Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kristen Stewart On Vogue!

When I was a teen I brought Vogue every month! It's weird to think back now because I was so not into fashion and still could care less about labels or the latest fad. It cost an arm and a leg for a teen not working back then but it was the must have for me. Seventeen was never my thing!

It seems to have come full circle for me with Kristen on the cover. She is the quintessential girl! The typical girl. She is me back in the day. Well, without the perfection of her face. I felt awkward, odd, uncomfortable in my skin, which is what she appears to be to me.

Having Kristen on the cover if I were a teenager would have been the ultimate! She was how I felt about myself.  She looks amazing but we all know she feels awkward and dorky. Exactly how I felt as a teen buying Vogue every month! You rock Kristen!

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Renee said...

She looks nice with lighter hair, but yes, she does seem like she hates living under the microscope of Hollywood, and who can blame her?!