Sunday, August 2, 2009

OK! Has Never Before Seen PIcs of Jackson & His Kids

I find it so sad that the man who shielded his children from the media is gone and now private photos of his children are being released to the public.

It may be a little hypercritical to post these but I find them beautiful.

Are these children not the most beautiful babies ever?!

Look at this little face!

Beautiful girl who I will never forget. Her speech at the end of her father's memorial burned into my soul and will stay there forever.
They are the cutest with their little Van Trapp clothes.

Michael looks like a proud daddy here.

Look at Paris clutching her daddy's leg she is probably afraid of Clinton's shriveled open mouth about to kiss her new baby brother.
Michael and Debbie Rowe look like happy parents to me. He is smiling and Debbie should be given an award if the look on her face is not real.
Debbie with Prince sharing a moment. What a beautiful shot.

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