Thursday, February 28, 2008

American Idol Eliminations

31 million votes.

For The Guys
Jason Yeager - I honestly think he has a pretty decent voice but someone has to go right?

Robbie Carrico - I think Robbie is cute but we could lose him although he looked pretty hot to me. A poor man's Brett Michaels.

For The Girls

Alexandrea Lushington - the Hoplessly Devoted to You girl is sobbing and does a little bit of the "ugly cry." She says that she won't be able to sing but manages to sound about the same even with that golf ball in her throat and her eyes and nose running.

Alaina Whitaker - I wasn't surprised about Alaina. I thought she was ok but we could lose her. Someone has to go.

Idol comes back on March 11, with the Top 12.

A whole different ball game people, new stage, and the sign holders of course.

Ruben Studdard is going to be there to performed a song. Haven't we seen Ruben on already?

Big Brother Till Death Recap 8

Like holy crap I have been calling Sharon, Shannon. Could someone have corrected me????

Ok so Julie tells us about Alex and Amanda and Matt and Nat being on the block after Josh and Sharon decide to honor HOH's wishes and not use the POV.

Alex tells us that he likes Matt and will not campaign against him. Matt says he likes Alex but is going to do what it takes to stay in the house.

Matt and Adam are talking outside and Matt tells Adam, "just try to make me stay." Umm...were they ever really close? I don't recall but Adam tells Matt that he's "got him." They shake and move on.

We see Matt spotting Natalia who is weight lifting in a red bikini. Big Brother keeps showing us Allison sitting on the couch eating and watching them so I am guessing that we will now see Allison in Diary hating on Nat.

Voice over Allison tells us that it hit her that Matt and Nat are already strong and will be tough to beat. Does she mean strong strength wise or strong as a couple? I am confused.

Next we see her heading to the HOH room. Her brilliant idea to the folks in the HOH room are that "Matt and Nat have been eating real food all week plus they are strong. Alex and Amanda have been on slop all week, plus they have been on the block all week which makes them weaker. Just something to think about." I honestly am not sure what difference this makes in the scheme of the rest of their time in the BB house. Slop won't be forever but whatever I guess they are thinking Amanda and Alex will not be able to win HOH from being so tired.
Adam tells her "You've put a lot of thought in this girl" and that he is voting for Matt to stay in the house.
Allison says she would rather send home Matt and Nat. I am confused as to when the house guests started listening to her and why did she run to HOH and not to her partner Ryan with this brain storm?
James is thinking of possibly putting Operation Condor on hold and getting rid of Matt and Nat.

We then see Matt telling Nat that he has Adam on his side and now she has to remind Josh and Sharon to vote to keep them in the house.

Editing makes me think that Matt and Nat are going home. We'll see.

Nat goes to Sharon and Josh and tells them that Adam and Sheila are going to vote to keep them in and that Sheila can't stand Amanda. She promises that if she and Matt get HOH they will be safe next week.

We get to see James's story and how he has bicycled all over the place.

Chelsia talks about how she was a brat and very invovled in choir and ice skating, science club. Then the shocker...Chelsia tells James that if she wins the money she is donating to Make A Wish. I am shocked! You?

She also tells James that if they win they should bike across the US together. Cute.

Julie asks James about the house and he says that everyone has lost themselves and they are very materialistic "they want new cars, houses" and when Julie asks what he wants with the money he answers like a true 21 year old. "I want inspire people to bike around the world, go back to LA, party with some friends and hit the road." Ummm ok.

Sheila and Adam vote to evict Alex and Amanda because he had told James that he would follow Operation Condor.

Josh and Sharon vote to evict Alex and Amanda. Josh seems very sad about this and puts his head down when he says their names.

Ryan and Allison vote to evict Amanda and Alex.

I am actually very sad by this because I think Natalia needs to go but whatever.

Ok...I need Allison to go. I can't take her face anymore. Her and her phony self piss me off.

The New HOH competition is about the "Love" quotes all around the house. The girls face off and Sharon wins that round. Then the guys face off and Josh wins. So....Sharon and James are the new Head of Household.

Pearls of the Internet - Check out Sounds

My kids are always asking me what a particular animal sound like. "Mom, what does a Giraffe sound like? How about a camel, badger, elephant, whale, whatever?

While surfing today we found this site, we listened to all the animal sounds and then I found this really wonderful site. The worst part of the whole thing was my daughter asking "what do you think he's saying" after each sound.

I played the sounds and they had to try to guess. It was really fun for all of us. We had fun with the Household category and the loved the burping sounds. Go figure.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

American Idol Top 10 Girls

Carly Smithson – “Crazy On You” by Heart who I absolutely love. I think Carly is smokin hot. She has an incredible voice and if she can handle Heart she can handle anything. I also dig her tat sleeve. Cool!

Randy - So you picked a rocker this week. It was good towards the middle and the end. Sharp in the beginning. You got it together. It was alright.

Paula - You can tell you love Heart. Just go crazy. You are an amazing singer.
Simon - I thought it was a much better performance than last week. You are panting. I still don't think you have connected with the right song. You are an incredible singer. I think you are the girl they all have to beat. She is one heck of a singer.

Syesha Mercado – “Me And Mr. Jones" Interesting that she has done a commercial prior to Idol. When they showed it, I totally remembered it. "Dwayne, find me a big, beautiful chair." She can sing and I like her. She is really smooth and I like her vibe. The big earrings, the scarf, the fro all add to her appeal.

Randy - I don't think it was a great song choice. Pick songs that you can sing big. Give it what you got. That was a taste of what you got.

Paula - You fall off pitch when you go soft. I like the choices you made.

Simon - I thought it was a bit indulgent. It was a silly thing to do since the song wasn't written for a women. It is not a song that was designed for your voice. I don't think it was a clever choice for you.

Brooke White – “You’re So Vain” I think Brooke is cute. She looks like a mermaid. Sort of like Darryl Hannah in what the hell was that movie. I don't really love this song but dig that she worked the guitar. It was ok. It felt like I was watching some singer on Mike Douglas (probably just aged myself).

Randy - It was a great song choice. I liked it. Was this song about a guy on this panel.

Paula - I feel like this was the perfect song choice for you. Everyone was digging it.

Simon - I absolutely loved it. It was rare occasion where I feel the artist had chose the right song. This was the reason we put you though.

Ramiele Malubay – “Don’t Leave Me This Way”. I really like little chick's voice. She has such a beautiful tone. I never liked this song but she as Randy would say, did her thing, I was just bored.

Randy - Listen this was rough for me. This was just ok. You can really sing. It was kind of ok. Just really ok.

Paula - You are one to beat here. Your vocals are truly amazing. It was a song that you powered through and you didn't get to show your magic.

Simon - Astonishingly I agree with Paula. I have heard it so many times. I thought you were much, much better last week. I think you are different. One of the top 3 in the competition.

Kristy Lee Cook – “You’re No Good” Well, she enjoys "getting dirty" also "if you name it she will try it." Interesting since she has a big male fan base. She looked cute. I didn't think she pulled off this song. What is up with the leg stance? Why does she always look like she is trying to be tough? I didn't like it.

Randy - Well all I can tell you that was a 100 percent improvement over last week. It was pretty in tune. I liked it.

Paula - You are back, you are back, you're back. Good song choice.

Simon - This week was a huge improvement. I am not sure what type of singer you really, really are. If you go the Country route you will find it easier to make a statement.

Amanda Overmyer – Who I like, was sporting some scary hair. We find out Amanda likes to read. Is this shocking? Do you have to look like a librarian to love books? She sang Wayward Son which I actually love and is on one of my favorite albums by Kansas. I didn't love it. I really wanted to. It was a bit rough. The low parts really sucked. She didn't pick a good song for her voice. She also screwed up the words a bit. I think she just wanted to rock out her little crazy leg dance. She sounds good only when she is yelling out some lyrics on this one.

