Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bwaaahhhh Fun-Knee

Is Anyone Else Totally Grossed Out By This Picture?

Jon Gosselin was all smiles at the MGM Grand Hotel pool in Las Vegas Saturday.

To think I actually liked this tool! What a douche bag. I am ok with the fact that he and his wife have fallen out of love. I am ok with the fact that he is moving on. I just wish that he would consider what his children, especially his daughters will think of this photo when they are old enough to see it.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Gerard Butler Saying "Fucked Her" Is Hot

While researching for my last post I came upon this hot little odd piece.

Seriously, Gerard saying, "then I fucked her is so damn hot".

Hot! Hot! Hot!

Again, still looking for more Gerard Butler but found this hot song from Sarah Brightman & Antonio Banderas. I knew they could both sing but she blows me away here, especially at the end.

Priests Has Recruited Some Of My Fave Vamps

Priest is based on Hyung Min-woo's popular manga series but that isn't what intrigues me. The cast is chock full of hot actors.

We have Paul Bettany who is so not my type but I find him so hot. Could it be that he is married to Jennifer Connelly who I have loved since Labyrinth? Ahhh who knows, once again I digress...


There is also our favorite bad vamp from Twilight Cam Gigandet (Twilighters know as James)

We also have, Stephen Moyer or Bill from True Blood. Yeah baby! True Blood, one of the best shows on TV at the moment.

The only thing that could have made this better was if Gerard Butler who was originally on the roaster for this was still in it! Damn it! I love Gerard Butler. He is smoking. I loved him in Phantom of the Opera and I loved him in 300. By the way, if you have not seen 300, you must. This is the best display of hot male flesh that you have ever seen! Yes, it is a war, there is fighting and blood but it is all done so artistically that you will find yourself waiting for more of those Chippendale, Spartan dancers to fight. Oh, and the scene between King Leonidas and his Queen; soft porn.

Oh yeah, I forgot, Priests! So all I know is that it is a western movie about vamps and it comes out in 2010. There you go! That's all she wrote!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Taylor Lautner & K Stewart Photo Shoot

Personally, for me, I really like Taylor and I want to see him do well. He looks like a really sweet kid and thought he was cute since seeing him as Shark Boy! Love it. My kids were big Shark Boy and Lava Girl fans for awhile.

I think he is a perfect Jacob. Jacob is a little obnoxious at times and the wrong actor could make him unlikable. Taylor has that likability factor.
Are they seriously leaving these blurry pieces of dry grass over the photos? It's annoying me, like I have something on my screen and want to blew it off. Annoying!


''I love that kid. I would do anything for him. I would kill for him, literally.''

Kristin looks stunning here but reminds me of Nikki Reed. But a little beauty mark above her lip and yup. Nikki Reed!

Monday, August 17, 2009

PopSugar have some pics of Kristen & Rob

The Cast of the Twilight Saga got together to pre-screen New Moon, the headed out to a Kings of Leon concert.

Check out these pics of Kris and Rob. Rob checking her for cavities in one of those pictures.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Giving a Shout to a Lovely Band of UK Gentelmen

I love nearly all categories of music, but up in top of my heart is a special love for rock. There's just something about the guitars and the drums and the sweaty crowds.

So, I'm giving a shout out to a really talented Edinburgh based band called CCJ.

They are a charismatic group of fellows and you'll instantly fall in love with them. Click here to get familiar with their debut album Dirty Town.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This Pose Doesn't Just Happen

This perfect pose takes work, if you don't want to look like a complete tool! Spend many hours in front of the mirror perfecting the young starlet kissy thinga majig. This my friends isn't a pose for beginners.
For more of Vanessa and her perfect, perky pose. Go here.

Teen Choice Awards - WTF

Ok, so maybe I'm just getting old but what was up with the Teen Choice Awards last night.

