Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Is Diego the Text Messenger Killer on GH?

Ummm...interesting little twist. First I thought it was Maxie's boyfriend Cooper. Then I thought it was that weird guy from Kelly's. Now it turns out that it Diego Alcazar who is supposed to be dead.

I guess his stint on Ghost Whisper wasn't paying the bills.

Sonny and Claudia's stand off was just odd. Them standing with their guns aimed on each other for 20 minutes was exhausting.

Damn Michael's voice has changed. When he called Carly to tell her he was ok he sounded very much the teenager.

Alexis and Kate hanging out seems to have come from out of no where. I guess GH knew that she would need guests when she was layed up in the hospital after being shot so they created a friendship for her.

Diego tells Sam how as his father held his dying son he felt a pulse and how he acted quickly to save his son by hiring a fantastic surgeon.

Diego tells Sam that he had planned on killing Skye first but Laticia spotted him so he had to kill her first.

The text messages killer thing came about because his father had text him saying "I'm coming for you." He decided that after he killed Laticia he would let people know that they were going to be killed.

Sam is dumb. Why would she spend time trying to call someone after she hits Diego. Why not run out of there and then make the friggin call?

Sonny telling Claudia that she was a one night stand and her laughing in his face about him being whipped by Kate is too funny. Neither of them are saints.

Jason runs in and Claudia says, "hello handsome." Sonny asks if they know each other and Jason says not as well as you do. Hahaha....

I love the original Carly as Claudia. She is hot and rocks the tight mini dress like no one else.

Sonny needs to increase his meds and Jason needs to find another job. I am tired of him taking Sonny's bullshit.


Laura said...

I've been watching GH on and off for years. Don't know who Diego is though. I love seeing Sarah Brown back, even if she isn't Carly. Can't get used to anyone else being Carly though. Watching her with Sonny and Jason I keep waiting for them to realize it's Carly with black hair and get on with it LOL.

onangelwings said...


Now that would be funny. I thought the same thing when Jax was away and that goofy guy played him for a week. The real Jax returned and Carly was so excited to see him, "Your back" she said as he walked through the door. I was thinking, yup that other guy was no Jax.