Randy - So you know for me it wasn't the right song choice. Too much melody. Too many instrumental breaks. Versus were very pitchy.

Paula - You got some move. You can dance. Do what fits right. You are special and you are needed in this competition.
Simon - I thought in your film you seemed very natural and then everything felt contrived. None of it felt natural or real. I couldn't wait for it to finish.

Alaina Whitaker – Sang "Hopelessly Devoted To You" Had nothing interesting to say so we hear how she doesn't like the food on her plate to touch. She looked beautiful in her blue dress but I always hated this song. You can go on Sims on Stage anytime and hear people singing this better than her.

Randy - I like that song. I don't think that was the right song. It sounded strange when you belted. It wasn't my favorite.
Paula - I think you did a real good job. I forget how young you are. I don't think it was a bad as Randy heard.
Simon - It's almost as if your grandmother prepared you for this audition. There is a way to be 17 and be current. I actually think you are one of the dark horses. I like you more now. You have to sort yourself out and be more relevant.

Alexandrea Lushington – “If You Leave Me Now” I thought she didn't start out strong. She never found her way for me. It was so boring. She will be leaving tomorrow.
Randy - It was safe. You have made vocal skills, never make safe choices. It was safe and boring.
Paula - I feel like you did let go and you did your own arrangements. Very impressed.
Simon - I was a big fan in the earlier stages. It is absolutely stuck in its time period. You looked uncomfortable. It was boring.
Kady Malloy – “Magic Man” She can sing opera. Who knew? She is so damn cute and her voice started out very weak but sort of found her way. She is attractive but can she keep up with some of the other girls here? I am not really sure why she picked this song. I didn't love it especially the ending.

Randy - Interesting song choices. It never found pitch. You never found it. It didn't work.
Paula - When you powered you sounded great. I think you have many hidden talents.

Simon - I am struggling. I am frustrated. Everything you do on your film is fantastic.

Asia’h Epperson – "All By Myself" Loving the extensions she was sporting but I think she lost some of her cuteness. I wasn't loving it. This is a really hard song to sing and you really need to have the pipes to sing it. She has the pipes but she couldn't handle the song.

Randy - Very difficult. You did a good job with it.
Paula - I can't even translate, mostly arms, legs and mouth. Got the picture?

Simon - Diva song of all time. You have got to be a Diva to pull it off. You have got to be incredible. The song was too big for you. It showed you up.
For me Carly was my favorite. I am a bit disappointed with the girls. I have been hearing that this is the best idol but I am not sure about that. Not many big voices on tonights show.
Good luck ladies.

Big Brother Til Death Do Us Part

Ok...if you have been reading this blog this whole show was pretty much old news to you but here is the recap anyway.

Chelsia tells James that Matt is really mad. He doesn't care because you are supposed to "lie, cheat, steal, whatever it takes to win".

Matt and Natalia talk about how mad they are because the were told they would be safe.

Alex is outside pouting in his mandales (shiver) and tells Amanda that he wants to be left alone. Not nicely either, "leave me alone."

She tells him that she is pissed to but wants him to have a positive attitude. He says he has a positive attitude towards the game but negative to her and again asks if she will leave so that he doesn't lash out at her.

The next scene we see Natalia and Allison dressed in bathing suits and armed with Windex. Totally gross. Allison acting like a cowboy grosses me the frig out.

Matt, Sheila and Amanda discuss Allison and her attitude since getting off the block. Sheila feels played by Allison.

Adam, Matt and James are standing together outside and Matt tells James how upset he was and how he felt betrayed.

Alex and Matt talk about how tricky James is. James tells them this is a game and he is just playing the game.

The Veto Competition:
Sharon and Josh play along with the HOH James and Chelsia and the Nominated Matt and Natalia and Alex and Amanda.
Adam is hosting.

Matt and Alex vow to win so that one of the will be able to get off the block and send Chelsia and James home.

The house guests walk out to the back yard in hard hats and see a bunch of power lines.

The winner of the competition gets the Power of Veto but for the first time in Big Brother History communications with the outside world will be enabled.

Josh and Sharon won the POV. Will they take a couple off the block and go against HOH's nominations? I doubt it. communication with the outside world is a 2 foot wide news scroller. It holds only about 2 words of a sentence and scrolls. It was funny to hear the house guests read. They sound like they are in the 2nd grade reading together. It was also funny to hear them say Barack Obama (bear rick).

One of the items that scrolled was something about the Hudson River Virus which got James's mind racing. He started to look around and noticed that the colors of the game, blue, green, yellow and red are also the colors of that little hamster toy thingy. He is waiting for his next clue.

Next..Matt is lying down as Allison tweezes his eyebrows while Natalia picks at her face in the mirror. Allison says, "women have a natural tendency to want to groom men." Huh, what the hell is she talking about. I have never once wanted to tweeze my husbands eyebrows or buff his nails.

Sheila has been talking about how upset she is with the way Allison is treating her. She feels Allison has turned on her after she and Adam voting for her to stay in the house. I am not sure why Sheila is so upset. You would think they really had a relationship, hello it's only been 16 days in the house.

Shannon goes up to HOH to tell Allison that Sheila is mouthing off about her. So Allison tells the room that she is going to go talk to Sheila and she doesn't understand why no one else in the house has talked to Sheila about her mouth. She tells everyone to come downstairs, "why don't you guys come down. Who cares?" She is dying for an audience so that she can lay into Sheila and feel like the big deal she thinks she is.

She confronts Sheila and of course it turns ugly. They are both fake and you can tell by Allison's face that she totally know what Sheila is talking about but doesn't care to admit it. Allison had her I'm better than you stance going. Here's the video from You Tube.

Ryan, Allison's partner came in to defend her. Why not, she is his partner and if she gets eliminated they both do.

Shannon and Allison are talking outside while Allison jogs. Allison heads quickly to the Diary room and we hear her say "I think I am having an allergic reaction, my throat is closing."

Amanda and Natalia are in the kitchen where Amanda is filing her nails. Gross.

Amanda tells Natalia that she needs sugar and that she is hypoglycemic. They start walking to the bedroom and Amanda passes out.

Nat runs to get the house guests and they come running in. Ryan and James are first. Amanda is face down and they turn her over. James jumps up and rings the bell in the Diary Room. Amanda comes to and is hyperventilating. You hear the guys talking about Allison being in there all blown up. "She can't talk and her face is swollen."

The nurse is totally earning her keep, first Allison and now Amanda. The move chairs and she turns Amanda over so that she can put something in her throat. It looks like some sort of sugar substance. James is holding her shoulders and Ryan for some reason is holding her ankle. The nurse tells James to help sit her up and tells Amanda to start sucking.

The nurse requests juice and Ryan tells someone to get juice, then he is coming at Amanda with a big jug of juice. The nurse asks for a glass.

Even though I know everything is ok, it was a really disturbing moment and hard to watch. You hear sirens in the background, Sheila is holding her mouth, the nurse is telling Amanda to swallow so she can stabilize. So dramatic seeing the medics work on Amanda to get her ready for the stretcher and to hear the nurse say, "I was shooting that one when this one went down."

Poor Amanda who has to go to the hospital alone is crying, "I just need some sugar."

The house guests are watching, biting their nails and look worried.

Afterwards they discuss how disturbing it was and how James really stepped up to help.

The girls come back and everyone welcomes them. Allison and Amanda talk about their experience.

