Monday, February 25, 2008

Big Brother 9 - Till Death Do Us Part Recap 6

Sorry for the delay on the Recap. Blogger was giving me a hard time today.

On Episode 6 we hear Allison tell Diary that she is glad Jen is gone and how Ryan deserves someone better than Jen, "now Ryan and I can grow our relationship and our friendship." As if she stands a chance.

We get to see who is happy that Chelsia and James got HOH.

Alex and Amanda are nervous and feel they will be targeted.

Matt and Natalia feel very safe.

Allison feels safe because she entrusted Chelsia with her lesbian lie. Ok?

Josh is really happy they have HOH

As per the HOH competition the house guests return to the house to find all their cups gone.

Matt tells us that "cups are a very essential part of life, we use them for drinking and whatnot." He really is an Einstein isn't he? I just want to know what the whatnot is. Scared a him.

Matt and James are discussing the game, "Jen came in sprinting and this is a marathon."

James lets Matt know that he will not be going up on the block. Matt tells him "thank you" and that he won't have to worry if Matt gets HOH. James tells Matt that he and Chelsia give their word that he will not be going up on the block.

Matt wants to know if the camera and America got that. I really wish he would stop talking to the camera.

Josh walks over to Sharon who is sitting on the couch. He tells her there is another couple (Sheila and Allison). I love how low key Sharon is right now. She is just flying under the radar.

Joshuah tells Sharon that he is going to hold them hostage with the secret and swears Sharon to secrecy.

Chelsia and James and the house guests run up to see their HOH room. Why does James remind me of Daniel Cook all grown up?

Chelsia screaming when she gets into the room is silly. She was loud, obnoxious and childish. She was insane.

Chelsia and James tell Natalia that they already spoke to Matt and that they will not be put on the block.

James goes out to Adam and Ryan and tells them what his plans are. I actually really respected this. They called it "Operation Condor."

He tells them the top shelf has to go. He wants Alex and Amanda out.

Ryan says he has been on the block and is hoping to have a week off of being on the block and after that he will do whatever they need him to do.

Natalia tells Amanda that she really likes "Matty." That she thinks he so cute and how he wants 5 to 7 kids and she wants 5 to 7 kids. Got to love the music playing whenever they showed Matt.

Natalia practically begged Matt to take a bath with her. She begs him to bring the soap to her. He walks in and in his cocky, bastard way tells her, "sweetie, as much as I want to, there is no way we are going to have sex."

She asks, "what makes you think I want to have sex?" Too funny. The a blind guy would know she wants to have sex.

He tells her that he knows he could have sex with her right now.

I guess she never heard that old saying, "why buy the cow, when you are getting the milk for free?"

I'm not saying they had sex, I'm just saying, if you constantly flash your stuff why would he want a piece of it. He's already seen it from every angle. A little self respect babe. I'm just saying.

Allison informs Sheila that she wants to tell Chelsia and Josh that they are not lesbians.

Sheila is concerned that they will turn on them because they "used that card." Umm...she means the gay card. Give me a break. He is going to be pissed that you lied, not that you lied about being gay!

I love Sheila sitting there saying, "I hate lying." Dude, you friggin lied just to lie! Sup with that? There was absolutely no reason for this little twist of the truth.

The 1st food competition is totally funny and gross. Dead fish and a bunch of house guests in swimsuits is just too strange. Who comes up with this stuff?

Oh no, Allison cannot go on slop because she "likes to eat a variety of healthy foods!" Duh!

Thank goodness her team won the food competition. I would hate it if she couldn't eat her healthy foods.

The house tries slop and all agree how gross it is. I am dying to taste it. How bad could it be?

Why does Amanda have to talk about herself in the 3rd person? "A bad week for Amanda." I hate that!

I loved the "buono" segment where we see Amanda under a blanket with Ryan in the back yard saying, "buono" in her baby voice. I love how BB edited it with the house guests all mimicking her and talking about how much they hate her saying "buono".

All the clips of her saying "buono" and hearing from Natalia that she says it at least 30 times a day and that Amanda thinks it means "hello" cracked me up.

"Matt yells out "Hola" and then we see him in Diary saying, "buono means good!"

All the house guests trying to say it in Amanda's voice made me laugh out loud.

I also loved the 7th grade moment between James and Chelsia where she prances in the HOH room to James eating cereal and he says, "I've got to tell you, I like you a lot." She asks why and he says, "because you are a rad chick."

Then the music and their little discussion about going to bed. Him asking her in a little boy voice to join him in bed and her pretending she doesn't want to get into bed.

Him wanting to start something, her being aloof and then asking if he is going to bed. Cute.

Sheila and Amanda told Chelsia and Josh about not being lesbians. Chelsia and Josh are pissed that they were lied to and confused as to why you would start a false rumor about yourself.

James and Chelsia put Alex and Amanda and Natalia and Matt up for eviction.

Matt is confused and pissed. He was told that he would not be going on the block.

James tells everyone that he knows that Matt and Natalia are the strongest couple in the house and that he intends on getting Alex and Amanda out of the house. He knows that Natalia and Matt can get the POV getting his picks out of the house.

I am not sure why James didn't tell Matt that he would put him up but I know that they will make up in the long run. Matt is just pissed right now.

Until next time...

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