Wednesday, February 27, 2008

American Idol Top 10 Girls

Carly Smithson – “Crazy On You” by Heart who I absolutely love. I think Carly is smokin hot. She has an incredible voice and if she can handle Heart she can handle anything. I also dig her tat sleeve. Cool!

Randy - So you picked a rocker this week. It was good towards the middle and the end. Sharp in the beginning. You got it together. It was alright.

Paula - You can tell you love Heart. Just go crazy. You are an amazing singer.
Simon - I thought it was a much better performance than last week. You are panting. I still don't think you have connected with the right song. You are an incredible singer. I think you are the girl they all have to beat. She is one heck of a singer.

Syesha Mercado – “Me And Mr. Jones" Interesting that she has done a commercial prior to Idol. When they showed it, I totally remembered it. "Dwayne, find me a big, beautiful chair." She can sing and I like her. She is really smooth and I like her vibe. The big earrings, the scarf, the fro all add to her appeal.

Randy - I don't think it was a great song choice. Pick songs that you can sing big. Give it what you got. That was a taste of what you got.

Paula - You fall off pitch when you go soft. I like the choices you made.

Simon - I thought it was a bit indulgent. It was a silly thing to do since the song wasn't written for a women. It is not a song that was designed for your voice. I don't think it was a clever choice for you.

Brooke White – “You’re So Vain” I think Brooke is cute. She looks like a mermaid. Sort of like Darryl Hannah in what the hell was that movie. I don't really love this song but dig that she worked the guitar. It was ok. It felt like I was watching some singer on Mike Douglas (probably just aged myself).

Randy - It was a great song choice. I liked it. Was this song about a guy on this panel.

Paula - I feel like this was the perfect song choice for you. Everyone was digging it.

Simon - I absolutely loved it. It was rare occasion where I feel the artist had chose the right song. This was the reason we put you though.

Ramiele Malubay – “Don’t Leave Me This Way”. I really like little chick's voice. She has such a beautiful tone. I never liked this song but she as Randy would say, did her thing, I was just bored.

Randy - Listen this was rough for me. This was just ok. You can really sing. It was kind of ok. Just really ok.

Paula - You are one to beat here. Your vocals are truly amazing. It was a song that you powered through and you didn't get to show your magic.

Simon - Astonishingly I agree with Paula. I have heard it so many times. I thought you were much, much better last week. I think you are different. One of the top 3 in the competition.

Kristy Lee Cook – “You’re No Good” Well, she enjoys "getting dirty" also "if you name it she will try it." Interesting since she has a big male fan base. She looked cute. I didn't think she pulled off this song. What is up with the leg stance? Why does she always look like she is trying to be tough? I didn't like it.

Randy - Well all I can tell you that was a 100 percent improvement over last week. It was pretty in tune. I liked it.

Paula - You are back, you are back, you're back. Good song choice.

Simon - This week was a huge improvement. I am not sure what type of singer you really, really are. If you go the Country route you will find it easier to make a statement.

Amanda Overmyer – Who I like, was sporting some scary hair. We find out Amanda likes to read. Is this shocking? Do you have to look like a librarian to love books? She sang Wayward Son which I actually love and is on one of my favorite albums by Kansas. I didn't love it. I really wanted to. It was a bit rough. The low parts really sucked. She didn't pick a good song for her voice. She also screwed up the words a bit. I think she just wanted to rock out her little crazy leg dance. She sounds good only when she is yelling out some lyrics on this one.

Randy - So you know for me it wasn't the right song choice. Too much melody. Too many instrumental breaks. Versus were very pitchy.

Paula - You got some move. You can dance. Do what fits right. You are special and you are needed in this competition.
Simon - I thought in your film you seemed very natural and then everything felt contrived. None of it felt natural or real. I couldn't wait for it to finish.

Alaina Whitaker – Sang "Hopelessly Devoted To You" Had nothing interesting to say so we hear how she doesn't like the food on her plate to touch. She looked beautiful in her blue dress but I always hated this song. You can go on Sims on Stage anytime and hear people singing this better than her.

Randy - I like that song. I don't think that was the right song. It sounded strange when you belted. It wasn't my favorite.
Paula - I think you did a real good job. I forget how young you are. I don't think it was a bad as Randy heard.
Simon - It's almost as if your grandmother prepared you for this audition. There is a way to be 17 and be current. I actually think you are one of the dark horses. I like you more now. You have to sort yourself out and be more relevant.

Alexandrea Lushington – “If You Leave Me Now” I thought she didn't start out strong. She never found her way for me. It was so boring. She will be leaving tomorrow.
Randy - It was safe. You have made vocal skills, never make safe choices. It was safe and boring.
Paula - I feel like you did let go and you did your own arrangements. Very impressed.
Simon - I was a big fan in the earlier stages. It is absolutely stuck in its time period. You looked uncomfortable. It was boring.
Kady Malloy – “Magic Man” She can sing opera. Who knew? She is so damn cute and her voice started out very weak but sort of found her way. She is attractive but can she keep up with some of the other girls here? I am not really sure why she picked this song. I didn't love it especially the ending.

Randy - Interesting song choices. It never found pitch. You never found it. It didn't work.
Paula - When you powered you sounded great. I think you have many hidden talents.

Simon - I am struggling. I am frustrated. Everything you do on your film is fantastic.

Asia’h Epperson – "All By Myself" Loving the extensions she was sporting but I think she lost some of her cuteness. I wasn't loving it. This is a really hard song to sing and you really need to have the pipes to sing it. She has the pipes but she couldn't handle the song.

Randy - Very difficult. You did a good job with it.
Paula - I can't even translate, mostly arms, legs and mouth. Got the picture?

Simon - Diva song of all time. You have got to be a Diva to pull it off. You have got to be incredible. The song was too big for you. It showed you up.
For me Carly was my favorite. I am a bit disappointed with the girls. I have been hearing that this is the best idol but I am not sure about that. Not many big voices on tonights show.
Good luck ladies.

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