Back to the POV...Shannon and Josh decide not to use the Power of Veto.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

American Idol Top 10 Boys Sing - Recap

The kids didn't want to get into bed tonight so I missed the first 4 guys but I heard them sing from the bedrooms.

I heard Michael John sang Go Your Own Way. I am a big Fleetwood Mac fan so I was happy to hear my favorite guy sing a song from a band I love. He appeared to lose some of his mojo for me but he can sing and did ok.

Jason Castro is next with I Just Want to Be Your Everything which I believe is an Andy Gibb song. I was putting my daughter to bed and could hear it. I thought it started off good but now I believe it was the music and the fact that I hadn't heard the song in a long time. You know, that nostalgic feeling you get when you hear something that reminds you of yesteryear. He was a little dull but I do love this guy. So friggin cute.

Luke Menard sang Killer Queen and well he um, this just isn't his type of song. It was ok and I do believe he will be going home this week.

Robbie Carrico sang Hot Blooded. I just don't get this guy. Last week Simon mentioned that he thought he is trying to be rock but is more a pop singer. I agree with that. I wasn't impressed though I want to be. Sorry Robbie.
Danny Noriega sang - Superstar by the Carpenters. I am a huge Carpenter fan. I just don't get the Danny hype that I read on the message boards. He disturbs me. He reminds me of Marilyn Manson without the weird clothes and makeup. He did ok. It didn't suck but whatever.

Randy - I felt like you were thinking while you were singing. Let it go. Don't think about it.
Paula - You got amazing vocal skills. You can't over think it. Forget about us. Just perform.
Simon - This was better than last week. I think you were trying so hard. You stand out in the crowd and you are interesting. You look terrific in the camera by the way.

David Hernandez sang Papa was a Rolling Stone. I thought he did a great job. Really great vocal. Plus he reminds me of a kid I know so I am a little jaded. He finished strong.

Randy - This is the David Hernandez we fell in love with. That was hot.
Paula - Your voice is pure. Unbelievable. Amazing notes. Your personality came out. Perfect.
Simon - This may surprise you but in my opinion that was the best vocal of the night. I am a fan.

Jason Yeager - Sang Long Train Runnin. I absolutely love this song. He did a really good job on the vocals. His voice was smooth and really fit the song. I loved the drum break down. Got to love the drums!

Randy - Not a singer kind of song. It was pitchy and karaoke.
Paula - Well, from last week to this week it was fun to see this side of you. Its a song that doesn't have many notes. Pick singer songs.
Simon - Last week was boring, this week was awkward. Horrific ending. Drunk at a party. Corny. Very disappointed.

Chikeze Eze sang a song that I will have to look up. Anyway...he was good. He can sing. He is likable. It's funny because he looks so soft, sweet but then he has that nice, smooth voice.

Randy - So listen this is the guy we fell in love with. You were having fun. That was hot.

Paula - Very clever to pick a song with a story. Brilliant. It was fun.

Simon - I have got to tell you, you look better. You sound better. It was a clever choice of song.

David Cook sang All Right Now with his guitar. I love a guy who can sing and play. I actually love this guy. He is really growing on me. I like the tone and raunch in his voice. Very well suited for this song. His beady eyes are the only thing that turns me off.

Randy - You know what I love. I love the picks thrown to the crowd. You are a real rocker. I liked it. I really believed you right there.

Paula - The band is on fire. You are the real deal. When You got it, you got. Smart, fun, relevant.

Simon - It was solid. I don't think that film helped you. It was boring. You don't have a lot of charisma.

David Archuleta - sang Imagine. He looked different with his hair cut. I didn't love it but I am sure it will grow on me. OMG can this kid sing or what? He is so cute and has a really good voice. Very calm and sweet.

Randy - I have been saying it is about the young ones. THat is one of the best vocals I have heard on this show. You are singing with such maturity. One thing, why didnt you sing the first verse? Fire!

Paula - You are ridiculous I want to squish you and squeeze your head off and hang you from my mirror. One of the most moving perfomances I ever heard.

Simon - Very risky to do John Lennon. It worked. Right now you are the one to beat. 19 miserable contestants after that.

Is Diego the Text Messenger Killer on GH?

Ummm...interesting little twist. First I thought it was Maxie's boyfriend Cooper. Then I thought it was that weird guy from Kelly's. Now it turns out that it Diego Alcazar who is supposed to be dead.

I guess his stint on Ghost Whisper wasn't paying the bills.

Sonny and Claudia's stand off was just odd. Them standing with their guns aimed on each other for 20 minutes was exhausting.

Damn Michael's voice has changed. When he called Carly to tell her he was ok he sounded very much the teenager.

Alexis and Kate hanging out seems to have come from out of no where. I guess GH knew that she would need guests when she was layed up in the hospital after being shot so they created a friendship for her.

Diego tells Sam how as his father held his dying son he felt a pulse and how he acted quickly to save his son by hiring a fantastic surgeon.

Diego tells Sam that he had planned on killing Skye first but Laticia spotted him so he had to kill her first.

The text messages killer thing came about because his father had text him saying "I'm coming for you." He decided that after he killed Laticia he would let people know that they were going to be killed.

Sam is dumb. Why would she spend time trying to call someone after she hits Diego. Why not run out of there and then make the friggin call?

Sonny telling Claudia that she was a one night stand and her laughing in his face about him being whipped by Kate is too funny. Neither of them are saints.

Jason runs in and Claudia says, "hello handsome." Sonny asks if they know each other and Jason says not as well as you do. Hahaha....

I love the original Carly as Claudia. She is hot and rocks the tight mini dress like no one else.

Sonny needs to increase his meds and Jason needs to find another job. I am tired of him taking Sonny's bullshit.

Big Brother Videos - Spoilers - ADULT CONTENT

Tonight I checked out who had an interesting spoiler that will definitely NOT be shown on TV.
After the liqueur party there was a strip show by Nat and Chelsia where the guys stuffed money into their thongs. This was followed by a dip in the pool and then a kiss fest that included the likes of Natalie kissing Matt, Alex, James and even Adam. Natalie kissing Chelsia. Chelsia kissing Alex, Matt, James and Josh. Natalie and Chelsia kissing Josh together. Sharon kissing Matt and then Alex.
When I find pictures of this I will post. Here is video though oh and some more over at Morty's
The girls go crazy because Natalie is lactating. Why is Chelsia so excited by this, "that is sweet." Natalia explains that she had a baby 4 years ago and still lactates. It's not a freak show people. So bizarre that everyone is so confused.

Sex toys or dental dams discussion. So nasty watching Matt demonstrate for the camera and then tonguing Sheila was just too much for my stomach. Sheila almost slid out of her chair she was so excited by this.

Alex and Ryan help Amanda take her blood for a sugar test. A little concerned that there isn't a hazardous container for needle receptacle near by.

Natalia does her rubber doll impersonation and Sheila is dissed by James.

Sheila and Natalia discuss other houseguests over a game of pool.
Mother Natalia talks about her personal spiritual messages

Picture taking with the houseguests. Why does Chelsia feel the needs to cover Allison's boobs for her? Is she not capable herself?

Taking pictures with the houseguests. Natalia begs Matt to take a picture with her.

James and Amanda talk about the game.

Amateur Movie Review - Saw IV

Last night the husband wanted to rent Saw IV.

It was about 10:00 and I was exhausted from playing with the kids in the snow for a few hours but I am always up to find something to do with my husband that we both are into.

With the business of taking care of two kids under 5 and him running his own business 24 hours a day it is hard to stay connected. We are very different and have different interests so I love when we can come together on movie night.

As soon as it started he sat on the couch cringing and saying to tell him when it was over, "why did I want to rent this again?"

It was a bit gory and nail biting at time. If you have seen the first 3 movies you know that is the case.

