Monday, February 16, 2009

The Bachelor Season 13 - Episode 7

Jason still doesn't know who "the one" is.

He is meeting the girls in New Zealand this week.

He knows Jillian is fun, funny, and easy to talk to.
He wonders if she is too independent for him.

His relationship with her is past the fun part but is there a romantic connection. He is looking for the passion to step up.

He knows Molly has beautiful eyes. He can stare at her all night long. He loved meeting Molly's family.

He is ready to talk their relationship to the next level.

He thinks Melissa reminds him of DeAnna and his Ex. He obviously has a type.

He thinks she is ready for a family and wondered if she had real feelings for her.

He feels there relationship has progressed and he loved their date in Seattle. He felt like a couple with her and Ty.

He is concerned about her family and that he wasn't able to meet them. He isn't sure if she is really serious. He wants to find out more about this in New Zealand.

So kids, New Zealand is do or die for these ladies. He is looking forward to his overnight dates with these ladies.

Jason picks Jillian up in a helicopter. She looks amazing and she is "floored". His reaction to her family, intensified her feelings for him. The look adorable as they throw themselves into each others arms. They are even dressed the same, plaid shirts and jeans and all, cute!

Romance is in the air and they stroke each others hands and tell us how great it is. New Zealand is truly beautiful.

They sit on a cliff, drink wine and she asks him to describe her. "Fun, gorgeous" he says. She feels attracted to him, and that they have a connection and that he gets her. She tells us that she is falling in love with him. He is still looking for passion. They stand no a cliff and he sees this as a metaphor for their relationship.

Jillian and Jason meet for their evening date at a local winery. He loved his date with her and he is excited to be around her and to see what happens next.

Jason asks Jillian how she feels about all of this and it takes her a year to respond. When she sees him she gets butterflies but when she isn't with him, she is ok too. She didn't expect that they would have such a connection. She loves it. She tells him she is crazy about him. She has never felt that someone is more meant for her than he is.

He is excited that she said that because he needed to hear that. She asks if he has something to give her and he pulls out the fantasy suite card. She asks if he could handle a whole night with her. Urmmmmm...ummmmm...she wants to see if they connect physically because it will be a long night. "Can he handle the fire?!"

Jason has incredible feelings for Jill. He thinks his family will get along with her better than anyone else. He thinks that he is falling in love with her. We get to see waaayyyy too much of their private time. Hello....soft porn on ABC at 8:30 pm. Jason and Jill spend a lot of time kissing and stroking each other. She has her legs wrapped around his butt and there is quite a lot going on. Ummm...I am blushing just watching them. Holy censorship ABC!
Jason meets up with Molly and they head over to bungee jump. They both seem ready to shit their pants. It looks wet and cold as they kiss and count down to jump. They are also dressed the same.

The fall and Jason screams all the way down. They dangle, hug and kiss. I give these people credit, I would never have been able to jump.

Afterward they sup something hot and some fruit. A bit different from Jillian lying on a fuzzy rug drinking wine on a cliff.

Molly comes with a list and proceeds to ask him a bunch of nonrelevant questions such as the food he would eat if he could only eat one thing and his favorite ice cream. "How can he propose to me if I don't know his favorite ice cream."

They meet up for the evening date and Molly tells us how nervous she is. Jason tells us that he adores her. He wants to see if she cares. He needs her to show him how she feels. Basically he needs her to jump his bones and wrapping her legs around him.

Jason tries to fish, by asking her some open ended questions. He feels that he has to pull things from her. He tells her about his observations on her family and how they seemed that they are reserved with their emotions. She says that is why she doesn't show her emotions but wants him to know that she is feeling it. She has a wall up and wishes she could be more showy.

Poor Molly, she can't help how she is. She tells him that she really feels that she is falling in love with him. It seemed tense until she said that. Light bulb or woody, Jason seemed more chipper after she told him that. She tells him that she wants to get to know him a little more.

Molly hands Jason a card that asks him to spend the night with her. He knew he was in for a good night. I think his suite was nicer so they probably spent the night there.

Jason is ready to see Melissa. He and Melissa run to each other and she does a Jillian by wrapping herself around him while he twirls around.

Melissa is really worried about the whole not meeting her family thing. They get to use Winston Churchill's boat around the lake. He says they have a lot of passion so he expects this day to be awesome.

They discuss the last rose ceremony and the emotions being high because of the whole heart break issue. He asks if it is worth it and she says "absolutely". They kiss and I really wish she would close her legs.

They are very comfortable together an he has no doubts about her but he needs to talk to her about her family.

Wow....they are in such a beautiful place. The hot tub and the view, nice!

He brings up the parent thing and he tells her that he would have loved to have met them. He asks her what she would tell them right now. She says, she would tell them that he makes her happy and she wishes that they could see how happy he makes her. He says that there is nothing her parents could do or say that would change his mind about Melissa. "I can love Melissa without her parents, but it could only go so far."

Jason waits for Melissa for their evening date only he isn't very dressed. She looks adorable in her black dress and sparkly heels and he has on jeans and a shirt.

On their date they discuss her parents and her brother. She talks to her brother 5 times a week and sees her parents 2 times weekly. She calls herself a mothers girl. She wants him to know how scared she was to tell him that he wouldn't be meeting her parents. She asks if it is a really big deal. She is sad when he tells her that it would have really liked to meet them but that he met her friends and that balanced it out. She looks ready to cry and he hands her the fantasy suite card. She says, "absolutely."

Jason is looking for that next step. He wants to see if he can fall in love with her. She wants to tell him that she loves him.

She tells him how scared she is and he says nothing is going to scare him. She tells him that she has never felt like this. She tells him that she is head over heels in love with him. He barely lets her finish before stopping her with a kiss. He tells her that she is amazing and he thanks her.

Jason tells us that he has completely fallen for her and that he has been for a long time. He already feels loved by her and having that in his life would be wonderful.

This week was one of the best weeks of Jason's life. He says they are all beautiful, all have huge hearts and he could envision all 3 of them as his wife. He has no idea who he is sending home.
Jason tells them that he is falling for all of them for different reasons. It hurts him that he has to break someone's heart.

The first rose goes to Melissa who looks adorable in her prom dress. The next and last rose goes to Molly. I had typed Jillian but had to erase it. I am actually shocked that he picked her over Jillian.

I think Jill is just too confident and strong for him. Jason likes to be the man, the main reason for someone's existence. He tells her not to doubt that he didn't have strong feelings for her. He never meet someone like her. Their lives are different. He tells her that he wouldn't be able to keep up with her.

She doesn't think her life is that different. She was hoping he would see how great their life could be.

He felt that they were on the path of "friends". She tells him that at the end of the day, you had to be friends.

She tells him of a dream she had with Ty and how it was the best dream ever.

He seems uncomfortable. He wishes he could just have said his nice words and she would have said thank you and walked. She has a need to tell him how she feels. She tells him that she has completely fallen in love with him. They hug and he walks her out.

At the car, they hug and she sobs into his arms. Jason is visably sad as she drives away.

Jason sits and cries. Is he sad that he had to break her heart or is he sad that he may have made a mistake? Only Jason knows.

Molly tells us that she found what she was looking for with Jason and this wasn't how she wanted it to end.

He tells us that sending Jill home was hard. He just wasn't in love with her.

It is interesting, the whole time he is saying, "one of you I will spend my life with, and I can't wait to introduce you to Ty" he was looking at Melissa. He turned to Molly when he said, "I can't wait to introduce you to my family."

Are the forums right? Is it Melissa? I can't wait to find out.

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