Friday, September 2, 2011

CKR/Chasing Kid Rock by Dawn Scoville

I have never met Dawn. I have never read her book CKR but I wanted to tell you about it because I know a lot of my readers love their books. They also love good people with big hearts who go out of their way to be kind to others and do what they can to help. During Hurricane Irene, a personal friend of mine Stacey and her family were displaced along with 3 other families when their home was condemned. With damaged belongs and her two boys in tow, single Mom Stacey, turned to her community through Facebook and through a forum of Kid Rock Mega fans she belongs to. Stacey's community is working to throw a benefit and local Facebook pages have been posting how to donate to Stacey and her boys as they search for a place to stay and she replaces things she has lost. Dawn, has also moved forward and started a fund for Stacey and her boys (you can see it here). Dawn, if you ever read this, thank you for all you have done. Thanks for thinking of others and putting their needs above yours. This is truly a wonderful trait that is getting harder and harder to find in people. I am sure you didn't do this for fanfare but a little publicity never hurt anybody. My readers love to read and love hearing about new books. Plus, like you, they are wonderful people. I receive Christmas cards, care packages, photos and emails from them often. They will love hearing about your good deed and might even have a new book to add to their must read list! So, dear readers, here is what I found out about Dawn's book.
Product Description After his wife kicks him out of the house, 40-year-old Ted Seever doesn't think going to the Daytona 500 with his two, philandering best friends is a good idea. When the girl of his dreams turns up on the trip, his situation grows all the more desperate. From the city streets and back roads of Palm Beach County to Orlando and Daytona and back, Ted struggles to save his marriage and make sense of his predicament, all the while wishing he could be more like his rock idol, living the life he's always wanted. If only he could convince his wife to go for it...

About the Author Dawn Scovill is a free spirit and free thinker who lives with her husband and two children in Jupiter, Florida. Her blog, DAWN'S ALTER EGO, has been "amusing the sh*t out of readers since 2006." She authored the SexEd column for South Florida's CLOSER magazine and released her first novel, IMMORTAL BONDS (paranormal suspense), in 2007. Thrilled CKR is finally in print after five long years, she's currently at work on an historical novel set in Malta, circa 1565, and toying with the idea of bringing the real story of Johnny Appleseed to life ... via screenplay. Stay tuned. This chick's goin' places. ;)

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Dawn said...

Oh my God! How friggin' cool is this! Thank you! This is so, SO amazing. I have to correct you, though, on just a couple of things: (1) I didn't start the fund for Stacey and Patti, etc., Sonia Woolf did that. I just jumped on board when I saw what was happening; and (2) as for not getting involved for the publicity, anyone who knows me well will tell you I'm an attention whore. ;) But it's an honor and a pleasure to be able to do what I do in the company of such fantastic people. Sonia, Stacey, and YOU are excellent examples. Your post made me cry. Again, thank you. Rock on! XO ~ Dawn