Wednesday, February 13, 2008

American Idol 2008

I LOoooove American Idol. Tonight they will reveal the top 24 contestants.

Right now there are so many I couldn't even try to guess who will be selected but here are my personal favorites so far.

Here is Amanda Overmeyer - She is a nurse and sings a mean Janis. While I agree with Simon when he said he already knows how every song is going to sound, I love her sound.

The there is Asiah Epperson whose father was killed in an accident shortly after she left for the audition. She is likable and can really belt out a song.

Cardin McKinney has a great quality to her voice and is also likable.

Carly Smithson, used to be Carly Hennessey back in Season 5 but there was a problem with her visa so she never got to compete. I am not sure she should be able to be in the competition because she already had a record contract under her other name. Beside all of that, there is nothing to dislike about Carly. She has an amazing voice and I love her tattoo sleeve. Interesting chick.

For the guys there is Chiezie Eze. He was on Idol before and can sing. Only time will tell.

I love and Josiah Leming who interesting enough sings with a british accent. I am not really sure what his deal is. There was a lot of crying and lucky for him the judges based their decision on his prior auditions because his final one sucked.

Michael Johns is probably one of my favorites, he's cute but I am dying to scrub him down. There is something greasy about him.
David, David, David, Archuleta is only 16 but I can siiiiinnnngg. I love this kid. He is so good and I have high hopes for him.

Last but not least is Robbie Carrico. I think he is adorable. He's a former boy bander but I have no idea what band.

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