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Product Review --Crunchless Abs 1, 2, 3, & 4 - GIVEAWAY

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On the 3rd Day Of Christmas.....nananananana.....a nanannan. 12 Days of Christmas continues at my main blog, Maria's Space with my 3rd Giveaway of the month. Check out my review of the DVD Series.

Last week I wrote about Flirty Girl Fitness. Check out the review here and woot the giveaway for your own copy of the program here.

This week I was able to check out the Crunchless Series. I should have no reason to be in the shape of my life by next summer.

Haven't we all heard that crunches is what we need for our stomach. Want to get rid of that gut, baby stretch, muffin top, or whatever other fun words you want to use, than you need to do sit-ups and crunches. Now they make machines to take the pressure off our neck and back so that we can do those crunches that are supposed to help our stomach. I'm here to say NO MORE! No more will you have to lie on the floor doing endless crunches to get that stomach we all want.

Do you have

You do? Well Crunchless Abs is for you!

I opened the DVD which has Crunchless Abs 1-3.

Starting up Crunchless Abs, I got ready. Does anyone else get all giddy and excited when they throw in an exercise tape that they have never seen?

All you need for this is a towel and a chair. The work out was nice and slow with great, sculpting, easy exercises. I was comfortable, they were easy, mixing yoga and Pilate poses. They used all of my favorites and then some. There were even some I had never seen but I can tell you that the work. "Pushing the door" gives that nice burn that we all want. The 10 minutes was over before I even realized I had worked out.

Crunchless Abs 2 - On this one you will need a towel. This was another nice, slow, easy, no impact workout. I must say, this DVD was my favorite. I really felt the burn exactly where I want to. Right in my lower stomach!! There were tons of great lower stomach exercise which is something this mom of 2 truly needs. I can't wait to do this DVD every day.

Crunchless Abs 3 - This program only uses a mat or towel to stand on. These exercises are great for all over sculpting. I felt this in my back, arms, thighs, chest and more importantly, stomach.

"Think strong and you will be strong."
There is enough variety to keep even the workout maven challenged and motivated.

Crunchless Abs 4 - On this one you will use an included "exercise tube" or resistance band and a door. Attach the band to a nearby door and get snappy. Hahahaha...

It took a minute to stop laughing when I started this program because Tracy who leads us through this workout reminded my of Amy Poehler from SNL with her warm up.

Finally realizing that I needed to get to work, I attached the "exercise tube" and began.

The exercises were different and felt good. I like the variety of the 4 DVDs.

All of the DVDs are only 10 minutes. Who doesn't have 10 minutes to spare in their day?

Head over to Crunchless and get the abs you want by Spring!!!

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I wish I could afford a personal gym or a trainer to whip my butt into the best shape it could be before next summer. I really should get a cash advance. I found a gym in my area, they have 7 heated pools, sauna, aerobic classes, training, for around $2,500 for a family of 4.

The cash advance could also be used for a really nice Christmas for my family. This is the first year I will not be using the food pantry for presents and I really want to give my husband an amazing gift.

There are so many things I would put additional money toward, paying off some credit cards, a gym membership, Christmas gifts and more. What would you use a some extra cash for?

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Cash Advances can be used for a variety of things. it's nice to know the option is available.