Tuesday, February 19, 2008

American Idol - The Men/Boys Sing

2 Hour American Idol - The guys are singing tonight. I try to write as the show is on but the kids didn’t go to sleep on time so I missed the judge’s comments for the first 3 singers.

Also check out Buddy TV for up to the minute news during the show. I headed there if I didn’t know the title of a song.

Check out Rickey for some audio of the show along with commentary.

David Hernandez –Sang In the Midnight Hour. He actually does pretty ok but I am not floored by him. I think he is pretty forgettable.

Chikezie Eze – Sang I Love You More Today Than Yesterday. I like him as a person but I am not floored with his performance.

David Cook – Sang Happy Together. I loved this. I wasn’t loving him before tonight but he is now on my radar. I was really impressed with the way he changed the song to make it more current.

Jason Yager – Sang Moon River. I actually thought he was a bit boring other than him wanting to do this for his son; he can be one of the first to go for me.
Randy and Paula liked it.
Simon thought he seemed a bit old.

Robbie Carrico – Sang One. I think this guy is so cute but mostly it is because of the Brett Michael hair, headband thing he has going. It was just ok for me until chorus when he got a little more grit to his voice. Not impressed.
Randy- liked it, was moved.
Paula - thought it was the perfect song for him.
Simon - said it was the only performance that made sense. The only current performance. It was good. Wants to make sure he isn’t a Pop singer trying to be Rock.

David Archuleta - Sang Shop Around. I really like David but I didn’t love him singing this song. He is a really good singer. What is not to love about this kid but I thought he had some trouble with the lower register of his voice.
Randy – Fan. Thought it was brilliant.
Paula – Very brave and bold choice. She forgets his age when he is singing. Older soul who knows what is best for you.
Simon – When you got it, you got it. Best performance of the night.

Danny Noriega – Sang Jailhouse Rock. Annoys me the most of the guys. His vocals were really good but he still annoys the crap out of me. I think this is an easy song and he played it really safe. He looks like Rumer Willis in his AI Picture
Randy – You know how to have a good time. It was good. The vocals there were ok. You had a good time. It was cool. Kinda hot.
Paula – Very warm. Almost scalding. Most amazing vocals. Love hearing how your voice goes in and out of colors. Safe song. A lot of colors of you coming out. Umm…rainbow.
Simon – Doesn’t understand Paula. Performance was grotesque. If you take on Elvis do it well. Hideous. It was awful.

Luke Menard – Sang Echos of My Mind I actually love this song and thought he did ok. He has a nice tone to his voice and gave me warm, fuzzy feelings or maybe that was my comfy blanket.
Randy – It was very pitchy. Almost consistently sharp.
Paula – I am going to agree. I don’t feel this was the best choice for you.
Simon – In a nutshell it was forgettable. No one is going to remember that. You feel into the worst trap. No one will remember

Colton Berry – Sang Suspicious Minds. Doesn’t someone sing this every season? He was ok. I think he was forgettable. A bit karaoke to me.
Randy – You were feeling it. You did a pretty good job. Started rough but you found your way.
Paula – Nice to see a different side of you. You were having fun out there.
Simon - It was ok. Not quite as bad as the other Elvis song. Just a young kid who might have a kid in musical theatre, not looking at a recording artist. Complete waste of time.

Garrett Haley – We finally get to see a little of his audition. He sounds like a chick. Sang Breaking Up Is Hard to Do. I actually loved it. It was very 70’s heartthrob to me. He’s a little cutie with a sweet voice but I kept waiting for him to go BIG! Maybe it was good that he just took his time with the song. I guess we shall see.
Randy – It was a great Neil Sedaka song. You didn’t do anything with it. Don’t be afraid to bring something to it. Boring.
Paula – Change it up. If you stay at the slow tempo it brings the performance down.Simon – I think they said it all. It was boring. It looks like you’ve been shut up in your bedroom. Pale. You need fresh air.

Jason Castro – I actually have a thing for dreads and blue eyes. Sang Daydream with a guitar. I don’t know but I like this guy. It was good but I felt like I was at a backyard BBQ and one of my cousins picked up his guitar and sang for us around the picnic table. It has happened! It was just ok.
Randy – Liked the accent with the guitar vibe. You tried to make it interesting. Got away from you but it was ok.
Paula – You did blow me away. I saw you for the first time.
Simon – I thought it was in the top 2 performances of the night. You like David have just got it. Good choice of song. You made it sounds current. It was effortless.

Michael John – Has been my favorite so far. I hope he doesn’t let me down. I don’t know what it is about this guy but I think he is H-O-T. Sang the Doors Light My Fire. Mother Fuckin Hot. I love him. He sounds great and I am reminded why I liked him. He has something. He is just a solid performer and I have to look away to make sure I am just not attracted to him.
Randy – What a way to end a great night. I loved you. You sing great. Seeing a true legend performer. You are like Michael Hutchinson.
Paula – Reiterates Randy and says that it WAS a great way to end the show.
Simon – You are the most consistent contestant we had. I think you were over trying. You have the natural charisma of a lead singer. You have just got it.

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