Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Product Review - Whimzee Glass & Etsy's ChristyM113 Shop

One of my life desires to be crafy. I am awed by the folks I meet online everyday. There is some crazy talent out there and I had the opportunity to meet one of them (virtually that is).

I found Christy while shopping on Etsy this past December. I was searching for something "Twilight" and found this amazing necklace. Her shop on Etsy is called ChristyM113 and you can find it here.

The necklace is beautiful. It has Bella and Edward on one side, the other has "and so the lion fell in love with the lamb." I love it and wear it at least 4 days a week taking it off only to alternate my cross necklace.

When I got in touch with Christy, I learned that she has quite an ecclectic passion. Her main company is called Whimzee Glass.
Hit the button above to be taken to Whimzee.

By eclectic, I mean, Christy's talents know no bounds. Christy, a southern girl, born and
raised in Baton Rouge. She wrote romantic fiction for years and is a self proclaimed, "middle-aged, Ellie Mae Clampett". She is the grandma to a fat, lazy skunk named Buster
and a mischievous, hyperactive squirrel named Gustav (who was a gift after Hurricane
Gustav blew down one of their oak trees). She forwarded me some video of her babies and
I am deeply jealous. I always wanted a pet squirrel. So sweet.Who wouldn't be impressed by this? You can check out her site for more
photos of the beautiful work she has done. I was amazed.

Check out Whimzee Glass or Christym113's Etsy shop when you have a chance. You will
not be disappointed.

and remember.........

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