Saturday, May 31, 2008

I Knew There Was More Than A Few Reasons I Am Not In Church Every Sunday

What the hell?

Who is this idiot (I was taught to respect my priest while I was growing up but this is too much) Father Michael Pfleger?

I am shocked that this priest stood up there imitating Hilary Clinton and spewing hate. Ok, I am not SHOCKED (nothing shocks me anymore), I am disturbed by it.

What happened to Catholic decency. How can this man preach the word of God and spew hatred at his fellow man/women or what have you?

Never have I been a Hilary fan but this is just disgusting.

His words can be found here
The video can be found here
A well written post regarding this story can be found here

Read, watch, educate yourself.

Also, I am appealed at the people who are responding this the video on You Tube with such hatred, nasty, disgusting words. This is the reason this country will suffer during the election. This is the reason we will not see CHANGE during this election. I can only hope that the next generation teaches their children acceptance, acknowledgement, respect, and dignity. All are very much absent from what I have been reading in the political forums online.

Peace out!!!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Lost Never Fails To Leave Me Wanting More

I am still reeling from last night's 2 hour season finale.

So many twists, storyline reveals, and more mystery.

My dad and I called each other during commercials to dish and my sister and I spent an hour summarizing what we got from the finale and what we think will happen next season.

This season, flash backs have shown us that Jack, Kate, baby Aaron, Syid, Sun and Hurley all escape the island but now we know that more escaped and 1 in particular sacrificed his ride to freedom to save Kate, Jack and Hurley.

If you TIVO'd and haven't watched it yet, I suggest you watch and then re-watch. There was so much going on.

Sawyer's leap before whispering to Kate (btw..I had just told my dad that Sawyer was on the helicopter but I wasn't sure why he got off "maybe to let Sun on.") still makes me weep. Whhhhhhyyyyyy Sawyer. Whhhhhyyyyy.

I would love to know what he whispered to her. If we are following along we know that she had to do something for him when she got back but what?

When she asked "why are you telling me this?" I knew he was jumping. Grrrr...and on another note what happened to his shirt? Not that I oppose a wet, shirtless Josh Holloway but did it get eaten by a shark? He didn't lose it while jumping in because he had it on when he came up. Anyway no biggie, wet, topless Sawyer will do any day...I digress.

Here are my questions:

So why did Jin not dive into the water when he knew the boat was about to explode?

Why did we not see a helicopter or a boat on the water when Juliet and Sawyer looked over to the now smoking freighter?

How did Locke become to be the dead guy? What made him come back if he was the "guy" in charge. Is it even Locke??????

Other than Kate being a "piece of ass" what is her role on the island?

Why is Syid working for Ben?


Why did Desmond, red haired girl, and paranormal guy chose not to go back?

Why are they lying? I still don't get it. John asked Jack to lie but Jack never listened to him before so why now? Why trust him and Ben now after everything else? Why trust them with the lives of people who WERE trying to get to that freighter? Who made them God?

Why were there so many shots of Penny holding baby Aaron?

Why did Syid take Hurley to someplace "safe"?

Why does Jack and Claire's father always seem to be around? He understand himself showing himself to Jack and Claire but why was the there before the bomb went off? Why did he tell Michael, "you can go now!" Kabloom!!

My OMG moments:

Sawyer jumping out of the helicopter into the ocean to save his buds.

Claire's haunting visit in Kate's dream "Don't you dare bring him back!"

The phone call Kate receives during her dream sequence where the garbled message if listened to backwards says, "the island needs you. Go back before it is too late."

Locke being in the casket. How and why did he come back?

Sun screaming in the helicopter after watching the freighter blow up with Jin on it.

Sun (all decked out like a secret agent) growing a huge set of balls while on the island and sticking it to her father and Whidmore.

Syid working for Ben (just killing a la vigilante style).

God damn Walt got big.

The Octagon Global Recruitment commercial that aired during the finale. WTF?

Ben making the island disappear (or travel 10 months into the future which is the time travel Ben does during his Casimir Effect that brings him to the Sahara Desert)after walking through some blown out hole and entering a frozen, snow covered what the hell was it room. What the hell did he steer? Was that the wheel of a ship? When he walked through that rabbit hole and entered the frozen area, I felt like I was watching Logan's Run. (anyone ever see that movie?)

So, what we know for next season:

Sawyer, Juliet, and a bunch of others are on the island.

Jack has to get the rest of them to go back to the island.

Ok, now I am off to watch the alternate endings. Ta

Oh as for the kiss....whatever. It was semi hot. Where was the tongue damn it?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sarah Jessica Parker Shimmers at the Sex and The City Premiere

Last night at the Sex and The City Premiere, SJP looked radiant, happy and beautiful in a stunning, fabric galore, metallic dress.


