Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Amateur Movie Review - Saw IV

Last night the husband wanted to rent Saw IV.

It was about 10:00 and I was exhausted from playing with the kids in the snow for a few hours but I am always up to find something to do with my husband that we both are into.

With the business of taking care of two kids under 5 and him running his own business 24 hours a day it is hard to stay connected. We are very different and have different interests so I love when we can come together on movie night.

As soon as it started he sat on the couch cringing and saying to tell him when it was over, "why did I want to rent this again?"

It was a bit gory and nail biting at time. If you have seen the first 3 movies you know that is the case.

It was a little confusing at the end and we had to back track to watch the last 5 minutes again but I got it. Basically it was a set up for the next Saw movie.

If you like blood and gore, this is the movie for you.

Check out this little video from a You Tuber to catch some of the highlights from all 4 movies. Quick shots just like the movie. Here is the trailer from Saw IV. Enjoy!

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