Monday, February 18, 2008

Big Brother Recap - Till Death Part 3

The houseguests are looking at their pictures on the wall Amanda is not happy with her picture "worst picture ever" & "I would have rather had a picture of my booty on the screen." Did you ever see someone who loved their ass more? I mean she has a great ass, but really!!

Matt believes his picture is the best because he "is a handsome man and can't deny it."

Jen comments about herself being the first picture on the wall "did everyone notice, I am the first picture on the wall? Hint, hint"

So on of the girls ask "why is that weird?" To which Jen states, "cause I'm gonna win."

You could hear a pin drop! Everyone is pissed and annoyed at her egotistical comment.

James mentions in Diary that Jen is the cockiest person in the house and just how livid he is at her comment.

While I understand them being pissed, I believe she was just joking. Why would they take her comment so personally? Isn't winning what they should all be thinking anyway? She just happened to be vocal about it. Do I think it was a dumb move? Sure, but really get a grip people. Someone could have just said, your picture being first means you will be the first person voted out or you will be the first person to have a boot stuffed up your ass. I mean seriously people. You are in the Big Brother House not The House of Congress. Enjoy yourself!

Parker is not happy either. He is worried about being voted out because of association.

Parker and James are talking in the bedroom when James tells Parker to..wait, wait did I just see a pink bra on James? Let me rewind that. Ok, (insert me wiping my forehead), it's just a leopard nighty with a red bra. You know a little feminine slip thingy.

Parker pulls Jen in and tells her what a bone move it was to make that stupid statement and she says, "I didn't think, I'm sorry." She hugs Parker and apologizes again.

Allison tells Diary that she is pissed that she has to align herself with Jen.

Allison and Parker are discussing Jen and Ryan in the sauna (why does Allison's mouth do all those weird things when she talks?) she wants Parker to know that Jen is not going to control her. That she came in to play the game alone not with others and she will play it her way.

Amanda tells Jen that Allison pulled Parker ino the massage room. I am not sure if that tattle was for Jen's benefit or because Amanda is pissed that Allison and Parker are alone.

Jen walks through grabs Ryan along the way and heads into the massage room. She is pissed, it is written all over her face and her body language shows that she is ready to scuffle. Her hand is on her hip and she is swallowing hard. She knows to let Allison say her peace but she doesn't want to hear it.

Allison informs her of the position Jen has put her in. She also states that if Jen doesn't show her more respect she will spill her guts to the rest of the house "if I feel that it is falling apart, I will reveal it".

Allison and Ryan are talking in the bedroom where she is trying to make sure she has Ryan on her side. She wants to know that ultimately the game will be about the team (Allison and Ryan) and that he will be able to vote out his girlfriend if necessary for the good of the game. She tells him that she is not comfortable with his girlfriend being in the house.
I feel bad for Ryan here because he has to stay loyal to his partner Allison but he has to be true to his girlfriend Jen.

While I think Allison dissing Ryan's girlfriend to him, "not a fan, she thinks this show is about her and we are all along for the ride" is unfair to him. I have to respect that she sticks up for herself and tells everyone what she really thinks.

Next we see a bunch of houseguests talking with Amanda about negativity. She tells them that her father hung himself and that if she could get over that and move on she can get over anything.

Amanda and Alex are informed that they can head up to their Head of Household room where the whole house runs up the stairs to see what they got. This is the first time anyone is seeing the HOH room and everyone is pretty excited.

The house notices the picture of Amanda and Alex and run over, "my butt in this picture, love it!" Like I said, this girls her butt.

Alex shows a cross which was a piece of steel from the World Trade Center. He lost his dad on September 11.

Then Amanda gets his Dad's favorite CD Al Green and she sinks to her knees crying.

Allison informs Jen and Parker that she isn't playing the game today. She doesn't want to be bullied anymore and she is tired. Parker, Jen and Ryan are pissed and are nervous that she will spill their secret.

Night falls and James tell Jen that Adam's nickname is The Hooded Warrior. Why this is even a conversation is beyond me. Why James knows is a whole other thing. She goes and asks Adam what that means and he tells her that it is because he is "uncut, not circumcised".

Allison and Sheila are talking in the pantry. She tells Sheila that she needs to talk but can't tell her what is going on because she made a promise not to. She tells Sheila knowing will not help her in the game and she just feels there is a huge target on her back. Sheila says she can wait.