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Friday, May 23, 2008

Chotskie's Public Service Announcement - Drunk Drivers Suck

These are the things that make me want to stay home with my babies.

Today on Oprah she had on Katie Flynn's family discussing the accident that took Katie from them. Katie was 7 years old when she was killed along with the limo driver that night.

The family had attended a wedding where Katie was the flower girl. A truck driven by a 24 year drunk driver hit the limo head on going 70 miles an hour. You can see the limo driver try to change lanes but the truck followed. Little Katie was decapitated and her family all injured.

Here is a clip of the accident taken from the inside of the limo. (explicit and hard to watch). The impact is like an explosion.

What pisses me off about this is beside the fact that someone would get behind the wheel after having more than 2 drinks let alone the fact that this dude had 14 drinks.

Beside the drunk being well an asshole is that there was a 911 call placed by a women trying to report the driver and she was transferred 3 times. What the Fuck?

I remember this case in 2005 and hearing it again, brings it all back again.

The thought of what that family had to witness is beyond comprehension.

I pray that her family heals and eventually finds peace.
So, as you head out on your long Memorial Day weekend, think! Think before you get behind the wheel of your car after "just a few drinks." Life is precious. Before you go and shatter the lives of an entire family and your own. Think! It just isn't worth it.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

American Idol Got My Vote

I know I voted once before on Idol but never for the overall winner. It was so long ago that I don't even remember who it was for. Oh blahh...anyway, tonight..I just had to vote.

Mostly I voted because I felt that David Archuleta is a shoe in based on Simon's feedback after all three songs. I think Archie is great but he was never my pick for the WIN. I thought he was in the zone tonight and both guys were awesome.

The reason I voted tonight is because if Archuleta wins over DC, I couldn't be upset about it unless I actually voted.

Kind of like how I feel people who didn't vote in the last presidential election have no right bitching about how much they hate our president, You had opportunity to make a difference, as little as it would be, but you chose not to.

I have Barry Manilow's "One Voice" playing in my head right now along with the Star Spangle Banner.

Ok, I digress.

Congratulations David, whichever one of you win. I would love it to be my David.

Wii, Me Love You Long Time

Wii - Me Love You Long Time

For my son's 5th birthday I mentioned Wii to my husband. I thought it would be something that we could build on and all enjoy over time.

Playing the hero, he surprised us with it and we have been enjoying it ever since.

The game was bundled with Wii Sports, a 5 game disk that includes bowling, tennis, golf, boxing and baseball and we got him Super Mario - Super Galaxy.

He also got 2 other games from my sister-in-law, Mario Kart and Go Diego Safari Rescue.

We, as a couple are having so much fun! We used to spend a lot of time together before kids, playing games on XBox, listening to music, talking, hanging out together, etc. Then kids come and everything is about them. We have different interests and different directions right now. He started his own company and works the hours of well the president and I am a full time mom also with few hours to burn. We enjoy different TV shows on our down time and rarely spend alone time together which is really bad for a marriage.

Hello, not saying that Wii has saved THIS marriage, we were hardly leaning toward that road but we are enjoying more time together. Our competitive side comes out and we pat each other on the ass while we strut around the room with our Wii remotes poised and ready to kick some spousal ass.

So, Wii thank you. Thank you for allowing me to try to kick my husband's ass at bowling or golf and legally knock my son out with a few rounds of boxing all while occasionally kissing the palm of my hand with a little game bop vibration through the wiimote.

Read more here

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Amateur Book Review - The Book of Bright Ideas

My last book review post was in March, when I read Veil of Roses. The two books I read in between that and this are parenting books and will probably not be reviewing them right now. I am using them as my bibles right now, as they are a work in progress.

I chose the book because of the cover, of a little girl wearing a tiera and a tutu with a book strapped across her waist.
Anyway, The Book of Bright Ideas, written by Sandra Kring centers around 9 year old Button, family and a summer of friendship.

Button is our narrator and the story takes off in the first few pages as she and we are introduced to two strangers (20 year old Freeda and her sister Winnalee who is also 9) while in town with her loving aunt.

The story centers on the friendship with the two girls and between the women in their lives. Winnalee's sister Freeda, Button's Mother Jewel and Button's Aunt Verdella.

I loved the characters who were very real and most of them likable.

From Button's take on life to Winnalee carrying her mom's ashes in a vase. To the leather bound book of bright ideas and fairy hunting, the story is very human, very possible, very readable.

