Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Big Brother Til Death Do Us Part

Ok...if you have been reading this blog this whole show was pretty much old news to you but here is the recap anyway.

Chelsia tells James that Matt is really mad. He doesn't care because you are supposed to "lie, cheat, steal, whatever it takes to win".

Matt and Natalia talk about how mad they are because the were told they would be safe.

Alex is outside pouting in his mandales (shiver) and tells Amanda that he wants to be left alone. Not nicely either, "leave me alone."

She tells him that she is pissed to but wants him to have a positive attitude. He says he has a positive attitude towards the game but negative to her and again asks if she will leave so that he doesn't lash out at her.

The next scene we see Natalia and Allison dressed in bathing suits and armed with Windex. Totally gross. Allison acting like a cowboy grosses me the frig out.

Matt, Sheila and Amanda discuss Allison and her attitude since getting off the block. Sheila feels played by Allison.

Adam, Matt and James are standing together outside and Matt tells James how upset he was and how he felt betrayed.

Alex and Matt talk about how tricky James is. James tells them this is a game and he is just playing the game.

The Veto Competition:
Sharon and Josh play along with the HOH James and Chelsia and the Nominated Matt and Natalia and Alex and Amanda.
Adam is hosting.

Matt and Alex vow to win so that one of the will be able to get off the block and send Chelsia and James home.

The house guests walk out to the back yard in hard hats and see a bunch of power lines.

The winner of the competition gets the Power of Veto but for the first time in Big Brother History communications with the outside world will be enabled.

Josh and Sharon won the POV. Will they take a couple off the block and go against HOH's nominations? I doubt it. communication with the outside world is a 2 foot wide news scroller. It holds only about 2 words of a sentence and scrolls. It was funny to hear the house guests read. They sound like they are in the 2nd grade reading together. It was also funny to hear them say Barack Obama (bear rick).

One of the items that scrolled was something about the Hudson River Virus which got James's mind racing. He started to look around and noticed that the colors of the game, blue, green, yellow and red are also the colors of that little hamster toy thingy. He is waiting for his next clue.

Next..Matt is lying down as Allison tweezes his eyebrows while Natalia picks at her face in the mirror. Allison says, "women have a natural tendency to want to groom men." Huh, what the hell is she talking about. I have never once wanted to tweeze my husbands eyebrows or buff his nails.

Sheila has been talking about how upset she is with the way Allison is treating her. She feels Allison has turned on her after she and Adam voting for her to stay in the house. I am not sure why Sheila is so upset. You would think they really had a relationship, hello it's only been 16 days in the house.

Shannon goes up to HOH to tell Allison that Sheila is mouthing off about her. So Allison tells the room that she is going to go talk to Sheila and she doesn't understand why no one else in the house has talked to Sheila about her mouth. She tells everyone to come downstairs, "why don't you guys come down. Who cares?" She is dying for an audience so that she can lay into Sheila and feel like the big deal she thinks she is.

She confronts Sheila and of course it turns ugly. They are both fake and you can tell by Allison's face that she totally know what Sheila is talking about but doesn't care to admit it. Allison had her I'm better than you stance going. Here's the video from You Tube.

Ryan, Allison's partner came in to defend her. Why not, she is his partner and if she gets eliminated they both do.

Shannon and Allison are talking outside while Allison jogs. Allison heads quickly to the Diary room and we hear her say "I think I am having an allergic reaction, my throat is closing."

Amanda and Natalia are in the kitchen where Amanda is filing her nails. Gross.

Amanda tells Natalia that she needs sugar and that she is hypoglycemic. They start walking to the bedroom and Amanda passes out.

Nat runs to get the house guests and they come running in. Ryan and James are first. Amanda is face down and they turn her over. James jumps up and rings the bell in the Diary Room. Amanda comes to and is hyperventilating. You hear the guys talking about Allison being in there all blown up. "She can't talk and her face is swollen."

The nurse is totally earning her keep, first Allison and now Amanda. The move chairs and she turns Amanda over so that she can put something in her throat. It looks like some sort of sugar substance. James is holding her shoulders and Ryan for some reason is holding her ankle. The nurse tells James to help sit her up and tells Amanda to start sucking.

The nurse requests juice and Ryan tells someone to get juice, then he is coming at Amanda with a big jug of juice. The nurse asks for a glass.

Even though I know everything is ok, it was a really disturbing moment and hard to watch. You hear sirens in the background, Sheila is holding her mouth, the nurse is telling Amanda to swallow so she can stabilize. So dramatic seeing the medics work on Amanda to get her ready for the stretcher and to hear the nurse say, "I was shooting that one when this one went down."

Poor Amanda who has to go to the hospital alone is crying, "I just need some sugar."

The house guests are watching, biting their nails and look worried.

Afterwards they discuss how disturbing it was and how James really stepped up to help.

The girls come back and everyone welcomes them. Allison and Amanda talk about their experience.

Back to the POV...Shannon and Josh decide not to use the Power of Veto.

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