Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Amateur Movie Review - I Love You, Man

 My library has a decent DVD collection. The other day I was there and borrowed, Little Einsteins for my daughter and something for myself.

I Love You, Man was a complete surprise.

Paul Rudd is likable and while the other guy on the cover looked familiar, I couldn't place him.

The premise is cute. Cute guy, cute girl are getting married and while she has tons of friends, he has zero! She never realizes this because well, they are only dating 8 months. We all know it is pretty normal for two people in a new relationship to spend all their free time together but really, she has never met his friends?

She has tons of friends and when he overhears her talking with them about the wedding being unbalanced and how foolish they will feel walking down the aisle alone. So Peter (Paul Rudd's character) sets out to make friends. When he finally befriends Sidney (the other guy on the cover that I couldn't place) his life changes.

We all know that making friends as adults is never easy. Most people have their good friends in place before they set into marriage so watching Peter TRY to make friends is hysterical.

In A Nutshell: Paul Rudd has the likability factor in everything he does. He is the poor man's Tom Hanks.  Jason Segal, I know from Freaks and Geeks and more recently Forgetting Sarah Marshall, is another likable actor. He reminds me of an ex-work associate, Nelson who is a really funny man. So much so, that sometimes I have to remind myself that I am not watching Nelson. I believe they could be twins. Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, watching Peter and Sidney turn into friends was so fun. There were a few times when I felt foolish after realizing how much I was smiling. Thankfully I was alone.

This is a great buddy movie, male or female we all make friends the same way. What was different about this buddy movie was how cute I found it. Watching two grown men who are social opposites find each other in this big world and hang the way young boys do was adorable. There is one part when they jam together that made me think of my own girlfriends and when we used to make movies on my video recorder circa 1989.

I give this
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Lorie Shewbridge said...

This sounds really cute, I'll have to look for it next time I want a feel good movie.
I remember seeing trailers for it a while back, but then it disappeared.
Thanks for the review. :-)

I Love You, Man said...

Hello friends We all need a little comedy in our lives, just like we need good friends to enjoy it with. Paul Rudd and Jason perfect chemistry make I Love You, Man, a bromine to remember.