Monday, January 17, 2011

In My Not So Stylish Opinion....

I am so far removed from style and could care less about what is in, or the most current fads so why am writing about the Golden Globes fashions? My answer, Why Not! Everyone else did.

Ann Hathaway - Looked amazing! Love the full coverage in front and va-va-voom....the! Hoping shoulder pads don't make a come back! She looks beautiful.

Scarlett Johansson - I like the color of Scarlet's gown. I love the softness of it. I didn't get the hair though! Looks like Bride of Frankenstein.

Lea Michele - Looked amazing. Her pink gown was stunning and glamorous. She looked like a princess!

Sandra Bullock - Who doesn't love Sandra? I really love the gown. All that sparkle. Nice! I didn't get the hair. She looks like a drowned rat.

Kyra Sedgwick - I am not sure if I like the color. What color is it actually? Is it yellow, orange, pumpkin? I have no idea but I do love her green earrings!

Emma Stone - I love Emma Stone (Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, Super Bad, Zombie Land, and the only reason to watch The House Bunny). She looked beautiful. She looked glamourous and sleek, although someone should show her how to hold her shoulders. In this picture she is sporting the Angelina shoulder look.

Halle Berry - Does anyone care what Halle wears? Nothing can distract from her face. The top part of the dress was nice. The bottom? Uhhhh...where is the bottom? Looks like she decided to add a butt hider at the last minute. Could have done without the overlay.

January Jones - Put those cut out pieces back and you have a stunning gown on a beautiful lady. Her hair and make-up compliments the dress beautifully.

Natalie Portman - I am not sure how pregnant Natalie is but I thought she wouldn't be showing yet. If she is showing, this is the perfect dress. I love the color and the rose.

Michelle Williams - As a huge Michelle Fan, I thought she looked fab. Yes, the dress isn't sparkly, big, or tight but it is subtle, demure and different, like Michelle. She doesn't need to max out on color or cleavage to be special. I like the soft ruffles but wish the middle was tighter or the waist further down. It makes her look hunched over.

Angelina Jolie -  must have raided the racks from Dynasty. I swear I saw that gown on Krystal Carrington in the 80's. She looked stunning though I don't get the hair. Needs some softness around her face but look at that face!

Sofia Vergara - My girl crush looked amazing. Hello. Red hot siren.

Julianne Moore - I love the color but it looked like she got her napkin jammed up on her necklace before posing. Needed a steamer on the skirt. Without that weird top, the gown would have been amazing.

Olivia Wilde - Had the lucky job of presenting with Rob Pattinson. Love the chocolate dress. She looked amazing. Almost distracted me from the fact that Rob was on stage.

Jennifer Love Hewitt - I love Love! She is cute. Looks like she was wearing a shell. Beautiful. Wondering what I would see if I looked over her shoulder?

Rob Pattinson and his auburn hair! I don't need to write anything. You people know what I think about Rob!

Johnny Depp -  looks good! Duh! Love the suit. Would have liked the hair to look a little different. Looks like a young Mickey Rourke with that frizzy mess.


Melissa Jackson said...

Thank you so much for this! I didn't get a chance to catch it on TV, however I don't think I need to with your cover of it!! You made me laugh so much!!!! I like when you were talking about the napkin thing. . . haha

Renee said...

I love Olivia Wilde's spiky booties--they remind me of dragons. And I'm with you in hoping PRAYING shoulder pads don't come back!!!

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