As for the title of the book, Winnalee believes when she has one hundred bright ideas, she will have all the clues to life figured out. I had nothing figured out. The story had twists and turns, and every time I thought I had it all figured out, I didn't.

On the adult side, like her daughter, Jewel Peters finds a best friend, in Freeda Malone, the young woman she had initially hated.

I enjoyed both friendship stories and with the men playing supporting roles this is a great female friendship read.

My favorite character had to be Aunt Verdella for her unconditional love to everyone involved and for offering of love even when it was unwanted or neglected. We should all strive to be the kind of neighbor that Verdella puts out to the world. Someone who can see the good in everybody while fighting her own past demon.

The book while mostly about friendship is also about how running from our deep dark secrets can and will effect us, and the people around us.

I recommend this book to anyone who needs a great beach read, go alone though because you will not want to be interrupted. Also, for anyone who was a child of the late 60's, 70's. I loved the references to the fashion, the make-up and hair, the candy button's on paper that Button and Winnalee ate and the pot holder sale they held to make some spending money.

Chotskies gives this book a B+

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Oceanic Six

We now know who the six are but why?

Sun-HwaKwon - Pregnant

KateAusten - Because of Aaron Littleton Aaron

SayidJarrah -??????

The Oceanic 6 were described as international celebrities. Hurley tried to use this status to get gentler treatment from the police when he was arrested for reckless driving. ("The Beginning of the End") Evidently, the six also became frequent targets of media investigations, such that Sayid initially thought Ben was a reporter when he caught him taking photos of Nadia's funeral procession in Tikrit. ("The Shape of Things to Come")
The members received golden passes for unlimited free travel from Oceanic Airlines. ("Through the Looking Glass") Sayid claimed to have received a large cash settlement from Oceanic. ("The Economist") Kate's standard of living during her trial, with a house in the Hollywood Hills, also suggested a substantial settlement. ("Eggtown")

There are interpersonal tensions among the Oceanic 6. Jack initially won't visit Kate at her home, not wanting to see Aaron. ("Eggtown") He eventually relents, and they become engaged, but after he begins to abuse medication and she performs a chore that Sawyer apparently asked her to do before she left the island, their relationship deteriorates. ("Something Nice Back Home"), ("Through the Looking Glass").
After the birth of Sun and Jin's baby Ji Yeon, Hurley is the only one to visit her; the two are friendly, but Hurley is relieved to be the only one there. ("Ji Yeon") Sayid's work as an assassin is said to be to protect his "friends", but it is unknown who he is referring to. ("The Economist") .
For a time following their rescue, the members of the Oceanic 6 kept the actual story of what happened following the crash a secret. In public, they adhered to a fabricated story about their time on the Island.
According to this story, Oceanic Flight 815 crashed into the Pacific Ocean, and only eight people survived the impact. The Marshal died in the crash, and Jack never spoke to him. Jack was injured, and Kate dragged the survivors out of the water and onto a nearby deserted island. Kate administered first aid to some of the survivors and found food for them. At some point two of the original eight survivors died. Jack maintained this story under oath at Kate's trial, ("Eggtown") and Hurley maintained it while under police questioning, ("The Beginning of the End") telling officer Mike Walton that he never met Ana Lucia. A grave marker for Jin in South Korea listed the date of the crash as his date of death. ("Ji Yeon").

After Hurley was re-admitted to Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute, Jack visited him and questioned him to make sure his apparently deteriorated mental health status wouldn't diminish his adherence to the story. ("The Beginning of the End") Matthew Abaddon suspected the story to be false, and questioned Hurley about it. ("The Beginning of the End")
After several years of maintaining the story, however, Jack told Kate that he was "sick of lying". ("Through the Looking Glass")
What we don't know:
What secrets are the Oceanic 6 keeping, and why?
When and how will the Oceanic 6 leave the Island?
How is their survival reconciled by the public with the prior discovery of Oceanic 815 with no survivors?
Who are the other two people who (according to the official story) survived the crash but died on the island?


Lost Count Down Begins

Countdown to LOST on ABC

There's No Place Like Home

2 days 9 hours 51 minutes left

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Jessica Simpson Videos

I was searching for coverage on Jason Castro from last night and some how landed on a Jessica Simpson video which started my Jessica surfing on You Tube.


I have no idea but I was wondering...why does she do that thing with her mouth when she sings now. I am not a huge fan of her type of music but always liked her and especially her with Nick Lachey.

Watching some of her older video's she didn't do this over mouthing thing. Did someone tell her that was hot or something because I am not sure when it changed. She is a good singer and can definitely hold some notes but her weird mouth movements and expressions are so weird. Just saying. She is trying to do Jewel or something but ummm...Jewel is Jewel and Jessica is well Jessica. Get it?

