Friday, November 7, 2008

Is Ghost Whisper Jumping the Shark????

I am so pissed right now. This chick is a big Ghost Whisper fan. I know, it's a sappy show and all but I adore it and have watched it since the first show.

This is what I want to know.......

Why, why, why, would they kill off her husband Jim? Has there ever been a more supported man?

Damn! What the hell man????


After some research, we can all take a collective breath...because Jim is not gone.

In September, word spread that fans will be seeing the last of David Conrad is leaving Ghost Whisperer as his character, Jim will be killed off. TV Guide was quick to talk to series star Jennifer Love Hewitt, who said told them, "The important thing to always remember is that things are not as they seem on our show. We never do anything cut-and-dry. There are lots of opportunities for people to think that one thing is going to happen, and it actually turns out to be something else."

The producers of the show, Kim Moses and Ian Sander, wrote on their TV Guide blog, “David Conrad is not, not, not leaving Ghost Whisperer. We love him - he is amazingly talented - we all have lots of fun together and he is an important part of the Ghost Whisperer family. But most of all, we here at Ghost Whisperer are very much aware of how all of you feel about him.”

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