Parker tells Jen the best way to handle Allison who they feel is a loose cannon would be to tell the group before Allison does.
Parker gets Alex and Matt in HOH and tells them the secret which is that Jen and Ryan are dating. Alex and Matt are shocked and feel that Parker should have told them before.

Jen and Parker tell the rest of the group. Everyone is shocked and pissed. They feel they trusted certain people and that a secret was kept. They wonder if there is another secret and some lame brain decide they should all place their hand on a bible and state that they don't know anyone in the house.

Matt comes and tells Allison that he knows the secret which is a surprise to her. She was not aware that they were going to spill the secret. I agree with her here. If they were going to tell the house they should have informed her. If they want her to think of the 4 of them as an allience they are going about it the wrong way. As part of the 4 and for holding their secret against her will they owed it to her to come forward as a group and tell the house. Going behind her back is sending a message to the house that they (Ryan, Jen and Parker) cannot be trusted.

Allison comes out with Matt to Ryan, Jen and Chelsia sitting on the couch. She calmly states, "so you obviously told everybody." Jen and her cocky bitch self says, "yup because you were going to let the cat out of the bag." If I were a houseguest I would be thinking that there would be no way for me to trust Jen. It is obvious that if she wasn't concerned about Allison spilling their secret they would have rode that out as long as they could.

Allison says that she was never going to do that and Jen calls her a liar. Not only Allison being called a liar but Ryan is saying "you made all the decisions without me" and Jen is clapping her hands like a seal with each "liar" that comes out of her mouth. Annoying!

Allison is laughing and obviously grossed out by Jen's display. I know she is thinking, Ryan how they hell do you love this chick?"

Ryan tells Jen to "chill." Allison maintaining her calm and dignity throughout this display tells Jen she finds her the most disrepectful person in the house and Jen curses back that she doesn't care what she thinks of her.

Sheila comes in and asks what happened. Allison finally gets to tell someone (in front of Jen, Ryan and Chelsia). Sheila is shocked and feels stupid.
Allison has Sheila tell the group that she had not been told by Allison. Jen being the bitch that she is states "she was going to whisper it to you."

Allison while still maintaining herself (I could never have done that), tells Jen that she was never going to say anything. Jen feeling like an ass says, "fine, I'll give you that one."

We are now outside and Allison is telling Joshua and Neil about Jen and Ryan. I am still not sure why a group discussion didn't happen about the whole Jen and Ryan thing.
After the bible thing we see Sheila and Allison talking. Sheila tells Allison we can be anything we want to be in this house. Why don't we say we are lesbians. Joshuah walks in and they inform him that the have a relationship, are lesbians, have an adopted son, etc. He is shocked, talks about his radar being off and Sheila asks why does he think she was so grossed out by Adam.

Josh runs (Joshuah running is funny as hell to me) to tell Neil that Sheila and Allison are partners. They laugh and discuss how they think it's true and "that's why she wears those running boots all the time."

Then we see Sheila and Allison telling Chelsia who is romantically surprised. "They're in love, it's so cute" she tells the camera.
I wonder why no one is upset that the two girls swore on the bible that they didn't know anyone
else in the house.

Allison who felt she didn't have any game is now feeling very happy as she jogs around the backyard. Sheila and Parker are discussing Adam and Alex overhears her. She feels that she is being disrepectful to her partner and he is tired of her belittling him.

Alex asks if he can chime in on Sheila's conversation. He tells her that Adam is not going around saying bad things about her. Matt and Alex are annoyed that she calls him an idiot and say "he's a great guy, he's not an idiot."

Matt tells Adam to come check his women. Adam comes over and the rest of the group scurry. Adam wants to know what he did wrong, what he said to make her act this way toward him.

Unless it is editing I am confused. Adam keeps asking what he did wrong and Sheila gets up throws something at him and takes off walking into the house. She turns around, curses him out and starts crying. She is beside herself and can't control her crying. She is hysterical and I am concerned for her well being in the house.

Alex tells Ryan that the fight between Sheila and Adam might have helped him.

The first nomination ceremoney is called and Alex and Amanda inform Ryan and Allison and Jen and Parker have been nominated. Jen is crying. I am not sure why she seems shocked. They are told that it was purly strategic because of Ryan and Jen's prior relationship outside the house.

Jen wants Ryan and Allison to go, Allison is working to get Jen and Parker out and Alex is looking forward to the fur flying when Jen and Allison start campaigning against each other.

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