It was a little confusing at the end and we had to back track to watch the last 5 minutes again but I got it. Basically it was a set up for the next Saw movie.

If you like blood and gore, this is the movie for you.

Check out this little video from a You Tuber to catch some of the highlights from all 4 movies. Quick shots just like the movie. Here is the trailer from Saw IV. Enjoy!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Big Brother 9 - Till Death Do Us Part Recap 6

Sorry for the delay on the Recap. Blogger was giving me a hard time today.

On Episode 6 we hear Allison tell Diary that she is glad Jen is gone and how Ryan deserves someone better than Jen, "now Ryan and I can grow our relationship and our friendship." As if she stands a chance.

We get to see who is happy that Chelsia and James got HOH.

Alex and Amanda are nervous and feel they will be targeted.

Matt and Natalia feel very safe.

Allison feels safe because she entrusted Chelsia with her lesbian lie. Ok?

Josh is really happy they have HOH

As per the HOH competition the house guests return to the house to find all their cups gone.

Matt tells us that "cups are a very essential part of life, we use them for drinking and whatnot." He really is an Einstein isn't he? I just want to know what the whatnot is. Scared a him.

Matt and James are discussing the game, "Jen came in sprinting and this is a marathon."

James lets Matt know that he will not be going up on the block. Matt tells him "thank you" and that he won't have to worry if Matt gets HOH. James tells Matt that he and Chelsia give their word that he will not be going up on the block.

Matt wants to know if the camera and America got that. I really wish he would stop talking to the camera.

Josh walks over to Sharon who is sitting on the couch. He tells her there is another couple (Sheila and Allison). I love how low key Sharon is right now. She is just flying under the radar.

Joshuah tells Sharon that he is going to hold them hostage with the secret and swears Sharon to secrecy.

Chelsia and James and the house guests run up to see their HOH room. Why does James remind me of Daniel Cook all grown up?

Chelsia screaming when she gets into the room is silly. She was loud, obnoxious and childish. She was insane.

Chelsia and James tell Natalia that they already spoke to Matt and that they will not be put on the block.

James goes out to Adam and Ryan and tells them what his plans are. I actually really respected this. They called it "Operation Condor."

He tells them the top shelf has to go. He wants Alex and Amanda out.

Ryan says he has been on the block and is hoping to have a week off of being on the block and after that he will do whatever they need him to do.

Natalia tells Amanda that she really likes "Matty." That she thinks he so cute and how he wants 5 to 7 kids and she wants 5 to 7 kids. Got to love the music playing whenever they showed Matt.

Natalia practically begged Matt to take a bath with her. She begs him to bring the soap to her. He walks in and in his cocky, bastard way tells her, "sweetie, as much as I want to, there is no way we are going to have sex."

She asks, "what makes you think I want to have sex?" Too funny. The a blind guy would know she wants to have sex.

He tells her that he knows he could have sex with her right now.

I guess she never heard that old saying, "why buy the cow, when you are getting the milk for free?"

I'm not saying they had sex, I'm just saying, if you constantly flash your stuff why would he want a piece of it. He's already seen it from every angle. A little self respect babe. I'm just saying.

Allison informs Sheila that she wants to tell Chelsia and Josh that they are not lesbians.

Sheila is concerned that they will turn on them because they "used that card." Umm...she means the gay card. Give me a break. He is going to be pissed that you lied, not that you lied about being gay!

I love Sheila sitting there saying, "I hate lying." Dude, you friggin lied just to lie! Sup with that? There was absolutely no reason for this little twist of the truth.

The 1st food competition is totally funny and gross. Dead fish and a bunch of house guests in swimsuits is just too strange. Who comes up with this stuff?

Oh no, Allison cannot go on slop because she "likes to eat a variety of healthy foods!" Duh!

Thank goodness her team won the food competition. I would hate it if she couldn't eat her healthy foods.

The house tries slop and all agree how gross it is. I am dying to taste it. How bad could it be?

Why does Amanda have to talk about herself in the 3rd person? "A bad week for Amanda." I hate that!

I loved the "buono" segment where we see Amanda under a blanket with Ryan in the back yard saying, "buono" in her baby voice. I love how BB edited it with the house guests all mimicking her and talking about how much they hate her saying "buono".

All the clips of her saying "buono" and hearing from Natalia that she says it at least 30 times a day and that Amanda thinks it means "hello" cracked me up.

"Matt yells out "Hola" and then we see him in Diary saying, "buono means good!"

All the house guests trying to say it in Amanda's voice made me laugh out loud.

I also loved the 7th grade moment between James and Chelsia where she prances in the HOH room to James eating cereal and he says, "I've got to tell you, I like you a lot." She asks why and he says, "because you are a rad chick."

Then the music and their little discussion about going to bed. Him asking her in a little boy voice to join him in bed and her pretending she doesn't want to get into bed.

Him wanting to start something, her being aloof and then asking if he is going to bed. Cute.

Sheila and Amanda told Chelsia and Josh about not being lesbians. Chelsia and Josh are pissed that they were lied to and confused as to why you would start a false rumor about yourself.

James and Chelsia put Alex and Amanda and Natalia and Matt up for eviction.

Matt is confused and pissed. He was told that he would not be going on the block.

James tells everyone that he knows that Matt and Natalia are the strongest couple in the house and that he intends on getting Alex and Amanda out of the house. He knows that Natalia and Matt can get the POV getting his picks out of the house.

I am not sure why James didn't tell Matt that he would put him up but I know that they will make up in the long run. Matt is just pissed right now.

Until next time...

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Big Brother 9 Video - Spoilers

Matt and Natalia fight in front of the house. Why is Matt such an asshole? He tells the house guests their BB roles.

Josh and Chelsia talk about their reactions to Amanda and her fall. They discuss how bad they feel about their fight with her.

The House guests get their Margarita Party.

More Margarita Party. The girls put fake tats on their nipples. R Rated. If I hear Matt say Bitch anymore I am going to scream.

Allison and Chelsia discuss Amanda and what they feel transpired when she passed out. Allison finds it very odd that Amanda was admitted before her and dismissed before her. I can't stand her voice anymore. She doesn't want attention?

Amateur Book Review - Steve and Me

Last night I finished Steve & Me and it was fantastic. The book was written by Terri Irwin only a few months after she buried her beloved husband.

I can't image that there isn't someone who doesn't know who Steve "The Crocodile Hunter" Irwin was.

This is a love story without all of the wishy washy words. Terri gave us snippets of their life together. Telling us the story as she would tell her children. I can't imagine that anyone else would have been right for Steve in his lifetime. Terri and Steve had a connection that was built on respect, love and a mutual desire to make this world a better place for the animals on our planet. They were obviously soul mates from the moment they met and I really respect Terri and the strength she shows everyday in keeping up the Australia Zoo and following through with Steve's dreams for the future.

Maybe it is because I actually loved Steve, maybe it because of the passion and enthusiasm he exhibited every time you heard him speak about animals, or maybe it is because I am an incurable romantic who hopes that that everyone could have a love like Terri and Steve. Perhaps it is all that and more or none of it. What I do know, is that this is a fantastic book, well worth reading. If we didn't already know what a special individual Steve Irwin is, Terri shows us why. She honors him on every page and I can only hope that she put out another book when she has had more time to heal. There must be tons more stories about the man who left this world as a legend.

It is impossible to imagine how she managed that first moment when she heard that her soul mate was gone. Having to tell her kids that their personal "superhero" would not be coming home is actually unimaginable to me. If he seemed untouchable to me what must he have seemed like to his children?

I can remember the day I heard that Steve Irwin had died (I actually wrote about it on my son's blog). I was devastated and worried about Terri and Bindi. I knew that his son was too young to actually get the whole thing but if anyone ever saw Steve with Bindi, you knew that they had a love that was palpable.

