Monday, February 23, 2009

The Bachelor Season 13 - Episode 8 - The Women Tell All

Jason sits and listens to the women he sent home. I always look forward to these shows. Some of them are so bitter. It should be interesting to see, especially Natalie. Jason is a good guy and at the end of the day they all know that.

Chris sits with Jason and discuss Megan.

Does anyone remember her? I don't at the moment. Oh yeah I remember. Megan was the one who kissed him on the set of General Hospital.

Jason tells us how hard it was to kiss in front of the other girls. We see all the girls crying after that group date. He tells us how shocked he was that there was so much tension.

Jason tells us about Shanon's kiss. He tells us there was snot, tissue and tears there along with nose picking.

Jason talks about his date with Stephanie and when they brought her daughter out. He says it was a real "Oprah moment".

Chris brings up Naomi and her family. Jason says he will never forget it. Hula hoops and burials oh my.

Jason says Jillian is the ultimate friend. Chris brings up the hot tub and how Jason was with his "ultimate friend" and how it was the hottest hot tub scene they had.

Chris brings up all the questions that everyone in the forums are talking about even. Was there was "sex" in the tent with Molly. Jason says it was 1st base.

So we learn that the bachelors and the bachelettes are getting together and hooking up. Fred and Noelle, Grant and whats her name, Jesse and Holly. So while the bachelor is turning out long term relationships they are managing to hook a bunch of people up.

My computer crashed 4 times so I have missed a bit of the show.

Natalie is in the hot seat and we see a montage of her time on the show. Watching Natalie as she watches herself is funny. I don't know what she is thinking but she is so damn smug.

Damn it would kill me to watch myself being such a bitch. She is sick of being stereotyped. She explains that she had nothing, she had no ipod or cell phone. Chris tells her that they took away all of her material things and she tells him to calm down. Chris wonders if she thinks she is easy going but really isn't. He asks if she thinks that her problems with are the same problems that she may have had with Jason.

I really wish they would have given Stephanie more air time. Jillian got all of what would have been hers.

Jason is in love with two people. I really can't wait until next week.

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