Thursday, February 14, 2008

Big Brother – Till Death Do Us Part Part 2

The show starts with the house guests talking outside after the 1st competition. Adam and Sheila are talking to Matt and Natalie and Adam says that he is opening a hair salon for kids with special needs “so that retards can get their hair done.”

Sheila says, “Don’t call them that.” To which Adam replies that he works with them all day and call them whatever he wants.

Sheila in the Diary room states that she has friends and family who have kids with disabilities and how heart wrenching his comment was. She is mortified and upset.

Sheila and the girls are in the bathroom primping and she tells them “I don’t want to go, but Adam is just so creepy.” She tells them about his “retard” comment outside and while I believe that this derogatory comment was unnecessary I also believe that if she didn’t have this to harp on she would have found something else to complain to the rest of the housemates about.

Next up we have the houseguests milling about the kitchen and Alison is sitting on the counter with Ryan near her. Alison asks Ryan something he says, “A connection along the way, I don’t know, we’ll have to explore that” Then she asks if she is his type. The camera pans over to Ryan’s girlfriend Jen.

He tells her that he’s rough around the edges but likes a good girl. She is very flirty, hair tossing and smiling. He seems very uncomfortable and keeps looking at Jen.

Jen is crying in Diary talking about how Ryan is her baby and how hard this is going to be.

Night falls upon the house and Jen and Ryan somehow are discussing the sleeping arrangements. We hear her say she just wants to kiss him. Jen and Ryan steal a kiss. Be careful guys!

Alex and Amanda are outside boxing. He is totally turned on by her and he is dying to get with her. In Diary he says he would love to find love in this house but like most guys he follows that statement up with “she has the looks, she has the body.” Then we see him hug her and grab her ass. Sup with that Amanda? Why do you let this stranger do that? A little self respect please.

Jacob, Ryan and Adam are outside talking and Jacob tells the guys he trusts Adam in the house. Jacob wants to stir up the pot. He also tells them that he doesn’t trust Parker and that when he gets HOH, Parker’s ass is out.

Jen comes outside and joins the guys. Jacob tells her his feelings on Parker and in Diary she states this is a concern because as his partner that puts a target on her back.

Jen pulls a “oh my God my contact” and runs into the house to tell Joshua about what Jacob is saying about Parker.

Parker walks in and Jen calls him over to tell him that Jacob is saying that everyone is talking about him calling him a snake.

Jen and Parker walk outside with Parker stating that he is not going to put up with that.

They discuss how cold it is and Parker says “I think it’s cold that you didn’t think my partner was going to tell me that you say people are calling me a snake.”

Jacob looks like a scared little boy when Parker asks who is saying it. Jacob tells him to find out for himself and Parker goes into the house to wake everyone up.

Everyone is confused and meets in the living room. Parker apologizes for waking the house but says this has to be addressed.

Everyone is looking at Jacob and Jacob states that he will not be the one to send someone home because he name drops. No one is owning up and everyone is telling Jacob that if he is going to call someone out he should man up and drop the name.

Parker leaves and everyone is left looking at Jacob. Adam states that Jacob may have just saved him but doesn’t recall saying anything. Uh?

Back in the room Jacob gets into bed with Sharon and she asks why he didn’t give her a heads up and talks about how he stirred up the pot real good. He seems proud of himself.

Sharon wakes up feeling very unsafe and goes to Parker. She tells him that if he tried to he would figure it out.

He asks if it is Adam. She says she will only nod her head.

She points the target on Ryan because she knows that she and Jacob are a package deal and wants the target off of Jacob.

Parker and Jen are lying on the hammock and he tells her that Sharon motioned toward Ryan as the one who called him a snake.

Jen tells him to hang out with Ryan more then in Diary she mentions how she wanted to keep her and Ryan a secret but she may have to tell Parker.

Jen and Parker are hanging out on a couch outside and she looks around before telling him that she and Ryan have been dating for almost a year and she can’t send him home.

Parker is surprised but intrigued. She asks him not to mention this to anyone else and that she will always have his back. She tells him that she is in this to win and that means her and Parker!

Ryan walks over and Jen tells him that Parker knows. In Diary Ryan states that he is shocked that Jen told Parker so soon.

Ryan takes Alison aside because now that Parker knows he feels it would be unfair for them to leave Alison out.

They head over to the hammock and he tells her that Parker wanted to but him and Alison up but that Jen doesn’t want that because he and she are dating for 9 months. She is a little more than shocked.

He tells her that he is still her teammate and that they are in it to win.

Playing with her hair she tells him that she thinks he’s great and that she is a little bummed.

In Diary she grosses me out by stating that Ryan needs to be with someone more like herself instead of someone who is jealous, catty, and needs to be the center of attention. Where does she get off? Does she even know Jen? Isn’t she the one being jealous and catty at the moment?

Separately in Diary they all state how they don’t trust each other.

Sheila again is complaining about Adam who is snoring next to her.

Jen is sick of Sheila’s complaining and states in Diary she needs to get some positive energy.

Parker and Jen hold the eviction ceremony. Jen gets chocked up and tells everyone that there is one particular couple that she feels bad for the female portion because she is in an unlucky situation and something with her partner that they can’t look past.

The camera shows Sheila and Adam and Jacob and Sharon.

Jacob and Sharon are evicted and Jen cries and tells Sharon how sorry she is.

They hug everyone and leave with a lot of shouts of I Love You.

Jen is really upset and can’t stop crying.

Sheila thought it should have been her and Adam and that the only reason it wasn’t them is because of Jacob.

The group runs outside to see their new competition, and introduces the hosts of the competition who turn out to be Eric and Jessica from Season 8. Love it!

The competition is to find out how well the partners know each other. They will be separated and have to know each others answers.

Amanda and Alex take the first HOH position. No one is safe there are no alliances at the moment except for the couple Jen and Ryan but with Alison being jealous of their relationship will she spoil their secret?

Check back Saturday for the next installment.

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