Saturday, May 31, 2008

I Knew There Was More Than A Few Reasons I Am Not In Church Every Sunday

What the hell?

Who is this idiot (I was taught to respect my priest while I was growing up but this is too much) Father Michael Pfleger?

I am shocked that this priest stood up there imitating Hilary Clinton and spewing hate. Ok, I am not SHOCKED (nothing shocks me anymore), I am disturbed by it.

What happened to Catholic decency. How can this man preach the word of God and spew hatred at his fellow man/women or what have you?

Never have I been a Hilary fan but this is just disgusting.

His words can be found here
The video can be found here
A well written post regarding this story can be found here

Read, watch, educate yourself.

Also, I am appealed at the people who are responding this the video on You Tube with such hatred, nasty, disgusting words. This is the reason this country will suffer during the election. This is the reason we will not see CHANGE during this election. I can only hope that the next generation teaches their children acceptance, acknowledgement, respect, and dignity. All are very much absent from what I have been reading in the political forums online.

Peace out!!!

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