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Big Brother - Till Death Do You Part - 5

Well Jen and Parker Were evicted. I am sad to see Parker go but I wonder how this will change Amanda and Alex.

We start out with Julie telling us who is on the block for eviction.

Then we see some clips leading up to the "biggest fight in Big Brother history." We see Amanda gossiping to the rest of the house and in Diary everyone else complaining about it.

Everyone in the friggin house gossips. Someone is always in the corner whispering about someone else so I am not sure what else is going on that everyone jumps on the Amanda train.

If you read this blog, you already saw clips of the fight which starts with Amanda and Chelsia and ends with Amanda and Josh. The group takes sides after Chelsia makes a noose comment and then Josh finishes with "like her dad."

Amanda's father committed suicide by hanging and this comment was just too far and unfair.

The house is shocked and know that the comment was over the top. No one should be treated that way and it appears that even Chelsia who started this fight feels bad.

Amanda goes into the kitchen and sinks to the floor. Allison is there to console. Amanda tries to protect Allison who is hugging her by telling her, "they are going to see you hugging me and say, she talks about you why are you hugging her." Allison knows what has been done by Amanda to stir up the house but feels that Josh's comment was the worst possible thing someone could say to Amanda.

Parker, Jen and Sharon are in the HOH bathroom while Amanda cries in the bathtub. No one really knows what to say. Sharon tells her that they will always hit your weakness. "When they talk about your dad, smile and walk away they will eventually stop".

Good advice and I am sure that is what Amanda wishes she could do that.

Jen asks if she wants some time alone and leaves. Parker sits in the doorway with Amanda feeling sorry for her and knowing that he might be leaving the house.

She asks Parker if she looks like a horse and if she is really ugly, things that Josh had told her during their argument. Editing doesn't let us hear his answer but in Diary he says he feels bad for her,"She was attacked and she feels alone."

We are back with Julie Chen talking about Jen and Ryan turning on each other to secure their position in the game.

We see Jen with Sheila talking about how she feels she deserves this more than Ryan. Then she tells Cheryl, "he is racist."

She tells Sheila not to repeat this and Sheila says, "please tell me this is not true."

We see Jen and the girls primping in the bathroom and Jen says, "I've only dated one black guy in my life and it makes Ryan sick."

Sheila says, "I know, you told us."

Then we hear Allison telling Ryan, Matt and Sheila about Jen telling her how ridiculous she thought Allison look in an outfit. Ryan tells her that it is "such girl shit".

Sheila warns Ryan that he will be shocked when he leaves the house, "you don't even know what's going on."

She tells him that a lot of things are being said about him in the house and he asks her to tell him because he would like to defend himself.

He talks her into telling him what is being said and she tells him "it's ugly."

She tells him that Jen told her that he was a racist and that if he tells her that Jen will come after her. He says she won't.

He heads out to Jen and says he has a bone to pick with her and "that the shit is doing to hit the fan dude."

She says, "why cause your partner is trying to turn you against me."

He tells her, "no it wasn't even my partner."

She defends herself but everyone knows the truth. She tells him that they are not going to let this game affect their relationship and he tells her that it will if things are being said behind his back. She lies and says she hasn't said anything behind his back.

I love his tactic. He already knows what she said but let's her tell him by saying "it is something pretty bad and you already know what it is."

She says, "it's probably Sheila then."
Ryan is like a friggin detective. I love how he got her to admit that she did say something and now I can't wait for her to back pedal.

Jen asks, "was it a racist thing?" He says, "could be, I don't know."

"Cause I said you could have a problem with me and Parker because you have a race issue," she tells him.

He says, "I don't have a race issue."

He heads back to the bedroom where Allison is saying to Parker, "she did say in the bathroom in front of all of us this morning that he is prejudice."

Ryan says, "Parker I'm not a racist."

Ryan leaves and before the door can close Jen is right there yelling, "I never said he was racist!"

Parker stops Jen, "nope, don't you dare." with his hand on her chin.

Jen says she is going to talk calmly, "I never said he was racist, I said he had problems with me dating a black guy."
Big Brother brings us back to the moment when she actually says, "he's racist" and "don't try to break me and him up."
Sheila stands behind what she claims Jen said. Jen says, "I never said that!" Sheila says, "You did say that!"

Parker walks out and Ryan walks in. Allison who was quiet this whole time starts defending Ryan now that he is in the room.

"Your messing with my life now." He tells Jen.

Allison keeps saying, "it's disgusting." which is really annoying too.
Walking through the house Ryan tells Jen, "You are a terrible person Jen."
They sit in the sauna room and he says he doesn't have much to say to her. He tells her that she must really want this game really bad. He tries to get up but she asks him to stay and talk to her.

She tells him that she said he just has a problem with interracial relationships and that she loves him.

We go back to Julie Chen and the house guests. She starts by addressing Sheila and Adam's relationship. They joke that they are a match made in heaven and seem very friendly. I guess he is over the fact that she was grossed out by him now that she is in a made up lesbian relationship with Allison.

Julie turns her attention to Jen and Ryan and asks Jen if there is anything she wants to say to Ryan because when one of them leave the house they could potentially be apart for 3 months.

Jen says she has no regrets over anything she has done in the house and that she loves him with all her heart.

Ryan tells her that he loves her with all his heart and whatever happens he will be thinking about her the entire time.

Matt and Natalia vote to evict Ryan and Allison because they have been playing this game from the first night.

Chelsia and James feel that Ryan and Ally should stay in the game because they can use them, "they have our backs right now." James wants Parker to leave because they are "bad bunk mates. He always turns on the light when we are asleep."

We now join Alex and Amanda in the HOH room. Julie asks Amanda about the fight the other night and if all has been forgiven.

Amanda says sometimes you say thing you don't mean and that the house guests have apologized. Alex and Amanda have both lost their fathers so Julie asks if they draw strength from their dads. Duh, does she not have anything else to talk to them about?

Josh and Sharon vote for the "cocky couple" Parker and Jen to go.

Adam and Sheila don't agree on who should go home. Adam votes for Allison and Ryan to go home because Adam thinks Allison starts gossip and Ryan lied about being with Jen. Sheila thinks Ryan and Allison should stay in the house because she thinks Ryan and Allison are good people and she trusts them.

Ryan and Allison address the house first because he wants to build relationship and he loves everyone.

Allison says everyone is amazing and she wants to get to know everyone better.

Jen says everyone is "smokin' hot" and she is sorry for the position she feels that she and Ryan were put in. Life goes on and she can't wait to see everyone at the finale.

Parker is grateful that he got to know everyone and says, "see you around."

So were they told by the house they would be leaving?

By a vote of 3:1 Jen and Parker are evicted from the house.

Jen is ready to burst into tears and does when Ryan gives her a big bear hug.

They leave and the house guests look at the door for way too long.

Julie asks Jen if she would have still told Parker right away and she says the mistake was telling Allison and she still would have told Parker if she could do it again. I am left wondering what she would say if Parker wasn't next to her.

Julie tells Parker that the four of them could have been a strong alliance and does he have any regrets telling the house because they feared Allison would spill their secret. He says that it wouldn't have worked and that it is what it is.

Next up is the Head of Household competition which is a majority question quiz.

So for the next 72 hours there will be:

No hot water

The women will have to wear bathing suits

No drinking cups for 1 week...gross is everyone going to drink out of the container?

The women will cook dinner

No washing machine for 2 weeks

They will get a Martguerita Party, their first bit of alcohol (umm...without cups)

The new HOH couple is Chelsia and James.

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