Friday, February 26, 2010

Garage Del Parco - Buy & Sell Your Vehicle With Ease

We are snowed in, Mother Nature dropped 2 feet of snow on us and it is still falling. I believe the three mounds on my driveway to be my vehicles but I'm not sure.

Sitting indoors for the past three days makes you a tad loco. So I have been surfing the internet in between the kids playing their online games.

I have found a few awesome sites to tell you about, one of them is GarageDelParco.Com.  I work through Google translator so not to miss anything cool out there, but if you prefer to read the site in Italian see Garage DelParco.Com here.

This modern day dealership owned by Alexander had some humble beginnings. Back in the 60's his father Aldo had a small workshop where he offered buying assistance and sold a few cars. The company has gone through some cosmetic changes over the years but was hasn't changed are the business ethics Aldo started this company on; efficiency, professionalism, competence and thoroughness to provide customers with service and assistance safe, guaranteed and worthy of trust.

Isn't that what we all look for when we are shopping for a vehicle?  
auto usate Milano
vendita auto usate 

compro auto usate

If shopping for a car abroad, this seems to be the place to go.

My favorite feature is that you can use as a consignment. If you ever sold your car you know how annoying this can be. People calling, asking questions, wanting to test drive the vehicle, all takes up so much of your time beside the possible crazies you may meet. At Garagedelparco, you simply leave it with them and they will sell it for you, advertising it, doing the paperwork and more. You simply have to pick up your check.

A company like this would be very successful in the states.

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