Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Big Brother 9 - Till Death Do Us Part 4

We start out with Amanda telling Diary why Jen and Ryan were put up for eviction.

Ryan consolses Jen. Is is so upset and I am not sure why she seems so shocked.

Parker and Allison tell Diary why Jen self destructed.

Allison and Ryan talk about feeling safe because of how badly Jen messed up. Ryan talks about how badly he feels for his girlfriend but assures Allison that he is on her team.

Amanda walks in on Parker talking to a crying Jen. She asks if Jen is mad at her. Jen says, "I'm not sure what I am."

Amanda tells them that they need Ryan out of there and I am not quite sure why Ryan is the target. Is it because she believes there was a race issue and she has a THING for Parker?

Jen then swears on her "dead grandmother's grave" that they have her word that Ryan's out of there. She's such a classy chick that Jen.

Jen tells Diary that before they knew they were going to be seperated she and Ryan had each others back. Now that that isn't the case, she has to be selfish.

For me I find it strange that she went from sobbing her brains out to smiling and telling Parker and Amanda "it's on."

Amanda walks up to Parker and in her sweetest, little baby girl voice pouts that she is sorry. They hug. Parker tells Diary that he and Amanda have chemistry and that he trusts Amanda more than he trusts Jen.

Jen whispers into Parker's shoulder that she just can't trust Jen right now. Didn't she just tell Jen that Ryan has to go?

Josh is called to Diary to hear that Neil will be leaving the game due to a personal matter. (If you read this blog you already knew that). Josh gets to chose between Jacob and Sharon as his new partner. He weighs his options and chooses Sharon who comes in through the side door of Diary.

The houseguests are sitting around waiting on the couch. Josh shouts out "attention house guests" and Sharon comes through the door to screams and smiles. Everyone seems happy to see her.

Sharon is seated and the houseguests fill her in on the happenings since she has been gone. Parker tells her about Jen and Ryan dating.

Sharon is pissed that Jen lied to her face when Sharon told her Jacob was her boyfriend. Also, she and Jacob were evicted because they were a couple and now to hear there is another couple in the house adds fuel to her fire.

Josh and Sharon are talking about strategy I think or wait, is Josh telling her that he did her a huge favor by choosing her to come back in the house and now she should kiss his feet and do as he says. Nah, actually he tells her that he did her a big favor and she should never go behind his back and vote as he says or something like that.

Amanda asks Alex to rub her back and he asks "what are you gonna do for me?"

So Amanda whines, "no one will rub my back!" Why does she get to have someone rub her back anyway? My back always hurts and no one rubs mine!

Parker offers.

Alex tells Diary that he "gets frustred with her because she just flaunts her stuff and it just bothers" him. Well jackass, isn't that what you were all about in the first show when he mentioned, "she has a sick body"?

Parker is massaging Amanda's back and she is very flirty with him.

Adam walks by and checks out Amanda massaging Parker. He tells Diary that Parker has the hots for Amanda and that you can tell by the look on his face. His advice? "Just go get it dawg."

Alex walks in while Parker is being massaged. Well, actually he strolled in. BB played some stupid dun, dun, dun music and Amanda looked like she had been caught by her father.

He says, "I'm going to beddy boops." What??? Then "Are you going to finish your job on him." As if Parker isn't right there. Whaaattttt? Didn't she ask Alex first????

Alex tells Diary that he really likes Amanda who btw would never know it because he is so damn rude to her. "Seeing her with Parker hurts me."

Then...if you like to watch...Jen and Ryan make out for the camera and talk about how horny they are. They discuss and head to the bathroom for their "20 seconds" in heaven.

Parker walks in and hears them complete with commentary from Jen and Ryan.

Chelsia goes to James to talk about Sheila and Allison and how they are lesbians trying to play straight (if you have read this blog you know that is something Sheila and Allison made up).

James now feels that there is some other twist and he starts searching for more clues. He sees something in the hamster cage that he feels shows that there is another twist.

He sits with Alex to try to piece together the twist. I think it is funny and if I was on the design team I would crack up knowing that some stupid piece of hamster toy is creating a storyline all of its own.

Alex starts wondering if James is on to something and that perhaps Amanda and Parker had a prior relationship.

Amanda is told my Matt when she asks if Alex is made at her that he thinks she and Parker had a prior relationship.

She heads to the HOH and talk to Alex but as soon as she sees him yells, "how dare you, after I put my hand on the bible think I had a relationship."

Allison runs to Parker to tell her that she and Parker knew each other before the house (how old are these people again?)

Parker goes to Alex with Allison to tell him that he and Allison met in the house and that "he has a crush on her."

Parker and Allison head out to the backyard to tell a bunch of confused housemates that they do not know each other and everyone can just stop talking.

Alex and James who simply have a discussion are now being yelled at by Parker and juvenille girl. This is how things happen people. Anyone remember that old game telephone?

Alex and Amanda are in the HOH room and he asks her, "do you like Parker?" She skirts around with "I like a lot of people" and "I can tell him things."

Alex tells her "I have feelings for you, but I don't think you have the same feelings for me."

Here my friends is a case of two people not saying what they mean. He goes on to complain about the way she dresses and she tears up.

The Power of Veto Competition is played by Natalia and Matt, Amanda and Alex, Parker and Jen and Ryan and Allison.

Matt and Pocka as he calls him talk about the Veto.

The gang walk out to the backyard and check out the bondage looking apparatusis. One person will be strapped onto a heart, spun around by their partner while keeping their finger on their panic button the whole time. The winner has to be the first one to reach 300 revolutions.

The girls are all strapped down and the boys start spinning. Allison and Ryan are the first disaqualfied because her finger slips off the button. Amanda and Alex are the next to be disaqualified. Amanda claims that she let go on purpose because as head of household they already have a target on their back.

Matt and Natalia win the first POV by getting 300 before Parker and Jen.

Parker is convinced he is safe and Matty will take him off. Matt has other ideas let's not forget...he likes Allison and wants to "fuck" her before they leave the house.

Alex tells Amanda that he has feeling for her and since they are not going to be physical they shouldn't lose sight of the game and be with anyone else in the house.

She is upset and leaves the room. He picks up the remote and turns on the TV for the house to see where she is going. She heads to Natalia who is cleaning dishes. She says she has no feelings for him because he started all that talk about her knowing Parker.

She tells Natalia what Alex told her about being physical. Parker walks in and asks "Is he watching?" She tells him what Alex said. Parker says, "He's just hating on me, I'm going to hold my tongue."

Natalia and Matt put on their POV metals and call a meeting. God damn I hate the way he says "Pocka." They tell the nominated that they will not be using the POV.

It is anyone's guess...

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