Monday, February 11, 2008

My Favorite Grammy Moments

Cheers to Beyonce and Tina singing Proud Mary. God damn Beyonce could turn a straight women gay. That chick is hot!

Check out some moments here on You Tube.
Cheers to the Foo Fighters for winning and their performance. I love those guys.
Jeers to Fergie. I think she was trying to prove she could sing but it was awful and she seemed very nervous.
Cheers to Alicia Keys who looked smoking with her pin straight hair and tons of makeup. I love that she used John Meyer on No One. Love him! What's up with those two? Check it.
Jeers to the music starting while Kenye was giving his acceptance speech. Geez...the nerve.
Cheers to Kenye and his tribute to his mom "Last night I saw you in my dreams, and now I can't wait to go to sleep," and for sticking up for himself when the music started during his speech. BTW...I loved the angel behind him with her arm out. Loved it! Check it here.

I have to say that after seeing Amy Winehouse perform I am even more confused. What's the hype. I don't get it. I have never seen her perfom but I thought her back up singers were terrible and she the opposite of a performer whatever that means. She seemed out of place, confused, scared, manic, and paranoid. Is she always so skittidish? Here it is in case you are interested.

For Amy's acceptance speech check it here.

What was up with Rhianna grabbing Jay-Z on her way up to the stage. I know they did that song and all but could she have shook B's hand or something before grabbing her man? Show a little respect before dragging someone's man out of his damn seat girl!

Josh Grobin and Andrea Borcelli performing together was awesome. I love, love, love Josh, he could sing me the phone book and I would be his for the taking. Yes, Josh baby whatever you say just sing it to me. Here it is on You Tube.

How shocking was it to see Cher with that hair. I know they said "here's Cher" but I really had to get closer to the TV. I wasn't use to all that soft brown, wavy hair. I do believe she looks younger than when I used to watch her on The Sonny & Cher show.
Probably my favorite part of the whole show. I may be lame but I love it.

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