Wednesday, February 20, 2008

American Idol - Top 12 Girl Sing

Tonight the girls sing for us. I am eager to hear them. The guys didn’t disappoint so I am hoping for big things tonight.

Kristy Lee Cook – The Amazing Grace girl. Sold her horse to come to Hollywood. Sang Rescue Me. She actually bores me a bit. She is cute but it was very karaoke. I have heard better on Sims On Stage.

Randy – It wasn’t your best performance. Rough around the edges.
Paula – It’s ok. Being sick, being the first one is a double whammy. Don’t let that get in the way of your shine.
Simon – This is an important part of the show. We didn’t get a lot from you. Your performance was robotic. Wasn’t anything to grab hold of. Wrong choice of song.

Joanne Borgella – Curvy Jersey Girl! Love her. Sang that song from My Best Friend’s Wedding. What the hell is the name of it? Oh yeah, Say A Little Prayer for You thanks Rickey. I actually like her and thought she did ok. A little boring I won’t remember it tomorrow.

Randy – It was pretty good. You got it together towards the end. Your voice was a little shaky.
Paula – Very nerve racking. You have to pull it together and shine through. I liked it didn’t love it.
Simon – I didn’t like it at all. You have to come out and nail it. Average cabaret version. No confidence.

Alaina Whitaker – She is the very confident 16 year old during Auditions. I actually like her. She is adorable. She sang More Today, Than Yesterday. I actually liked the change up to the song. The piano and her singing was really pretty. I liked the slower part. She was pretty good but I wasn't floored.

Randy – The beginning was a little rough. You were awesome once you got going.
Paula – You proved that you come out and nailed it. Best ending that I’ve heard on that song.
Simon – I think you are very good. I do. I hated the song. The song was corny. If you can make a song as awful as that sound great…

Amanda Ovameyer – I love the Rock and Roll Nurse. She is so good. Sang Baby, Please Don’t Go. I don’t really care what she sings. I love her. She is just good. I want to hear her do something with some words not just scatting.

Randy – I loved that. Bluesy, rocker chick. I like the trouser too. I could rock some of those.
Paula – I just love everything that you do. You are authentic. You are not a one trick pony.
Simon – I really like you. I genurily think you are authentic. Did you forget the words half way through? I hope you stay around for a while. I like you.

Amy Davis – The Bobby McGhee Singer. She sang Where The Boys Are. I love Connie Francis. I thought it was boring because well I want to hear Connie sing. She looked beautiful but for me it was ok. I would like a little more strength in her voice. I didn’t feel it.
Randy – I didn’t think it was great. You got to hit that dead on. You had a lot of pitch problems.
Paula – The camera loves you. I don’t know if it was the most engaging song for you.
Simon – It was what it was. You didn’t sound great. It was boring. Incredibly Cabaret. It wasn’t you at all.

Brooke White - looks like an angel with her white skin and blonde hair. I didn’t love her during Hollywood week. Sang Happy Together. It was better that the girls before her. I liked it and her voice suited the song. I thought she did a good job except for the ba, ba, ba, part. Yuck!

Randy – Check it out. It started rough for me. You worked it out at the end. You have to slay it.
Paula – You have your own thing. That is what this business is about. You picked the right song.
Simon – I think you chose the right song. There are times tonight I feel like I am in some commercial. The blonde hair, the yellow, the happiness. It was very you. I am struggling. You sang it well. You are going to be nice throughout this competition.

Alexandrea Lushington – She is the one whose Great-Grandma was at the audition. I loved her GG. She sang Spinning Wheels. I thought she did ok and showed she could blow. She performed her little heart out but I thought her range was all over and not in a good way.

Randy – You blew the doors off. You stayed on the note.
Paula – You took control. You thought about your performance. I saw more confidence in your performance than any other performer. I am proud of you.
Simon – Terrible 60’s musical. You look great. I don’t think you sounded great. I didn’t think the vocals were great.

Kady Malloy – Cute girl. Sang Groovy Kind of Love. I thought she looked beautiful and I think she was the best vocal so far but the song was a really boring.

Randy – It was ok for me. It was so restrained and controlled. I thought you got lost in the song.
Paula – You look really pretty. I want to see the fun you. The personality.

Simon – Amazinly I agree with Paula. You came across as 80. You got to lighten up.

Aisa’h Epperson – The one who sang for her Dad who had just passed away. She sang A Little Piece of My Heart. I like Aisa’h she is adorable and looked like she was having fun. She can sing and I think it was the only performance I will remember tonight.

Randy – I loved that. I was impressed.
Paula – You had fun up there. Some really good moments.
Simon – It was my favorite of the night. It was what it is all about. You had fun.

Ramiele Malubay Sang You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me. I thought she did a good job. I love this song, it is one of my favorites to sing. I thought she did a good job with the song and the arrangement.

Randy – You took your time. You saved that big voice for the end. You made it your own. Very classy.
Paula – You are a force to be recked with. You have a beautiful range, a tenderness.
Simon – I will be the first to admit I didn’t like you when I first saw you. Tonight you out sung every single person.
Syesha Mercado is the one who lost her voice in Hollywood. She sang Tobacco Road. She did a good job. I thought she was awesome.
Randy – Not my favorite but I liked it.
Paula – Way to go
Simon – I agree. It wasn’t your best performance. One of the most talented girls in this competition. You have an attitude. You try hard. I thought it was terrific.
Carly Smithson – Irish Chick that Idol fans have been complaining about was saved for last so that she can explain about her past career. She sang a friggin song that I had never heard of called Shadow of Your Smile. I love this chick. She is beautiful and has a great singing voice. Very strong and confident. Best performance of the evening.

Randy – So that is what the show is all about. Best vocal of the top 24 right here.
Paula – Lucky coin in the pocket. You do not even have the power in your voice. Beauitful inflections.
Simon – On my own here. I didn’t get it. So much hype about you. So much expectation. I thought the song was way too old fashion for you. Everything about it for me was a let down. Expecting fantastic.


Andrea said...

I watched part of that tonight too. I don't know who my favorite is yet...

I'm looking forward to the rest of the season though!

onangelwings said...

Andrea, thanks for checking out my blog. I love AI and find it fun to keep an update on them. Check back when you have a chance.