Tuesday, February 26, 2008

American Idol Top 10 Boys Sing - Recap

The kids didn't want to get into bed tonight so I missed the first 4 guys but I heard them sing from the bedrooms.

I heard Michael John sang Go Your Own Way. I am a big Fleetwood Mac fan so I was happy to hear my favorite guy sing a song from a band I love. He appeared to lose some of his mojo for me but he can sing and did ok.

Jason Castro is next with I Just Want to Be Your Everything which I believe is an Andy Gibb song. I was putting my daughter to bed and could hear it. I thought it started off good but now I believe it was the music and the fact that I hadn't heard the song in a long time. You know, that nostalgic feeling you get when you hear something that reminds you of yesteryear. He was a little dull but I do love this guy. So friggin cute.

Luke Menard sang Killer Queen and well he um, this just isn't his type of song. It was ok and I do believe he will be going home this week.

Robbie Carrico sang Hot Blooded. I just don't get this guy. Last week Simon mentioned that he thought he is trying to be rock but is more a pop singer. I agree with that. I wasn't impressed though I want to be. Sorry Robbie.
Danny Noriega sang - Superstar by the Carpenters. I am a huge Carpenter fan. I just don't get the Danny hype that I read on the message boards. He disturbs me. He reminds me of Marilyn Manson without the weird clothes and makeup. He did ok. It didn't suck but whatever.

Randy - I felt like you were thinking while you were singing. Let it go. Don't think about it.
Paula - You got amazing vocal skills. You can't over think it. Forget about us. Just perform.
Simon - This was better than last week. I think you were trying so hard. You stand out in the crowd and you are interesting. You look terrific in the camera by the way.

David Hernandez sang Papa was a Rolling Stone. I thought he did a great job. Really great vocal. Plus he reminds me of a kid I know so I am a little jaded. He finished strong.

Randy - This is the David Hernandez we fell in love with. That was hot.
Paula - Your voice is pure. Unbelievable. Amazing notes. Your personality came out. Perfect.
Simon - This may surprise you but in my opinion that was the best vocal of the night. I am a fan.

Jason Yeager - Sang Long Train Runnin. I absolutely love this song. He did a really good job on the vocals. His voice was smooth and really fit the song. I loved the drum break down. Got to love the drums!

Randy - Not a singer kind of song. It was pitchy and karaoke.
Paula - Well, from last week to this week it was fun to see this side of you. Its a song that doesn't have many notes. Pick singer songs.
Simon - Last week was boring, this week was awkward. Horrific ending. Drunk at a party. Corny. Very disappointed.

Chikeze Eze sang a song that I will have to look up. Anyway...he was good. He can sing. He is likable. It's funny because he looks so soft, sweet but then he has that nice, smooth voice.

Randy - So listen this is the guy we fell in love with. You were having fun. That was hot.

Paula - Very clever to pick a song with a story. Brilliant. It was fun.

Simon - I have got to tell you, you look better. You sound better. It was a clever choice of song.

David Cook sang All Right Now with his guitar. I love a guy who can sing and play. I actually love this guy. He is really growing on me. I like the tone and raunch in his voice. Very well suited for this song. His beady eyes are the only thing that turns me off.

Randy - You know what I love. I love the picks thrown to the crowd. You are a real rocker. I liked it. I really believed you right there.

Paula - The band is on fire. You are the real deal. When You got it, you got. Smart, fun, relevant.

Simon - It was solid. I don't think that film helped you. It was boring. You don't have a lot of charisma.

David Archuleta - sang Imagine. He looked different with his hair cut. I didn't love it but I am sure it will grow on me. OMG can this kid sing or what? He is so cute and has a really good voice. Very calm and sweet.

Randy - I have been saying it is about the young ones. THat is one of the best vocals I have heard on this show. You are singing with such maturity. One thing, why didnt you sing the first verse? Fire!

Paula - You are ridiculous I want to squish you and squeeze your head off and hang you from my mirror. One of the most moving perfomances I ever heard.

Simon - Very risky to do John Lennon. It worked. Right now you are the one to beat. 19 miserable contestants after that.

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