Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Grammy Red Carpet Photos

GaGa looks like she got caught up in a slinky.

Only someone as thin and confident as Rihanna would add rouging to the hip area.
Beyonce does her best Hulk Hogan impression.
Does this look like the most uncomfortable pose ever?
Taylor looks stunning but appears to have bored a dress from her mom's closet. Something a little more age appropriate would have been better, but the color is fabulous.

After hearing that girls find his younger brother cuter, Joe Jonas tries out geek glasses for a new look!

Did Ke$ha hit the booze or is this her natural look?

1 comment:

Lorie Shewbridge said...

~ I don't think I have EVER seen GaGa in anything NORMAL... I know she does it for shock value, but, come on, please.
~ Rihanna is another one who wears such strange things, this made her hips look humongous and with her new weird hairdo, she looks like and alien.
~ I think Taylor's gown is gorgeous, but you may be right, she should probably have gone a bit younger.
~ I have no idea who that Ke$ha person is, but she does look wasted, a furry!!