Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Heidi Transformation

Wow, the girl is stunning and totally fake! She looks nothing like she started out but this is so typical of Hollywood. Do you really think Hollywood is made up of 100% truly beautiful people. The only difference here is Heidi is being honest about it.

Heidi looks older than her 23 years with her new look but she looks stunning! If she ever has kids they will never look anything like her unless they get some plastic work done themselves. Good for her! It is her life, she should do what she wants. All those people who are talking about Heidi's message to young women are crazy. If your children are looking to Heidi as a role model you have more problems than just them getting the wrong message. Heidi nor are any of the other celebrities in charge of how people react to their surgeries.

Check out these celebrities before they got hit with the Hollywood, beautiful wand. For tons more celebrity plastic surgery before and after photos, head over here.

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Lorie Shewbridge said...

I sometimes would like some of that done to me, but these people turn into completely different people, or even different species!
Have you seen Nicole Kidman lately, she looks like Carrot Top!!