Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Big Brother Videos - Spoilers - ADULT CONTENT

Tonight I checked out film.com who had an interesting spoiler that will definitely NOT be shown on TV.
After the liqueur party there was a strip show by Nat and Chelsia where the guys stuffed money into their thongs. This was followed by a dip in the pool and then a kiss fest that included the likes of Natalie kissing Matt, Alex, James and even Adam. Natalie kissing Chelsia. Chelsia kissing Alex, Matt, James and Josh. Natalie and Chelsia kissing Josh together. Sharon kissing Matt and then Alex.
When I find pictures of this I will post. Here is video though oh and some more over at Morty's
The girls go crazy because Natalie is lactating. Why is Chelsia so excited by this, "that is sweet." Natalia explains that she had a baby 4 years ago and still lactates. It's not a freak show people. So bizarre that everyone is so confused.

Sex toys or dental dams discussion. So nasty watching Matt demonstrate for the camera and then tonguing Sheila was just too much for my stomach. Sheila almost slid out of her chair she was so excited by this.

Alex and Ryan help Amanda take her blood for a sugar test. A little concerned that there isn't a hazardous container for needle receptacle near by.

Natalia does her rubber doll impersonation and Sheila is dissed by James.

Sheila and Natalia discuss other houseguests over a game of pool.
Mother Natalia talks about her personal spiritual messages

Picture taking with the houseguests. Why does Chelsia feel the needs to cover Allison's boobs for her? Is she not capable herself?

Taking pictures with the houseguests. Natalia begs Matt to take a picture with her.

James and Amanda talk about the game.


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Elliott Broidy said...

Oh they are insane