I found myself looking back at the pictures included in the book about 20 times in the few days it took me to read it. I actually talk about Steve to my kids often. We love watching Bindi The Jungle Girl and I am pushing for a Bindi birthday party for my almost 3 year old.

I had done a 5th sentence meme on this book last week and seriously don't want to say good-bye to it. I will think about Steve and his family for long time.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Big Brother 9 Video Feed Spoilers

God damn, what is going on in this house?

James drinks himself into a coma the other night

Allison has an allergic reaction right before Amanda has a seizure.

The season just started, I am scared.

Amanda passes out while walking down the hall with Natalia.

Chelsia thinks Amanda is faking.

Sheila talking to Adam about Allison's allergic reaction

The house guests discuss Allison's allergic reaction

Matt, Chelsia and Adam make get well cards for Allison and Amanda

Natalia sick.

Allison returns from the hospital after an allergic reaction.

Allison and Amanda react to leaving the house and their allergic experience

Allison, Amanda and Sheila fight about Sheila's yeast infection.

Natalia gives lap dances to the guys - She works it to stay in the game.

Pearl of The Internet

I finally have a favorite You Tuber.

Check out Michael Buckley from BuckHollywood. He is cute, funny and gives his take on movies, celebrities, TV shows like no one else.

His "What The Buck Show" is very entertaining.

Death falls on General Hospital Alumni

Shell Kepler I do and I am sad to hear that she passed away on February 1, 2008.

Shell played Amy Vining on General Hospital from 1979 - 2001 but came back for a second in 2004.

I have watched GH for more years than I care to admit.

General Hospital will pay tribute to Kepler with a special "In Loving Memory of Shell Kepler" scheduled to appear at the end of February 26th's episode. Until then check out this and this fan tribute on You Tube.

Also, David Groh who played D.L. Brock or Bobby Spencer's abusive husband from 1983-1985 has died.

Before David appeared on GH he was Rhoda's husband Joe from 1974-1977. He died on February 12, 2008 at the age of 68

Amateur Book Review - Blonde Ambition

I don't know shit about what makes a good book but I know what I like.

Chotskie's First Book Review is for dun dun dunnnn

Blonde Ambition The Untold Story Behind Anna Nicole Smith's Death by Rita Crosby.

I was saddened to hear about Anna Nicole's Death so soon after her son's death and days after giving birth to her baby girl. Being very interested in the story surrounding her death I picked this book up and read it in 2 days.

It was hard to read some of the details about the death of her beloved son Daniel. I have children and can only imagine the tragic nightmare of events that transpired when he she found him dead next to her in her hospital bed.

You can think what you want about Anna Nicole but no mother should have to bury their child.

Some of the details about how Anna Nicole was found were very disturbing too.

If you are interested in the timeline of the last few months of Anna's life or just want a controversial read this is the book for you. It is a quick read full of explicited details.

Friday, February 22, 2008

American Idol Eliminations Round 1

OMG...that was crazy.

Ryan has the guys sitting down and asks Garrett Haley to come on over and says, you are done.


Just like that...

While I didn't love Garrett I felt bad that he was being let go. He seemed like a sweet boy.


We said good-bye to Garrett, Colten Berry for the guys.

The girls sent packing were Amy Davis who I expected and Joanne Borgella. I was a little shocked to see Joanne go.

Big Brother Video Spoilers

The Sheila and Allison lesbian story is a done deal - James and Matt talk about Sheila and Allison.

James and Chelsia talk about Chelsia puking. Eating Disorder on BB or alcohol issue.

James drinks so much he is comatose. The house guests tuck him in.

Chelsia and James drunk and making out.

Big Brother - Till Death Do You Part - 5

Well Jen and Parker Were evicted. I am sad to see Parker go but I wonder how this will change Amanda and Alex.

We start out with Julie telling us who is on the block for eviction.

Then we see some clips leading up to the "biggest fight in Big Brother history." We see Amanda gossiping to the rest of the house and in Diary everyone else complaining about it.

Everyone in the friggin house gossips. Someone is always in the corner whispering about someone else so I am not sure what else is going on that everyone jumps on the Amanda train.

If you read this blog, you already saw clips of the fight which starts with Amanda and Chelsia and ends with Amanda and Josh. The group takes sides after Chelsia makes a noose comment and then Josh finishes with "like her dad."

Amanda's father committed suicide by hanging and this comment was just too far and unfair.

The house is shocked and know that the comment was over the top. No one should be treated that way and it appears that even Chelsia who started this fight feels bad.

Amanda goes into the kitchen and sinks to the floor. Allison is there to console. Amanda tries to protect Allison who is hugging her by telling her, "they are going to see you hugging me and say, she talks about you why are you hugging her." Allison knows what has been done by Amanda to stir up the house but feels that Josh's comment was the worst possible thing someone could say to Amanda.

Parker, Jen and Sharon are in the HOH bathroom while Amanda cries in the bathtub. No one really knows what to say. Sharon tells her that they will always hit your weakness. "When they talk about your dad, smile and walk away they will eventually stop".

Good advice and I am sure that is what Amanda wishes she could do that.

Jen asks if she wants some time alone and leaves. Parker sits in the doorway with Amanda feeling sorry for her and knowing that he might be leaving the house.

She asks Parker if she looks like a horse and if she is really ugly, things that Josh had told her during their argument. Editing doesn't let us hear his answer but in Diary he says he feels bad for her,"She was attacked and she feels alone."

We are back with Julie Chen talking about Jen and Ryan turning on each other to secure their position in the game.

We see Jen with Sheila talking about how she feels she deserves this more than Ryan. Then she tells Cheryl, "he is racist."

She tells Sheila not to repeat this and Sheila says, "please tell me this is not true."

We see Jen and the girls primping in the bathroom and Jen says, "I've only dated one black guy in my life and it makes Ryan sick."

Sheila says, "I know, you told us."

Then we hear Allison telling Ryan, Matt and Sheila about Jen telling her how ridiculous she thought Allison look in an outfit. Ryan tells her that it is "such girl shit".

Sheila warns Ryan that he will be shocked when he leaves the house, "you don't even know what's going on."

She tells him that a lot of things are being said about him in the house and he asks her to tell him because he would like to defend himself.

He talks her into telling him what is being said and she tells him "it's ugly."

She tells him that Jen told her that he was a racist and that if he tells her that Jen will come after her. He says she won't.

He heads out to Jen and says he has a bone to pick with her and "that the shit is doing to hit the fan dude."

She says, "why cause your partner is trying to turn you against me."

He tells her, "no it wasn't even my partner."

She defends herself but everyone knows the truth. She tells him that they are not going to let this game affect their relationship and he tells her that it will if things are being said behind his back. She lies and says she hasn't said anything behind his back.

I love his tactic. He already knows what she said but let's her tell him by saying "it is something pretty bad and you already know what it is."

She says, "it's probably Sheila then."
Ryan is like a friggin detective. I love how he got her to admit that she did say something and now I can't wait for her to back pedal.

Jen asks, "was it a racist thing?" He says, "could be, I don't know."

"Cause I said you could have a problem with me and Parker because you have a race issue," she tells him.

He says, "I don't have a race issue."

He heads back to the bedroom where Allison is saying to Parker, "she did say in the bathroom in front of all of us this morning that he is prejudice."

Ryan says, "Parker I'm not a racist."

Ryan leaves and before the door can close Jen is right there yelling, "I never said he was racist!"

Parker stops Jen, "nope, don't you dare." with his hand on her chin.