Whose idea was it to incorporate a stripper pole into Miley Cyrus' act? She comes out of a trailer, spreads her legs a few times and then jumps up on an ice cream cart equipped with a stripper pole????

The whole thing was weird.

Did they assume that because it was on an ice cream cart, all would be forgiven?

She looked hot but I am confused about the direction she is going. I understand she is getting older and that maybe she wants to distance herself from Disney but isn't there a better way to do it. The only thing missing from this performance was a baby belly, a dad with a shotgun and a pimply faced boy in a wife beater t-shirt with a heart tattoo on his arm.

Thank goodness this was the Teen Choice Awards not the Kids Choice Awards but really, is the audience that different???

Amanda??? You want to weigh in??

Oh, I will Maria.

I am beyond shocked. BEYOND. Ehh, actually, I WAS shocked. For the first few minutes there's just a 'Wtf. Seriously? What do her parents think? They're .... applauding?'

Then, the realization kicked in that she's from Tennessee. The light bulb went on over my head and I had one of those lucid moments where the clouds part as a ray of light shines down upon you.

'That's how they do it in the south,' said a voice oddly like Morgan Freeman but clearly God. I understood. Then, I was bored.

Miley, you see, only the south understands your crazy language and only they can appreciate your 'deer-in-the-headlights' form of "beauty".

Opt-out of your record deal and give them to your back-up singers. Return the horrendous outfits you and your father think are fashionable and call Britney for her therapist. You could use it.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Kristen Stewart and Michael Whatshisname Are Done

Mark my words: Some kind of announcement is imminent.

Reports suggest that Michael Angarano, most notable for playing Jack's son in Will & Grace, was seen entering a mystery brunette's apartment. Highly doubt that they spent the night re-organizing her closet, but instead opted for naked twister.

Not to be outdone, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart catch a secret Bobby Long concert in LA.

While it may not seem like solid evidence since there were no paparazzi and the shot isn't the most revealing, they were photographed by Twi-hards. If they can't spot the true R-Pattz and K-Stew out of a crowd then Rob really is a sparkly vampire.

Now that Kristen is free to dig her claws into Rob, art will finally imitate life. And Michael's career is still going nowhere because of it. See you back in oblivion!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Vampire Engagement is now reporting that Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer are engaged. Wow.

They've been together for 6 months... I'm not sure this will end well. Renee Zellweger pulled the same stunt and it ended in divorce 4 months later. Renee is not the only one because there is a list longer than Santa's Naughty List of quickie marriages and subsequently quickie divorces.

But, because Anna and Stephen have such awesome chemistry on True Blood, it just may work. It worked for Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas. She divorced Don Johnson in February 1996 and married Antonio 3 months later and they've been married ever since.

So, do you think it will end up in divorce or bliss?

Rachel Bilson Without An Engagement Ring

Despire being engaged to Star Wars hottie Hayden Christensen, Rachel Bilson sometimes prefers to attend star-studded paparazzi-oozing fashion shows without her ring. Hmmm. And everything is... fine?

This is one of 3 things: 1. a deliberate attempt at more publicity. 2. the outcome of a hugeeee fight earlier in the day. 3. evidence of Rachel and Hayden's fake engagement (how can someone that adorable ever settle down?!).

Sorry to tell you Rachel, if this is deliberate publicity, Mischa Barton is winning.

Hilary Duff Films Gossip Girl... Really?!?

Well, there's no turning back now. Hilary Duff seen here with Penn Badgley filming on the set of Gossip Girl.

But, really? Hilary Duff? That's the best you can do? Gossip Girl is a hit show which rakes in millions of viewers in the 18-30 age group which is the most coveted demographic in television. Why go for Hilary Duff when you could probably get Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, or even Kristen Stewart. Although, to be honest, Kristen's typical awkwardness and mumbling/stutter combo probably wouldn't stand a chance against the perpetually glamorous cast (minus Taylor Momsen).

