Thursday, March 12, 2009

American Idol 2009

Adam Lambert is just good! I want to hear him sing some Meatloaf, Journey, Skid Row, Queensryce, think of some other high voiced singers. Damn I love his voice. He is such a caberet singer, but I absolutely love that.

Here he is doing Black & White by Michael Jackson.

Here he is singing one of my favorite songs from Kansas.

Actor/Singer Adam Lambert in a scene from the Ten Commandements


Kanye West New Song said...

Have you heard of Kanye West's new song in American Idol last week? I barely recognized the song because Kanye West's new song, when heard from his CD, does not sound the same when sung by him live.

Tamra said...

I hope Adam sings Dust in the Wind on American Idol. He sounded awesome!