Jen says she is going to talk calmly, "I never said he was racist, I said he had problems with me dating a black guy."
Big Brother brings us back to the moment when she actually says, "he's racist" and "don't try to break me and him up."
Sheila stands behind what she claims Jen said. Jen says, "I never said that!" Sheila says, "You did say that!"

Parker walks out and Ryan walks in. Allison who was quiet this whole time starts defending Ryan now that he is in the room.

"Your messing with my life now." He tells Jen.

Allison keeps saying, "it's disgusting." which is really annoying too.
Walking through the house Ryan tells Jen, "You are a terrible person Jen."
They sit in the sauna room and he says he doesn't have much to say to her. He tells her that she must really want this game really bad. He tries to get up but she asks him to stay and talk to her.

She tells him that she said he just has a problem with interracial relationships and that she loves him.

We go back to Julie Chen and the house guests. She starts by addressing Sheila and Adam's relationship. They joke that they are a match made in heaven and seem very friendly. I guess he is over the fact that she was grossed out by him now that she is in a made up lesbian relationship with Allison.

Julie turns her attention to Jen and Ryan and asks Jen if there is anything she wants to say to Ryan because when one of them leave the house they could potentially be apart for 3 months.

Jen says she has no regrets over anything she has done in the house and that she loves him with all her heart.

Ryan tells her that he loves her with all his heart and whatever happens he will be thinking about her the entire time.

Matt and Natalia vote to evict Ryan and Allison because they have been playing this game from the first night.

Chelsia and James feel that Ryan and Ally should stay in the game because they can use them, "they have our backs right now." James wants Parker to leave because they are "bad bunk mates. He always turns on the light when we are asleep."

We now join Alex and Amanda in the HOH room. Julie asks Amanda about the fight the other night and if all has been forgiven.

Amanda says sometimes you say thing you don't mean and that the house guests have apologized. Alex and Amanda have both lost their fathers so Julie asks if they draw strength from their dads. Duh, does she not have anything else to talk to them about?

Josh and Sharon vote for the "cocky couple" Parker and Jen to go.

Adam and Sheila don't agree on who should go home. Adam votes for Allison and Ryan to go home because Adam thinks Allison starts gossip and Ryan lied about being with Jen. Sheila thinks Ryan and Allison should stay in the house because she thinks Ryan and Allison are good people and she trusts them.

Ryan and Allison address the house first because he wants to build relationship and he loves everyone.

Allison says everyone is amazing and she wants to get to know everyone better.

Jen says everyone is "smokin' hot" and she is sorry for the position she feels that she and Ryan were put in. Life goes on and she can't wait to see everyone at the finale.

Parker is grateful that he got to know everyone and says, "see you around."

So were they told by the house they would be leaving?

By a vote of 3:1 Jen and Parker are evicted from the house.

Jen is ready to burst into tears and does when Ryan gives her a big bear hug.

They leave and the house guests look at the door for way too long.

Julie asks Jen if she would have still told Parker right away and she says the mistake was telling Allison and she still would have told Parker if she could do it again. I am left wondering what she would say if Parker wasn't next to her.

Julie tells Parker that the four of them could have been a strong alliance and does he have any regrets telling the house because they feared Allison would spill their secret. He says that it wouldn't have worked and that it is what it is.

Next up is the Head of Household competition which is a majority question quiz.

So for the next 72 hours there will be:

No hot water

The women will have to wear bathing suits

No drinking cups for 1 week...gross is everyone going to drink out of the container?

The women will cook dinner

No washing machine for 2 weeks

They will get a Martguerita Party, their first bit of alcohol (umm...without cups)

The new HOH couple is Chelsia and James.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

American Idol - Top 12 Girl Sing

Tonight the girls sing for us. I am eager to hear them. The guys didn’t disappoint so I am hoping for big things tonight.

Kristy Lee Cook – The Amazing Grace girl. Sold her horse to come to Hollywood. Sang Rescue Me. She actually bores me a bit. She is cute but it was very karaoke. I have heard better on Sims On Stage.

Randy – It wasn’t your best performance. Rough around the edges.
Paula – It’s ok. Being sick, being the first one is a double whammy. Don’t let that get in the way of your shine.
Simon – This is an important part of the show. We didn’t get a lot from you. Your performance was robotic. Wasn’t anything to grab hold of. Wrong choice of song.

Joanne Borgella – Curvy Jersey Girl! Love her. Sang that song from My Best Friend’s Wedding. What the hell is the name of it? Oh yeah, Say A Little Prayer for You thanks Rickey. I actually like her and thought she did ok. A little boring I won’t remember it tomorrow.

Randy – It was pretty good. You got it together towards the end. Your voice was a little shaky.
Paula – Very nerve racking. You have to pull it together and shine through. I liked it didn’t love it.
Simon – I didn’t like it at all. You have to come out and nail it. Average cabaret version. No confidence.

Alaina Whitaker – She is the very confident 16 year old during Auditions. I actually like her. She is adorable. She sang More Today, Than Yesterday. I actually liked the change up to the song. The piano and her singing was really pretty. I liked the slower part. She was pretty good but I wasn't floored.

Randy – The beginning was a little rough. You were awesome once you got going.
Paula – You proved that you come out and nailed it. Best ending that I’ve heard on that song.
Simon – I think you are very good. I do. I hated the song. The song was corny. If you can make a song as awful as that sound great…

Amanda Ovameyer – I love the Rock and Roll Nurse. She is so good. Sang Baby, Please Don’t Go. I don’t really care what she sings. I love her. She is just good. I want to hear her do something with some words not just scatting.

Randy – I loved that. Bluesy, rocker chick. I like the trouser too. I could rock some of those.
Paula – I just love everything that you do. You are authentic. You are not a one trick pony.
Simon – I really like you. I genurily think you are authentic. Did you forget the words half way through? I hope you stay around for a while. I like you.

Amy Davis – The Bobby McGhee Singer. She sang Where The Boys Are. I love Connie Francis. I thought it was boring because well I want to hear Connie sing. She looked beautiful but for me it was ok. I would like a little more strength in her voice. I didn’t feel it.
Randy – I didn’t think it was great. You got to hit that dead on. You had a lot of pitch problems.
Paula – The camera loves you. I don’t know if it was the most engaging song for you.
Simon – It was what it was. You didn’t sound great. It was boring. Incredibly Cabaret. It wasn’t you at all.

Brooke White - looks like an angel with her white skin and blonde hair. I didn’t love her during Hollywood week. Sang Happy Together. It was better that the girls before her. I liked it and her voice suited the song. I thought she did a good job except for the ba, ba, ba, part. Yuck!

Randy – Check it out. It started rough for me. You worked it out at the end. You have to slay it.
Paula – You have your own thing. That is what this business is about. You picked the right song.
Simon – I think you chose the right song. There are times tonight I feel like I am in some commercial. The blonde hair, the yellow, the happiness. It was very you. I am struggling. You sang it well. You are going to be nice throughout this competition.

Alexandrea Lushington – She is the one whose Great-Grandma was at the audition. I loved her GG. She sang Spinning Wheels. I thought she did ok and showed she could blow. She performed her little heart out but I thought her range was all over and not in a good way.

Randy – You blew the doors off. You stayed on the note.
Paula – You took control. You thought about your performance. I saw more confidence in your performance than any other performer. I am proud of you.
Simon – Terrible 60’s musical. You look great. I don’t think you sounded great. I didn’t think the vocals were great.

Kady Malloy – Cute girl. Sang Groovy Kind of Love. I thought she looked beautiful and I think she was the best vocal so far but the song was a really boring.

Randy – It was ok for me. It was so restrained and controlled. I thought you got lost in the song.
Paula – You look really pretty. I want to see the fun you. The personality.

