Friday, March 5, 2010

Gasp! GaGa Is Packing

Yeah, I know I am a little late but the kids were off from school for 7 days in two weeks. Waahhhh...
So, Lady GaGa has controversy, what else is new?

Is this really offensive?
Is it as offensive as say John and Oko

This picture from the Economist

The Dixie Chicks on Entertainment Weekly?
There is always going to be something that makes me people talk! Really, how about these??

Aniston's blurry butt with the g-string sun tan mark. 
Or Janet being covered up my disembodied hands with the open pants.

Why is GaGa's cover controversial?

Isn't this Rolling Stone cover of Cristina Aguilera a Playgirl cover? If you got your son a subscription to Rolling Stone because they like music and then in the mail receive this Playgirl cover would you be pissed?
I don't believe most people will even see the GaGa heat packing piece. She is a chick with balls and she isn't afraid to show them. Yeah Baby, I said my piece and I'm out.


Christine said...

I think Gaga looks awesome on the cover, "fierce" even and I love it! It's 2010 - let's get over it, lol ;)

Clary said...

What is so controversial about her picture? It shows her having a "package" lol the other pictures are far more worse! I love Gaga and I love how she expresses herself in so many ways. let her be. there are more important issues going on in the world right now. Let her be!!

Lorie Shewbridge said...

I don't find any of those covers controversial, except those camels... no one wants to see THAT! :-)