Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Eclipse Review - The Twilight Saga - Amateur Movie Review

This past weekend, Clary and I headed out at the very last minute to see Eclipse. We strolled off hand in hand, giddy with expectation and excitement. It was one of our favorite books of the series and we were extremely READY to see it.

Both of us are early birds so we had at least 20 minutes to kill before the movie started. The theatre was ours for the first 15 minutes than others started coming in. The first was a chick by herself. The next a couple. Clary couldn't control herself and said something like, "hooray a guy." He said, "I was dragged". The next group were 4 women in their 40's. They sat right in front of us and like the die hard fans we are, (nothing was going to stop us from hearing every word in the movie which is why we waited 2 weeks to see the movie. We wanted NO NOISE.) we moved! Oh, yes, took our asses and snacks and moved 5 rows away from the hen house.

Another couple came in, Clary started singing "You are not alone!" Then another couple right before the movie started.

We held hands waiting for the movie to start. We do not speak during movies even when home. All talking commences after the movie. You would think we hated each other or at least didn't know each other.

So, with that huge unnecessary build up, the movie starts.

What I Can Tell You:
  • Bella is still unexcited about absolutely everything
  • The movie felt rushed
  • Edward is hot but hardly seen
  • It should be illegal for Jacob Black to wear a shirt ever
  • It should be illegal for any of us over 35 to lust after 18 year old Taylor Lautner
  • Charlie is hardly seen
  • There is way too much story for the 2 hour, 4 minute movie.
  • Back stories, new characters, missing dialogue and more.
  • If I didn't know the story, I would have been very confused.
  • The wolf pack look like they need some sandwiches. They are all skinny
  • It does not appear that Kristen Stewart is having a relationship with either of these guys outside the movie. The kisses were total movie kisses.
  • Rob and Kristen share some awkward hugs and kisses.
  • There was so much missing dialogue and some of it was changed or said by different characters. 
  • I loved it regardless of all the short comings. Some things just don't translate well to the screen. I am happy to see it come to life and can't wait for Breaking Dawn.
  • The scenes with the wolfs are so cool.
  • We couldn't stop talking about the change of Victoria. Bryce as Victoria's role is so small, why did they find the need to change her from Rachelle?
  • Jacob is so much funnier in the book
  • Jasper is hotter this time around
  • I am still Team Edward
  • We would have loved to see more scenes of the Wolfs and vampire practice fighting
  • We smiled during the Jacob/Edward/Bella Scenes

I am not sure if they used the Barbie dolls or the real actors for this shot but it totally looks like a bunch of Barbies to me.
Bree is so cute!
If I had two hot, devoted, would die for me guys in love with me, I would not be wearing this face.

Just saying!

Wait......I think I see a sorta smile here.  I stand corrected.

If you read the books, don't expect to love the movie. Go in excited for your beloved book to come to life, then go back and read the books. That is what I am doing.

However, I will be snatching up Eclipse on DVD as soon as I can!


Christine said...

I agree with you on a LOT of your points!! I had issues with the bad wig jobs on everyone, lol ... Jasper's hair was the worst in my opinion, he's still a cutie though. I was hoping this movie would be awesome - Eclipse was my fave out of the book series - but I was rocked by the Vamp/Wolf fight scene and that's about it. Well - that and Jacob's "I'm hotter than you" line, that made me laugh out loud (I'm totally team Jake) ;) Great review!

Angels said...

As I sit here reading your review, Frankie is still complaining that Charlie didn't make spaghetti like he did in the book.
We both laughed at the comment about Bella having two guys in love with her and looking the way she does. That one really made me laugh and yet it is so true. In my opinion through the books and the movies she leads them both on like little puppy dogs. She just annoys me. The pic with the dolls/real people is really interesting.
Overall, I loved the movie because I love Twilight so anything even minutely resembling what I read makes me smile...although I do agree with you that a great number of details were missing.

Laenaia said...

I agree with you there. But I decided right before I even went to the cinema that I wouldn't compare the book with the film, or I wouldn't have enjoyed it. I loved all the topless men and I laughed at quite a few things. :) If Jacob finds a shirt I will cry, I'm liking the whole never wears a shirt thing :D. I like your blog so I am definitely subscribing. Great review ^^

Eclipse said...

LOL, funniest Eclipse review I've read so far. :)) I totally agree with you on so many things here. For starters - Bree IS super cute. Overall I enjoyed this movie, but I'm a fan so maybe it doesn't count. ;)