Simon – Amazinly I agree with Paula. You came across as 80. You got to lighten up.

Aisa’h Epperson – The one who sang for her Dad who had just passed away. She sang A Little Piece of My Heart. I like Aisa’h she is adorable and looked like she was having fun. She can sing and I think it was the only performance I will remember tonight.

Randy – I loved that. I was impressed.
Paula – You had fun up there. Some really good moments.
Simon – It was my favorite of the night. It was what it is all about. You had fun.

Ramiele Malubay Sang You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me. I thought she did a good job. I love this song, it is one of my favorites to sing. I thought she did a good job with the song and the arrangement.

Randy – You took your time. You saved that big voice for the end. You made it your own. Very classy.
Paula – You are a force to be recked with. You have a beautiful range, a tenderness.
Simon – I will be the first to admit I didn’t like you when I first saw you. Tonight you out sung every single person.
Syesha Mercado is the one who lost her voice in Hollywood. She sang Tobacco Road. She did a good job. I thought she was awesome.
Randy – Not my favorite but I liked it.
Paula – Way to go
Simon – I agree. It wasn’t your best performance. One of the most talented girls in this competition. You have an attitude. You try hard. I thought it was terrific.
Carly Smithson – Irish Chick that Idol fans have been complaining about was saved for last so that she can explain about her past career. She sang a friggin song that I had never heard of called Shadow of Your Smile. I love this chick. She is beautiful and has a great singing voice. Very strong and confident. Best performance of the evening.

Randy – So that is what the show is all about. Best vocal of the top 24 right here.
Paula – Lucky coin in the pocket. You do not even have the power in your voice. Beauitful inflections.
Simon – On my own here. I didn’t get it. So much hype about you. So much expectation. I thought the song was way too old fashion for you. Everything about it for me was a let down. Expecting fantastic.

AngelWings American Idol Favorite Guy Michael John

God Damn this guy is hot

Big Brother 9 - Till Death Do Us Part 4

We start out with Amanda telling Diary why Jen and Ryan were put up for eviction.

Ryan consolses Jen. Is is so upset and I am not sure why she seems so shocked.

Parker and Allison tell Diary why Jen self destructed.

Allison and Ryan talk about feeling safe because of how badly Jen messed up. Ryan talks about how badly he feels for his girlfriend but assures Allison that he is on her team.

Amanda walks in on Parker talking to a crying Jen. She asks if Jen is mad at her. Jen says, "I'm not sure what I am."

Amanda tells them that they need Ryan out of there and I am not quite sure why Ryan is the target. Is it because she believes there was a race issue and she has a THING for Parker?

Jen then swears on her "dead grandmother's grave" that they have her word that Ryan's out of there. She's such a classy chick that Jen.

Jen tells Diary that before they knew they were going to be seperated she and Ryan had each others back. Now that that isn't the case, she has to be selfish.

For me I find it strange that she went from sobbing her brains out to smiling and telling Parker and Amanda "it's on."

Amanda walks up to Parker and in her sweetest, little baby girl voice pouts that she is sorry. They hug. Parker tells Diary that he and Amanda have chemistry and that he trusts Amanda more than he trusts Jen.

Jen whispers into Parker's shoulder that she just can't trust Jen right now. Didn't she just tell Jen that Ryan has to go?

Josh is called to Diary to hear that Neil will be leaving the game due to a personal matter. (If you read this blog you already knew that). Josh gets to chose between Jacob and Sharon as his new partner. He weighs his options and chooses Sharon who comes in through the side door of Diary.

The houseguests are sitting around waiting on the couch. Josh shouts out "attention house guests" and Sharon comes through the door to screams and smiles. Everyone seems happy to see her.

Sharon is seated and the houseguests fill her in on the happenings since she has been gone. Parker tells her about Jen and Ryan dating.

Sharon is pissed that Jen lied to her face when Sharon told her Jacob was her boyfriend. Also, she and Jacob were evicted because they were a couple and now to hear there is another couple in the house adds fuel to her fire.

Josh and Sharon are talking about strategy I think or wait, is Josh telling her that he did her a huge favor by choosing her to come back in the house and now she should kiss his feet and do as he says. Nah, actually he tells her that he did her a big favor and she should never go behind his back and vote as he says or something like that.

Amanda asks Alex to rub her back and he asks "what are you gonna do for me?"

So Amanda whines, "no one will rub my back!" Why does she get to have someone rub her back anyway? My back always hurts and no one rubs mine!

Parker offers.

Alex tells Diary that he "gets frustred with her because she just flaunts her stuff and it just bothers" him. Well jackass, isn't that what you were all about in the first show when he mentioned, "she has a sick body"?

Parker is massaging Amanda's back and she is very flirty with him.

Adam walks by and checks out Amanda massaging Parker. He tells Diary that Parker has the hots for Amanda and that you can tell by the look on his face. His advice? "Just go get it dawg."

Alex walks in while Parker is being massaged. Well, actually he strolled in. BB played some stupid dun, dun, dun music and Amanda looked like she had been caught by her father.

He says, "I'm going to beddy boops." What??? Then "Are you going to finish your job on him." As if Parker isn't right there. Whaaattttt? Didn't she ask Alex first????

Alex tells Diary that he really likes Amanda who btw would never know it because he is so damn rude to her. "Seeing her with Parker hurts me."

Then...if you like to watch...Jen and Ryan make out for the camera and talk about how horny they are. They discuss and head to the bathroom for their "20 seconds" in heaven.

Parker walks in and hears them complete with commentary from Jen and Ryan.

Chelsia goes to James to talk about Sheila and Allison and how they are lesbians trying to play straight (if you have read this blog you know that is something Sheila and Allison made up).

James now feels that there is some other twist and he starts searching for more clues. He sees something in the hamster cage that he feels shows that there is another twist.

He sits with Alex to try to piece together the twist. I think it is funny and if I was on the design team I would crack up knowing that some stupid piece of hamster toy is creating a storyline all of its own.

Alex starts wondering if James is on to something and that perhaps Amanda and Parker had a prior relationship.

Amanda is told my Matt when she asks if Alex is made at her that he thinks she and Parker had a prior relationship.

She heads to the HOH and talk to Alex but as soon as she sees him yells, "how dare you, after I put my hand on the bible think I had a relationship."

Allison runs to Parker to tell her that she and Parker knew each other before the house (how old are these people again?)

Parker goes to Alex with Allison to tell him that he and Allison met in the house and that "he has a crush on her."

Parker and Allison head out to the backyard to tell a bunch of confused housemates that they do not know each other and everyone can just stop talking.

Alex and James who simply have a discussion are now being yelled at by Parker and juvenille girl. This is how things happen people. Anyone remember that old game telephone?

Alex and Amanda are in the HOH room and he asks her, "do you like Parker?" She skirts around with "I like a lot of people" and "I can tell him things."

Alex tells her "I have feelings for you, but I don't think you have the same feelings for me."

Here my friends is a case of two people not saying what they mean. He goes on to complain about the way she dresses and she tears up.

The Power of Veto Competition is played by Natalia and Matt, Amanda and Alex, Parker and Jen and Ryan and Allison.

Matt and Pocka as he calls him talk about the Veto.

The gang walk out to the backyard and check out the bondage looking apparatusis. One person will be strapped onto a heart, spun around by their partner while keeping their finger on their panic button the whole time. The winner has to be the first one to reach 300 revolutions.

The girls are all strapped down and the boys start spinning. Allison and Ryan are the first disaqualfied because her finger slips off the button. Amanda and Alex are the next to be disaqualified. Amanda claims that she let go on purpose because as head of household they already have a target on their back.

Matt and Natalia win the first POV by getting 300 before Parker and Jen.