Rule Number 1: When you have a hit show only in its third season, don't kill your show by casting washed-up, second rate Disney stars.

Pregnant Penelope?

Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem (pictured here in Vicky Cristina Barcelona) are rumored to be expecting their first child.

If this is true, that baby is going to be so adorable. Thick dark hair and olive skin. I'm sure Salma Hayek would love for her little Valentina to have a play date.

However, if this is false, it must suck to be accused of being pregnant every time you gain a few pounds or wear a looser-fitting outfit.

Spanish bloggers are using this picture (below) as proof. By the look on her face, she is not happy to see the paparazzi.

Personally, I'm leaning towards believing it's true. But that's because I want Penelope to birth an army of clones and take over the world with her kick ass family genes.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Russell Brand Cracks Me Up

Russell Brand was in NYC filming Get Him To The Greek.
If you don't know who Russell is, you are missing out. Rent, or borrow Saving Sarah Marshal and check Russell out as Aldous Snow.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Check out the Official Site - The World of Twilight

Find the link here

New Moon Promo Pictures

What Is Kristen Thinking?

I bet it has something to do with a question asked by a well meaning reporter.

Probably one of the following:
  • Kristen, are you and Rob having a relationship?
  • Kristen, will you be wearing a wig for Eclipse?
  • Kristen, are you bored?
  • Kristen, what is your motivation for New Moon? Were you torn between two lovers in real life?
  • Kristen, did you shower this morning?

Kristen obviously is thinking one of the following:
  • You, are a friggin putz and you need a life.
  • Duh, ass!
  • Ummm, what the hell do you think? I have been answering the same questions for two years now. I had just gone to bed when I got the knock on the door, "Kristen, 5 minutes until the panel."
  • Well, I'm an actress, duh what do you think my motivation was. That is none of your damn business you toad!
  • Shower? What the hell is a shower?

Body Language Speaks Volumns-Comic Con 2009 Pictures

Whether Kristin and Rob are together or not, that seems to be the question on Twilighaholics minds everywhere. Well, in the pictures I have seen taken at Comic Con, she seems to be leaning all over Taylor. Her arm is around Taylor and her other arm next to Rob P is awkwardly up in the air in an "I'm not touching you, I'm not touching you" sort of way. Rob Paz is obviously talking, probably saying, "do I smell?" or 'Did we sleep together last night?" Or some other WTF statement.

However, when she finally has to put her arm around Rob (some reporter must have requested it, "awww..come on Kristin, include Rob.") she leans into him and obviously got hot because she removed her sweatshirt.

See how the rag magazines get their stories? Just make some shit up and roll with it. Easy Peasy.

OK! Has Never Before Seen PIcs of Jackson & His Kids

I find it so sad that the man who shielded his children from the media is gone and now private photos of his children are being released to the public.

It may be a little hypercritical to post these but I find them beautiful.

Are these children not the most beautiful babies ever?!

Look at this little face!

Beautiful girl who I will never forget. Her speech at the end of her father's memorial burned into my soul and will stay there forever.
They are the cutest with their little Van Trapp clothes.

Michael looks like a proud daddy here.

Look at Paris clutching her daddy's leg she is probably afraid of Clinton's shriveled open mouth about to kiss her new baby brother.
Michael and Debbie Rowe look like happy parents to me. He is smiling and Debbie should be given an award if the look on her face is not real.
Debbie with Prince sharing a moment. What a beautiful shot.

The Taylors Hang Out

Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner hanging on the set of their new movie called Valentine's Day!

Taylor L is playing Anne Hathaway's assistant or Emma Roberts love interest or is it Taylor's love interest? Really who cares, he looks adorable. I don't remember 17 year old boys looking like this when I was young.

What is the guy in the blue shirt looking at? Is he thinking that he could have
done the hurtle better?
The Taylors Are Too Cute

Where is Matt?

I found this on Alyssa Milano's Tweet page
Too friggin funny