Sunday, February 17, 2008

Big Brother 9 Spoiler Videos - Some videos are R Rated

Amanda and Jen Shower Together - I don't know, call me crazy but I have NEVER showered with a girlfriend let alone someone I just met a few days ago.

Natalia Strips - A lesson in Stripping. Have there been a raunchier bunch in the house yet?

Houseguests squeeze into the sauna. Natalia kept losing her "feeting" ????? Parker looks like he wants out in the worst way.

Sheila sunbaths - Won't be showing this on TV.

James kicks Amanda's Ass in the backyard.

Sheila and Allison's bitch session

Amanda and Sheila discuss Alex

Amanda and Alex talk in the hammock - Her voice makes me crazy!!!

Parker and Amanda lying around and....

BB 9 Spoilers
  • Nominations for eviction are Jen & Parker and Ryan & Allison.
  • Adam and Sheila are getting along.
  • NO one likes anyone in this house.
  • Not sure if Amanda knew Parker outside the house but she climbs all over him.
  • Natalie beat the boys at pool, showed off her stripper moves and says so will do oral but won't have sex with just anyone. I am sure her family is so proud.
  • Sheila claims to have dated Scott Baio, who hasn't!

I have no favorites yet. They all pretty much suck!

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