Parker is convinced he is safe and Matty will take him off. Matt has other ideas let's not forget...he likes Allison and wants to "fuck" her before they leave the house.

Alex tells Amanda that he has feeling for her and since they are not going to be physical they shouldn't lose sight of the game and be with anyone else in the house.

She is upset and leaves the room. He picks up the remote and turns on the TV for the house to see where she is going. She heads to Natalia who is cleaning dishes. She says she has no feelings for him because he started all that talk about her knowing Parker.

She tells Natalia what Alex told her about being physical. Parker walks in and asks "Is he watching?" She tells him what Alex said. Parker says, "He's just hating on me, I'm going to hold my tongue."

Natalia and Matt put on their POV metals and call a meeting. God damn I hate the way he says "Pocka." They tell the nominated that they will not be using the POV.

It is anyone's guess...

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Guilty Pleasure

One of my guilty pleasures.

Like to sing?

Have a computer mic?

Want to hear people blow smoke up your butt?

Head on over to Sims on Stage and sing your little heart baby.

If you happen to find me on there please pretend you didn't and if you can't pretend, never mention it to me. Ever!!

American Idol - The Men/Boys Sing

2 Hour American Idol - The guys are singing tonight. I try to write as the show is on but the kids didn’t go to sleep on time so I missed the judge’s comments for the first 3 singers.

Also check out Buddy TV for up to the minute news during the show. I headed there if I didn’t know the title of a song.

Check out Rickey for some audio of the show along with commentary.

David Hernandez –Sang In the Midnight Hour. He actually does pretty ok but I am not floored by him. I think he is pretty forgettable.

Chikezie Eze – Sang I Love You More Today Than Yesterday. I like him as a person but I am not floored with his performance.

David Cook – Sang Happy Together. I loved this. I wasn’t loving him before tonight but he is now on my radar. I was really impressed with the way he changed the song to make it more current.

Jason Yager – Sang Moon River. I actually thought he was a bit boring other than him wanting to do this for his son; he can be one of the first to go for me.
Randy and Paula liked it.
Simon thought he seemed a bit old.

Robbie Carrico – Sang One. I think this guy is so cute but mostly it is because of the Brett Michael hair, headband thing he has going. It was just ok for me until chorus when he got a little more grit to his voice. Not impressed.
Randy- liked it, was moved.
Paula - thought it was the perfect song for him.
Simon - said it was the only performance that made sense. The only current performance. It was good. Wants to make sure he isn’t a Pop singer trying to be Rock.

David Archuleta - Sang Shop Around. I really like David but I didn’t love him singing this song. He is a really good singer. What is not to love about this kid but I thought he had some trouble with the lower register of his voice.
Randy – Fan. Thought it was brilliant.
Paula – Very brave and bold choice. She forgets his age when he is singing. Older soul who knows what is best for you.
Simon – When you got it, you got it. Best performance of the night.

Danny Noriega – Sang Jailhouse Rock. Annoys me the most of the guys. His vocals were really good but he still annoys the crap out of me. I think this is an easy song and he played it really safe. He looks like Rumer Willis in his AI Picture
Randy – You know how to have a good time. It was good. The vocals there were ok. You had a good time. It was cool. Kinda hot.
Paula – Very warm. Almost scalding. Most amazing vocals. Love hearing how your voice goes in and out of colors. Safe song. A lot of colors of you coming out. Umm…rainbow.
Simon – Doesn’t understand Paula. Performance was grotesque. If you take on Elvis do it well. Hideous. It was awful.

Luke Menard – Sang Echos of My Mind I actually love this song and thought he did ok. He has a nice tone to his voice and gave me warm, fuzzy feelings or maybe that was my comfy blanket.
Randy – It was very pitchy. Almost consistently sharp.
Paula – I am going to agree. I don’t feel this was the best choice for you.
Simon – In a nutshell it was forgettable. No one is going to remember that. You feel into the worst trap. No one will remember

Colton Berry – Sang Suspicious Minds. Doesn’t someone sing this every season? He was ok. I think he was forgettable. A bit karaoke to me.
Randy – You were feeling it. You did a pretty good job. Started rough but you found your way.
Paula – Nice to see a different side of you. You were having fun out there.
Simon - It was ok. Not quite as bad as the other Elvis song. Just a young kid who might have a kid in musical theatre, not looking at a recording artist. Complete waste of time.

Garrett Haley – We finally get to see a little of his audition. He sounds like a chick. Sang Breaking Up Is Hard to Do. I actually loved it. It was very 70’s heartthrob to me. He’s a little cutie with a sweet voice but I kept waiting for him to go BIG! Maybe it was good that he just took his time with the song. I guess we shall see.
Randy – It was a great Neil Sedaka song. You didn’t do anything with it. Don’t be afraid to bring something to it. Boring.
Paula – Change it up. If you stay at the slow tempo it brings the performance down.Simon – I think they said it all. It was boring. It looks like you’ve been shut up in your bedroom. Pale. You need fresh air.

Jason Castro – I actually have a thing for dreads and blue eyes. Sang Daydream with a guitar. I don’t know but I like this guy. It was good but I felt like I was at a backyard BBQ and one of my cousins picked up his guitar and sang for us around the picnic table. It has happened! It was just ok.
Randy – Liked the accent with the guitar vibe. You tried to make it interesting. Got away from you but it was ok.
Paula – You did blow me away. I saw you for the first time.
Simon – I thought it was in the top 2 performances of the night. You like David have just got it. Good choice of song. You made it sounds current. It was effortless.

Michael John – Has been my favorite so far. I hope he doesn’t let me down. I don’t know what it is about this guy but I think he is H-O-T. Sang the Doors Light My Fire. Mother Fuckin Hot. I love him. He sounds great and I am reminded why I liked him. He has something. He is just a solid performer and I have to look away to make sure I am just not attracted to him.
Randy – What a way to end a great night. I loved you. You sing great. Seeing a true legend performer. You are like Michael Hutchinson.
Paula – Reiterates Randy and says that it WAS a great way to end the show.
Simon – You are the most consistent contestant we had. I think you were over trying. You have the natural charisma of a lead singer. You have just got it.

Big Brother 9 Clips - Spoilers

Sheila and Allison talking about Parker. Sheila name drops like crazy. Poor Sheila. She bad mouth's the paparrazzi. She just wishes they were running after her.

Adam and the gang passing the time talking about penis? Why do these people gross me out so badly? Between Adam scatching his crotch, Jen picking a pimple and Natalia talking about shitting all over herself I am concerned for the youth of America.

Natalia and Amanda whispering about the other houseguests.

The girls in the house discussing MySpace and Facebook and then move onto the contraban wish they had in the house.

Adam discusses how good in bed he is. I am totally grossed out by him.

Sheila makes Valentines Breakfast for Adam. Too cute.

Matt wants to sleep with Allison and Sheila. He shows what a dog he is.

Matt tells the guys about the BJ he got from Natalia than brags that he doesn't even have to talk to her. He says he wants to "fuck" Allison before she leaves.

Matt talks to Allison alone. She is working to keep herself in the house and she played him so good.

Amanda and Chelsia fight (what are they fighting about? I have no idea!) about Amanda bringing up Chelsia's name, about who likes who, who called who stupid, etc. Josh curses Amanda out and Chelsia laughs like a child behind her. Josh throws a hissy fit.

Ryan defends himself. Ryan and Jen discuss her telling the houseguests that he has a race issue.

Ryan and Jen go to Allison to discuss the racist comment. Allison defends Ryan to Jen.

Jen and Ryan talk about racism. He is really upset about Jen throwing him under the bus. He feels that this show brought out the worst in her.

Allison and Amanda talk in the storage room.

Matt and Parker watch the girls change.