Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Big Brother 9 "Til Death Do You Part"

Last night Big Brother 9 premeried and I had no idea.

Julie informs us that this is the first edition of a BB in the winter. So....

Also, since they always have to have a twist this years is that all participants are going in with a "soul mate" matched up by BB.

The first group of 4 girls are sent into the house only to find that all the bedroom doors are locked. Ummm.....

As the next group (3 girls) are sent in to the house they are informed by the others that all the rooms are locked and they are shown signs that elude to "love".

They sit and discuss their status and find out they are all single. Ummmm hummmm.....

Cut to Julie who informs us that "Sharon" who just ended a 12 year relationship and her "ex" will be reunited in the BB House. Then we are shown a video and find out that he cheated on her. Hello, she is 23 years old how can you date someone for 12 years if you are only 23? I think it is time for Sharon to find some new meat in the BB house. You go gurl!!

Jen, another player in the house will be joined by her boyfriend and they will work together to win the half million.

Next Julie brings in the guys. So far no one has caught my fancy but let's me them shall we?

Jacob, Sharon's ex walks in and her face says it all. She is shocked and upset. He makes a quick exit hoping to find solice somewhere but quickly returns to the room.

The girls notice Sharon and start asking if she knows someone. She whispers that her ex is there and that she is excited.

After that we are introduced to everyone and I do believe these are the most annoying group of people yet.

Julie comes on to and asks the houseguests if they know the motto which is "expect the unexpected." She informs them that based on extensive interviews they each have a perfect match sitting in the room.

All houseguests are excited until Julie informs them of the twist. They will compete as a couple, win as a couple and be evicted as a couple.

The first couple annouced is Alex and Amanda which seems to make them very happy since they had be oogling each other from the get go. He thinks she has "a sick body" which for some reason means something good.

James and Cheslsia are matched next and they also seem really happy.

Natalie and Matt are next up. Natalie boobs were on display for the world to see so I figured she would be matched up with Matt who claimed to wear a bow tie and no shirt a lot.

Next up...Jen is informed that she is most compatible with Parker who is NOT her boyfriend. she will be sharing a bed with someone who is NOT her boyfriend. Ohhhh...I do hope that her and her boyfriend DO end up sharing a room though. Ooooo interesting!

Joshua and Neil are our first gay pair. They hug but thankfully don't put on the display of the couples before.

Jacob and Sharon are paired next. She so doesn't want to be paired with her ex but he looks very happy.

The last 4 are informed that there are no beds left and after they are paired to get their sleeping bags.

Ryan is paired with Alison and that leaves Cougar Sheila with Adam who couldn't stop picking his nose. If he does this in public what does he do in private?

Sheila is the oldest in the house at 46. Adam brillant idiot that he is says, "it's me and you ma."

She tells him "do not call me ma" and is visibly disappointed and says, "I'm not happy about this"

The camera than shows the ex's Jacob and Sharon, he hugs her she is not happy. He asks, "how many people have you told." She annoyingly tells him "3" He asks why and she tells him it was bound to come out. In Diary she tells the camera he chose a little chickie over her that he didn't even know.

She is still hurt and angry and part of me is sad that she has to go through this experience with him as her partner. She probably joined thinking this was just what she needed to move on and there he is! But the other part is thinking there might be some good TV. I hope she can remain strong and just play the game without it affecting her too much.

The next scene is Sheila showing why we have the word "bitch". I get that she is unhappy with Adam being the one is gets paired with but there is no reason to totally disrespect the guy right in front of his face. "where did someone get that this is my soulmate when I said tall, dark and handsome?" She didn't know they were going to be paired up when she signed on so just play the game with the pieces you were handed. She has no game face so I believe she will be the first to go. Good bye. I just feel bad that Adam will be nominated with her.

There are a bunch of younger, beautiful girls in the house but Adam wasn't saying how disappointed he was to be paired with the oldest chick in the house. Bitch!

Sheila is walking around bad mouthing her PARTNER to anyone who will listen. Was she on a bathroom break when Julie was telling everyone they were to PLAY the game as a COUPLE? I am already done with this conceited head case.

Bwwwahhhh the first competition is underway and the couples walk out to a bunch of honeymoon beds. One person will lie on the bed and the other will be suspended in the air. The person in the air will be lowered onto the bed. The other person has to grab on and hold on tight because they will both be lifted into the air. The couple suspended the longest will be the first Power Couple and will have the power to evict another couple from the house.

It was really funny to see Ryan and Jen watching each other wrapped around another person.

All the couples are wrapped around each other and all I can think is this is interesting first date

Of course Sheila and Adam were the first to be eliminated. She couldn't stand being that close to him. Hello, it's a friggin game, don't you want to win? Why did she come on this show anyway? I feel bad for Adam because he is humiliated and feels that he is going home. This poor guy isn't even getting a fair chance.

Neil and Joshua are the second couple eliminated. They agree together that they are done. That's a team.

Amanda and Alex are the third couple eliminated. She feels she can't hold on anymore at 28 minutes which is I think really good considering Neil and Josh only made 9.5 minutes.

Sharon and Jacob go out at 34 minutes. He encourages her to drop in style.

Half the couples are gone and Julie informs the hanging roomies that there is a heart pillow on the bed that will be worth money. If they can pick up the pillow with their hands and win the competition the pillow will be worth $10,000.

The girls are straddling the guys necks with the ankles and feet, trying to reach that expensive pillow, the only couple deciding not to try are Natalie and Matt.

With much struggling, Jen manages to grab the heart pillow.

Alison and Ryan almost get the pillow but it doesn't happen.

Chelsia finally manages to snag a pillow but is now hanging from her feet around her partner's ears but they are the next to be eliminated when she can no longer hold on at 54 minutes.

The two couples left Jen and Parker and Matt & Natalie.

Jen & Parker discuss talking to Matt and Natalie and tell them that if they drop they will be safe. Jen tells them that they have the pillow and if Matt & Natalie fall she promises on the bible that they will be safe from eviction.

They agree and drop making Jen and Parker the first Power Couple of BB9. Oddly enough Parker wants Jen's boyfriend out. Ummm...

Check out tonight to find out who gets nominated.

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