside to talk alone. Stephanie takes the wheel and they laugh while steering the boat. Jason asks her about missing Sophia. Jason tells her that their date with Sophia is one of his favorite memories of the show. He tells her how great her daughter is. Stephanie sees them together.

Jillian and Molly talk about their serious feeling and their jealousy over the girls. Jillian sees herself with Jason above everyone else.

Jason and the girls head over to a radio station where Jason is hoping to learn more about the girls.

Stephanie loves watching him talk and his confidence "he is one good looking man."

Jason tells the radio station that the most amazing date has been with Stephanie so far. Melissa and Naomi get to listen and look crushed.

Jason tells the radio hosts that Molly is the best kisser.

The host blind folds Jason while the girls kiss him. He is going to try to figure out who is who.

Jillian is first, followed by Stephanie and then Molly. He gets it right!

Stephanie loves his eyes, Jillian feels the same. Molly loves his smile. They all feel that when Jason talks to you he makes you feel like you are the only person in the room.

The girls are asked about their sex lives. Stephanie wants to make sure that the man she is with is taken care of and if that means kissing every inch of his body...

Jason takes the girls to a beautiful restaurant, during dessert he whisks Jillian away to talk. He asks her what is bothering her. She truly expected him to be super nice but spending time with him she also realizes that all the girls are great. He asks her if her expectations are too high. She says they might be. She says she is looking for that special feeling of someone she can spend her life with. They kiss but honestly, I am not sure what she was talking about. They discuss what her home date would be like.

Back at the room, Naomi gets her date card and is excited to be the last date before the rose ceremony.

Stephanie asks Jason how he knew who he was kissing today. He says, "different lips, different styles."

He takes Molly away to talk. They hold hands and walk around. Molly tells him how close she is to her family and that she would never get in a relationship that her family doesn't approve of. He kisses Molly differently. He holds and strokes her face which I haven't seen him do before.

Jason runs up to meet Naomi for their one on one date. They take a seaplane and tour Seattle. This is their second plane ride together. They cuddle on the plane and kiss.

Jason takes Naomi rock wall climbing and she is loving it. The talk on the wall after climbing and she asks him what he is looking for. He tells her that he is looking for someone who understands where his life is.

Naomi and Jason talk about relationships. She tells him that she wants to be with someone who she has a lot in common with.

For some reason Melissa and Jillian are taking a bubble bath together while Molly and Stephanie sit on the outside. They discuss Jason and Naomi's relationship. Noami tells Jason this is the best date she has ever had in her entire life.

Jason shows up at the girls room and asks Jillian to walk with him. He says Jillian could be the one to break his heart.

He asks her how she is doing and she opens up about how things have to be on her own terms. He tells her that he has strong feelings developing and wants to know that she is on board. She tells her that he wants her to take care of herself. He wants her to open up more and put herself first. I am annoyed that she keep finishing his sentences. I know she is trying to show him that she gets him but hello....

She feels that his questions are valid and she hopes she gave him the right answers.

Chris and Jason talk about the 5 girls and the home dates. Jason says with Melissa he is waiting for something. Can someone be so perfect?

As for Stephanie he thinks she is incredible and that he would be a lucky guy to end up with her.

Jason says that he is very attracted to Molly and that her family would be fun.

As for Jillian feels she is here for an adventure and he is worried about ending up broken hearted.

He says his date with Naomi was incredible. Chris asks about chemistry and Jason says the chemistry is slow and that is ok.

Before the rose ceremony Jason tells the girls he has to talk to one of them first. He takes Naomi aside and asks her if she is ready for his life and if this is what she wants. She says yes and that she is over the single life.

Jillian gets the first rose followed by Melissa, Molly, and Naomi. Which leaves Stephanie. Naomi goes up to get her rose and hugs him but Jason is only looking at Stephanie. He tells her "I want to say this in front of everybody. You are the most amazing person I have ever met. You are a beautiful person outside and in and I am so glad to have met you." She tells him that she "is so glad to be a part of this. You are an incredible man."

Jason waits for Stephanie to say her goodbyes. She says, "one of you girls make this man very happy."

He sits with her and tells her that he wishes there was something there. She says, she figured there was something missing. He tells her that she deserves that aching feeling more than anyone and he wants her to have it. Stephanie takes her gracious self and leaves him standing at the curb. He will always wonder about her.

Jason tells the girls that this was one of the most hardest days he could ever imagine.

They all cheer and we get to see a glimpse of the home dates.

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