Monday, February 9, 2009

The Bachelor - Season 13 - Episode 6

We get to go on the hometown dates and this loser is so excited. Yes, I admit it...I suck.

We start off with Jason telling us about the girls. First up, Jillian. Jason thinks she is smart and beautiful. I have to assume their is a lot edited out because honestly, I don't know why he has a connection with her. I haven't really seen them together. For me, she gets lost in the background.

He tells us about Molly. He feels she has the prettiest eyes we have ever seen. He likes that she knows what she wants. I must be missing something because I don't see it. He feels that he can't get deep enough with Molly.

Noami he feels is gorgeous, beautiful and fun. He finds her to be a free spirit. He thinks she is very serious about marriage and that her eyes are wide open to life. His concern is, will she be ready for HIS life. He isn't sure. He knows she is looking for adventure and he doesn't want to be the one to clip her wings.

He says he pre-judged her. "Why would someone like her come here for him." He felt she was too beautiful. He felt that his first kiss had sparks on both ends. He felt that his first impression was wrong. He just wants to spend more time with Melissa. He feels that everything is too right and perfect with her. He is looking for her faults and can't wait to meet her family to find out more about her.
Jason and Jillian rush toward each other and kiss. Jillian's hometown looks beautiful and cold. Jillian tells Jason about Bogobogo who lives in the water (like the Loch Ness) who touched her foot when she was a child.

Then they head into a winery but Jason tells us that the winery isn't as beautiful as Jillian.

While sitting in front of a fireplace, drinking wine, Jillian informs Jason that her mother was diagnosed with "like" depression. She tells him about how her mother has tried to "like take her own life and the times her mother "like" spent months in a hospital. She cries when she tells him how lucky she is to have her parents. He tells her that they are lucky to have her and they kiss. She thanks him for listening. Jason tells her that he had some of that in his family too. Damn, I should have counted how many times she said "like". Grrr...

He tells us he now knows why she had to be the rock that she is.

Jillian's family are holding Canadian flags when they walk in. Her father drapes a flag around Jason and they hug. Jason seems really comfortable. Jillian feels there is a lot of energy in the room and that Jason would fit in nicely.

Jillian's mom reads a toast to Jillian written just for her about how precious she is to her family. Jillian's mom takes Jason outside to talk, and unrolls a huge scroll. They laugh and she starts the questioning. Jillian's mom cracks me up. She is happy that he has a BA in psychiatry because "it would be good to have one in the family". Bwahahaha.

Jillian's granny thinks that Jason is "beautiful, he's a gorgeous guy". Then she places a pair of Canadian boxers on his head. Umm...ok...

Jillian tells us she is falling in love with him. Jason tells us that she is unreal and that he can't imagine why he would want to let someone like her go.

Next up is Molly who picks him up in a golf cart. She looks adorable and they hug. He spins her around and they kiss. They golf and she is certain that he is nervous because he is around her and when you like someone you get nervous.

Again, we hear about how she doesn't bring guys home because she can't be with someone her family doesn't love.

Molly's mom is beyond excited to see her. Cute. This home visit is much quieter until Molly's mom brings out some hats. Everyone dons hates and waits for the rest of the family to put on some hats. Her mom wants to see if he can roll with the family. Even with the hats the family is quiet. Her mom takes her down to this awesome craft room and asks Jason to draw a picture of Molly. She also wants to see if Molly can identify what that special moment he draws is. Jason draws her face as he sees her at the rose ceremony. Molly's dad tells her that if she doesn't make it to the end, she doesn't cry "just smile".

Molly's mom says she doesn't want to give the impression that they are always crazy like this...bwahahah. I love it. She thinks she is funny.

Jason tells us he can't get enough of Molly. He hated saying good-bye to her.

Naomi, is concerned about Jason thinking she is not ready for a family. She wants to make sure she shows him how ready she is. Jason thinks she is fun and gorgeous. He checks her out repeatedly.

Naomi brings up the conversation they had last week. She wants him to know that she is 100% here for him and Ty. She can totally picture her life with him "her potential, future husband".

He is still concerned because she may believe it, but is she really?

Naomi tells us how crazy her family is and she is worried that he may be freaked out. Mom comes out with hula hoops for the whole family and they have a contest. She tells him to "be one with the hula hoop". Poor Jason couldn't keep the hula hoop up, I personally hope this is the only problem he has keeping things up.

Then mom tells us about how she killed this beautiful dove on her windshield. The kids tells us that the dove is in the fridge. Mom wants Jason to have the honors of burying the dead dove and saying the eulogy. Jason tells us that the symbol of peace if being buried today. Poor Jason, seriously...what a good sport.

Naomi's mom wants to thank "Rosie" for giving herself and tells her that if she wants to come back, she could come back as a cat. I can't wait to hear what Beyond Reality says about this one.

While Jason is finally having a religious conversation with Hector, Naomi's dad, Naomi's mom walks in and grabs him away.

The tells him that he is "indigo". She tells him that he wants to right things and that they are of the same soul family. She tells him that she knows him from another life. She also believes that he had at least one lifetime as a mom because of his maternal side.

How odd is this couple. Hector is extremely religious and Naomi's mom is a spiritual being! nice way of saying, looney.

Jason thinks her family is fun and "out there in some ways". He loved seeing Naomi with the kids because hello...that is a big part of his life. Dude, if I were with a guy with a kid, trying to catch his eye, I would totally be playing with the kids.

Naomi slapped him on his ass when he was walking away. Cute!

Jason and Melissa run to each other and he twirls her around after telling us how much he can't wait to see her to "twirl her around and give her a big kiss."

I really want her to stop using that pink lipstick. It makes me crazy.

Melissa makes Ty a gift; a little tooth fairy box. Cute.

She tells him that her family will not be meeting him today because her parents are not comfortable with the publicness of the whole thing. She is embarrassed and worried that he won't be able to propose to someone if he can't meet her family.

Jason tells us that it is disappointing to not meet the family because he wants to see how he would get along with them. Family is a big part of a relationship. He gets to hang out with her best friends and some kids. So cute. The girls hang all over Jason and Melissa and everyone looks very happy. Jason tells us how much the girls are drawn to Melissa and why wouldn't they be.

Melissa's friends are the sweetest. They really love and support her. Even without her family there she has a wonderful support system. Jason talks to her friends and hears about how Melissa doesn't really know how beautiful she is. Her girlfriends tell him that they have only met her parents one time. I don't get it, her best friends don't know her parents?

Jason definitely has different chemistry with Melissa. He is much more touchy with her. She never has to make a move. They head back to Melissa's suite and discuss her parents. She doesn't bad mouth her parents but tells him that they have never been to her games or met her friends. She says she doesn't take it personally but they are very private people.

I think Jason really wants to take care of Melissa. I don't see it being anyone else. He is more tender and comfortable with her.

Jason addresses each girl at the start of the rose ceremony. Classy dude.

The first rose goes to, Molly, followed by Jillian, then Melissa. Which means Naomi is going home.

Ahhh...poor little sweetie. Crazy family = no rose.

Jason tells her that she is wonderful and that he loved her family. He thinks they just aren't in the same place. He thinks she is incredible. He thinks she is gorgeous, loving but it just wasn't the right time.

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