Sunday, August 30, 2009

Is Anyone Else Totally Grossed Out By This Picture?

Jon Gosselin was all smiles at the MGM Grand Hotel pool in Las Vegas Saturday.

To think I actually liked this tool! What a douche bag. I am ok with the fact that he and his wife have fallen out of love. I am ok with the fact that he is moving on. I just wish that he would consider what his children, especially his daughters will think of this photo when they are old enough to see it.


Cindy B. of Montana said...

Put me in the "YES" column! Kate can be harsh, but she seemed to soften a little when she started becoming aware of it. I started out thinking Jon was ok, but after all of this I now know he's a scumbag!

Bill and Lorie Shewbridge said...

He just looks slimy... and that grin, what the heck is with that???
I have this code with The Hubs when a guy gives me the creeps (which often happens because of my history - you know Maria - but that is a story for another time), I digress, it is CGA (Creepy Guy Alert), I would definitely be saying that to him if I saw this guy coming my way!!! EEEWWWW!!!

MomUnion said...

I used to feel sorry for Jon because is seemed like he wasn't really included in parenting decisions. Just told what to do. But now, I wonder if my initial impression was wrong. Maybe Kate had to tell he what to do because he's obviously such a selfish jerk. This picture makes him look like one of those creepy old guys at bars. Yuck