Sunday, February 10, 2008

Thank God He's On Our Side and Why Does This Story Have Me Thinking About Terrorists??

Some dude from Long Island partied with the Giants by acting like he belonged there.

This is pretty damn cool and really scary at the same time.

According to this guy he was at the Giants ticker tape parade and when the ceremony was over and the Giants were leaving the stage he worked his way up and just blended in by wearing his Giants Ticker Tape Pass around his neck in in lanyard, Eli Manning SuperBowl jersey and a Giants Cap.

He got through 4 checkpoints by blending in the John Mara's family (approximately 20 people).

After getting to Giants Stadium, riding a bus with the team and entourge he partied, took pictures, got autographs, and gave autographs as if he were part of the Giant family.

All I can say is thank God he wasn't a terrorist! What the hell kind of security do the Giants have? Is anyone losing their job over this? What is next?

If all you have to do is dress and act the part what kind of message are we sending to our enemies?

For this guys story head over here.

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