Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Bachelorette - Episode 5

Geez..these guys are dropping like flies. DeAnna has been kicking guys to the curb so quickly that the Producers already have to air a "DeAnna Tells All" one on one interview with Chris and DeAnna just to beef up the episode.

Last night Bachelorette episode starts out with Chris telling the guys they should pack up their bags because they, along with DeAnna are headed for Palm Springs.

When they arrive the first date box arrives and it is for Sean (Mr. Redneck). It tells him that they are going to take their relationship to the next height or something like that. He is sure that if he nails this date he will be in the final four and then a slam dunk on the hometown dates.

DeAnna and Sean take a tram up a mountain and Sean basks in DeAnna's fear as she holds on tight to him.

At the top they have dinner and then head down for some place warmer to discuss how a hometown date would go. He tells her and then adds that "she is the missing piece to his jigsaw puzzle". I am not sure about DeAnna, but I wouldn't find being compared to a tiny piece of cardboard romantic, but then again, I'm not "red" or "bluegrass."

After they kiss on the hamock, Sean is sure that he is in like Flyn.

The guys get the second date box and it is for Jason, Graham, Jesse, and Twilley which means that Jeremy will be getting the second solo date.

A separate helicopter comes for Twilley (who is in desperate need of some alone time) and DeAnna. The guys joke about Twilley who has trouble opening the door (really guys, how many people have experience with a helicopter door) and motion sickness. DeAnna was nervous that he would hurl in her pretty little lap but he managed to take deep breaths, thus eluding a very embarrassing an unromantic moment.

The date takes DeAnna and the guys on a wild, all terrain ride on some sand dunes. Jesse domineers the guys and his bike, making DeAnna all wet because he is the only guy who can keep up with her. They are so fierce! Grrr.

After the date they head to the pool where DeAnna takes Jason aside to ask him what a hometown date would be like. Did she ask Twilley? I don't remember! He tells her that she would meet his parents and his son Ty.

Jesse interrupts and wisks DeAnna to a different location where she tells him she was attracted to him and his wild, fearless riding. Oh hum. She leans in for a kiss but Jesse doesn't bite. What the hell? He tells her that he respects whatever she choose to do about her hometown picks. Well, that's good considering that he really doesn't have a choice.

Jason is telling the guys that Jesse interrupted his DeAnna time and Graham gets a bug to go interrupt Jesse's time. So juvenile. Whatever.

Graham walks and Jason tells Twilley again about DeAnna's attraction with Graham. Twilley asks if he thinks Graham is a "sure bet" bet and Jason says yes.

Graham and DeAnna cuddle in a hammock and DeAnna tells us that Graham gives her butterflies.

On the next solo date with Jeremy, she takes him to Frank Sinatra's house. They sing in Frank's studio and dance.

When DeAnna asks about a hometown date he says they will meet his brother, nieces and nephews. Then he confesses that both his parents have passed on and that his mother would have loved her.

She tells us that she could definitely see herself falling in love with Jeremy and that he makes her feel loved.

When the guys arrive at the house for the cocktail hour with DeAnna they are met by Chris who informs them that DeAnna has decided to forgo the party because she "has made up her mind, she already knows her final 4."

DeAnna enters and uses the Brad card again telling the guys that she was led on and doesn't want to lead anyone on.

She gives roses to Jeremy, Jesse, Graham and Jason, sending home Twilley and Sean.

Thank God because Sean annoys me.

Sean feels that he learned something about opening up to his dates in the future. So funny because earlier episodes he felt that a lot of the other guys burned out early because they opened up and now he was coming up along side. Dudes and all their weirdness.

I personally can't wait to see the hometown dates and to see who she is yelling at in the preview about how she "just wanted him to be THAT guy." I am assuming it is Graham but with DeAnna crying in every episode you never know which guy put her over the edge this time.

For some more recap from Beyond Reality on You Tube, check this out.

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