You be the judge!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Eye Candy - Gabriel Aubry

I know I used Gabriel before in Eye Candy but, this commercial gets my attention every time it's on.

Not many people can make Halle look just average.

American Idol Top 4

David Archeleta sang Stand By Me and Love Me Tender.
Love Me Tender was very sweet and he sounds like a seasoned pro.

David Castro sang I Shot The Sheriff and Mr. Mr. Tambourine Man.
I liked the vibe on I Shot The Sheriff and he forgot the words on Mr. Tambourine Man. WTF dude?

Syesha sang Proud Mary and I See A Change Coming On.
Proud Mary wasn’t great for me but I kept comparing it to Tina and Beyonce’
As for ISACCO, it was just ok and I couldn’t wait for it to end.

David Cook sang Hungry Like The Wolf and Bubba O’Reily.
On Hungry (I was never a Duran Duran fan so don’t take my word for it), it was just ok and well boring but that was what I thought of the original too.
As for Bubba, well it was friggin awesome. Hello!!! I loved it!

Amateur Movie Review - Hitman

Last weekend the Hub and I watched Hitman. I was heading off to sleep when he told me that he was going to rent Hitman which I knew was a game but not a movie.

Ummm...I was intrigued. I love to see how they make movies out of books, games or whatnot.

Not thinking I would be interested, I stood with my tea cup in hand, waiting for that moment when I would certainly walk away to the out reaches of the house to find a rerun, watch the Food Network or read a book.
It wasn't long before I was making my way over to the chair so I could place my cup on the windowsill, (we need some living room furniture).

As I watched, I just kept saying, where do I know this guy from? And this guy? And this guy? There were so many familiar faces.

It just so happens that I had just seen the lead guy in Catch and Release with Jennifer Garner.

Agent 47 (or a hairless Timothy Olyphant) is a gun for hire, genetically engineered assassin. He is hired by "The Organization" and pursued by both Interpol and the Russian military.

Timothy Olyphant is sexy, if you like the quiet, bald, bar code tattoo, deadly type. He is a hitman with a heart. Is this based at all on the game? He smiles, sarcastically jokes and saves mistreated women all while trying to save himself. Arrgghhhhh...

The other guy who looked so familiar is the equally sexy Dougray Scott who I saw recently in Desperate Housewives last season, or was that the season before last season? He played Susan's married (but wife is dying and has been in a long term coma) boyfriend.

The movie was just ok and the violence was scaled down. There was flying blood and brain but really the blood scenes were super quick.

Here are some trivia tidbits

When the project was first announced, Vin Diesel was going to star as Agent 47. Despite Timothy Olyphant taking over, Diesel is still credited as executive producer.

The car Agent 47 drives is an Audi S5.

When Agent 47 jumps through the hotel window into the kid's room, they're playing Hitman: Blood Money (2005) (VG) for the PlayStation 2. (They're playing through "Death of a Showman", the training level.)

Diana and Agent Smith, characters from the video games, make appearances in the film.

Nicolas De Toth was brought in by the studio to help cut the film (hence the thanks in the end credits) as he did with Live Free or Die Hard (2007).

WILHELM SCREAM: The famous scream is heard among the various screams when the first assassination attempt is made on Agent 47.

The movie was delayed from its October 2007 release, to late November 2007 to facilitate for re-shoots.

Timothy Olyphant underwent muscle and martial-arts training in preparation for his role.

The character of Nika (Olga Kurylenko) draws inspiration from a recurring female character from the games known as Lei Ling (changed to 'Mei Ling' in 'Contracts'). Lei/Mei Ling was a prostitute that 47 saved on two occasions, receiving vital information in return.

Olga Kurylenko was distraught after having to cut her hair for the role. She said she didn't feel like herself anymore, which she used to help her connect with her character.

Chotskies gives this movie a B for lack of blood and special effects.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

American Idol does Neil Diamond and Sucks - and Oh Yeah Brooke White leaves sobbing

God, when are they going to let the idols just do something cool?

Like, let's hear, Syesha do some Missy, Get Ur Freak On.

How about David Cook singing some Creed. You know he wants to.

David Archeleta could do some Beyonce, or wouldn't it be funny to hear him sing Your body is a Wonderland by John Meyer? He would be so embaressed.

Bored, bored, bored.


Paula's flub, big friggin deal. I know everyone and their brother is talking about it. She sounded crazy but really whatever, why are we surprised? She was confused and it is a live show, people make mistakes, let's move on.

Brooke White was eliminated

How long was her little montage? Looooonnnnggg right?

Waahhhhh I was crying too at the end of this. Poor wee, little Brooke.