Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Big Brother 9 Clips - Spoilers

Sheila and Allison talking about Parker. Sheila name drops like crazy. Poor Sheila. She bad mouth's the paparrazzi. She just wishes they were running after her.

Adam and the gang passing the time talking about penis? Why do these people gross me out so badly? Between Adam scatching his crotch, Jen picking a pimple and Natalia talking about shitting all over herself I am concerned for the youth of America.

Natalia and Amanda whispering about the other houseguests.

The girls in the house discussing MySpace and Facebook and then move onto the contraban wish they had in the house.

Adam discusses how good in bed he is. I am totally grossed out by him.

Sheila makes Valentines Breakfast for Adam. Too cute.

Matt wants to sleep with Allison and Sheila. He shows what a dog he is.

Matt tells the guys about the BJ he got from Natalia than brags that he doesn't even have to talk to her. He says he wants to "fuck" Allison before she leaves.

Matt talks to Allison alone. She is working to keep herself in the house and she played him so good.

Amanda and Chelsia fight (what are they fighting about? I have no idea!) about Amanda bringing up Chelsia's name, about who likes who, who called who stupid, etc. Josh curses Amanda out and Chelsia laughs like a child behind her. Josh throws a hissy fit.

Ryan defends himself. Ryan and Jen discuss her telling the houseguests that he has a race issue.

Ryan and Jen go to Allison to discuss the racist comment. Allison defends Ryan to Jen.

Jen and Ryan talk about racism. He is really upset about Jen throwing him under the bus. He feels that this show brought out the worst in her.

Allison and Amanda talk in the storage room.

Matt and Parker watch the girls change.

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